Monday, September 27, 2021

During the equinoctial week of autumn

After the season of admiration, excitement, and alertness on COVID-19, 
autumn quietly entered through in my heart.
Before I knew it, “semi shigure/ powerful chorus of cicadas like shower” was replaced 
by the sporadic solo singing of "Tsukutsukuboushi ", Meimuna opalifera,
which signs end of summer.
The fragrance of Osmanthus is wafting out of nowhere about half a month earlier than usual.  
Meanwhile,  the decreasing of infection has steadily continued since late August.

In Japan, there is an equinoctial week in spring and autumn called "Higan",
when people customarily pray for departed souls.
"Higan-bana", Lycoris radiata, is called so for blooming around the Autumnal Equinox,
but most of them passed their peak on the Equinox Day.
The fiery red backdrop of the first photo is withering red Lycoris radiata in mass.

I walked around the Umami Hills Park on my way back from the visit to ancestors' grave.

Stars are more clearly visible in the clear air of autumn.
I look up at the night sky more often.

The rocket reminded me of the recent heated move for space tourism.
The view of our Blue Marble is awe-inspiringly beautiful seen from the outer space,
either from low Earth orbit or a little far away.
I simply wonder, however, how the upper atmosphere of the Earth 
would be affected by the frequent rocket emissions like alumina particles or black carbon.

This is one of my favorite paintings (or perhaps the best) by my grandson Y.

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  1. Your Grandson is a star! Love the way you have expressed the moving into autumn - may the stars all shine brightly for you this autumn.
    Wren x

  2. It is good to think that ancestors are remembered. As amazed as they would likely be about all the recent flights into space, I, too, wonder what damage we might be causing in such pursuits. Part of being human is being curious. But do these adventures harm the fragile ozone layer and, therefore, ourselves? These are just some of the worries but your grandson’s painting made me smile. It is a precious painting and so beautifully captures the wonder of the universe. He has stardust in his eyes like you, Yoko!

  3. Oh your grandson is very talented! What a great painting...would love to see more! Enjoy your week and this beautiful time of year. Keep looking up in the sky!

  4. Dear Yoko!
    Your photos are wonderful. I admire your grandson's talent.
    Hugs and greetings.

  5. The graves of my ancestors are far away, but I think of them often. - Margy

  6. What a love post Yoko - I can't believe that firing rockets into outer space does anything at all to help the problems that we are all facing worldwide.
    The grandson's painting shows lots of talent - very colourful and very nicely composed.

  7. Beautiful flowers and also painting by your grandson. We remember the departed on November 1 which is "All Souls Day"

  8. Yoko - the third and fifth photos are my favorites. I have a thing for steps and stairs ... And your grandson is a very talented painter! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

  9. Your grandson is a fine artist. I hope the picture is framed and given a place of prominence. I can see that he has inherited you fine eye for colour and composition.

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  11. Beautiful pictures, details and painting !
    Have a lovely day !

  12. Gorgeous photo share

    Much 💖 love

  13. Hello Yoko,
    Beautiful mosaics and images. The flowers are beautiful. Your grandson is a talented artist.
    Take care, enjoy your day and the week ahead.

  14. Y is so artistic! What a wonderful painting. I love seeing the stairs and the greenery and the still-blooming flowers as fall comenses. It's so important to remember those who went before us, showing us the way.

  15. In Russia we have a day, not a week, when we go to ancestors graves. It is a tradition, yet it is more correct to keep memories about them, even if circumstances do not permit you to accomplish it.
    Your exquisite pictures, Yoko, render the ambience of that day, I tried to choose which I liked best and failed – all of them. And Y has a really artistic eye like his grandma. Wonderful colour range and composition! September is nearly over, you know? Time flies!
    Take care, dear friend, all the best in forthcoming October.

  16. Ah- so gorgeous! Hope you had a lovely restful time off.

  17. Love the fabulous mosaics and photos.

    Your grandson is very talented.

  18. Gran paseo Yoko. Me encanta el otoño. Las fotos son preciosas y muy lindo el dibujo de tu nieto. Cuidemos bien de la Madre Tierra.
    Buen fin de semana.
    Un abrazo.

  19. Hi Yoko,
    Thank you for sharing these fantastic photos, with wonderful flowers and a beautiful park. The photo of the stairs in the middle of nature is spectacular.
    I loved your grandson's painting.
    Greetings and all the best for you

  20. I like your grandson's painting too!
    Loved seeing your photos. The one with stairs and the one with lily pads and pink flowers are my favorites.
    Interesting that your country chooses a week to pray for the departed. For some, Halloween is thought of like that. But most people just have fun on Halloween.
    Lovely autumn to you.

  21. Te deseo una buena semana Yoko.
    Un abrazo.


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