Monday, March 13, 2017

Ume blossoms viewing at Osaka Castle Park, 2017

Temperature has fallen and then risen quickly and frequently like yoyo.  
It feels springtime is still in name only when fluffy snowflakes flutter in the piercing cold,
and then again
it feels springtime has come when you see sprouts and a little brightened up landscape.
During the very short warm spell, I went to Ume Grove at Osaka Castle Park.

Ume, or Japanese apricot, is a floral harbinger of spring
and symbol of perseverance and hope.

You remember Ume Grove is in the middle of a big city 
when the surrounding skyscrapers are visible.

Different species of Ume come in different colors.

Honkobai (本黄梅) is unique yellow one with too long stamens 
which could make you miss to see the tiny petals.


When I heard pleasant chirping above and looked up, 
Japanese White-eyes were calling and foraging for nectar together. 
The olive green plumage goes well with the colors of the blossoms. 

My camera was busy clicking on spotting out quick-moving birds.
Their playful, acrobatic poses are so cute.

White-eyes are rarely found on the ground not like this Dusky thrush.

Gnarled branches, one of charms of Ume, look like dragons freely swimming among the flowers.

The Next day temperature dropped ten degrees,
but spring was at the Ume grove for sure when I was there.

Past post, Ume Blossoms Viewing at Osaka Castle Park, 2013, here.
Can't believe four years have passed. Time is fleeting.

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  1. Yay!! Spring has come and the birds are all happy again singing and dancing every where. The blooms of different flowers are very pretty and we don't have these flowers in our tropical countries. We foreigners often had to rely on our luck with crossed fingers when we booked air tickets many months ahead with the hope to see the best Sakura flowers. My only good luck was seeing the Sakura flowers along the road leading to the Kumamoto Castle a year before the earthquake struck.

    Thank you very much for taking time to snap all the lovely photographs.

  2. 大阪城の梅見事です!思わず笑みがこぼれそう。大阪城の庭中を散策しながらクリックに忙しかった様子が目に見えるようです。首大丈夫だった?私が先日行ったときは連れが一緒であんまり撮影できませんでした。メジロはやはり梅の花にぴったりですね。春の訪れが一層明るく感じるポスト。そろそろカメラ持って、出かける時が来ました。See you soon!

  3. Gorgeous post with gorgeous photos !!!
    Thanks for sharing !
    Have a lovely week waiting for Spring !

  4. Your pictures are lovely! The ume blossom is so beautiful. Unfortunately, Spring is hiding here in Southern Ontario, Canada. The past few days have been very cold, -12C, and windy. No sign of spring flowers here yet. And heavy snow is forecast for tonight. Brrrrr!

  5. Birds are eager to build nests but the weather is confusing. Temperatures rise and fall like a yoyo … that’s so accurate AND poetry, stardust. The same is happening in my part of the world and with the unexpected snowfalls in some places it makes the idea of global “warming” suspect in the minds of doubters. Global warming is most definitely real but perhaps they should call it “extreme climate changes”. But I like the term “yoyo weather” better. :)

  6. It's heavenly!! Love to see and read about the spring blooms, "Ume, or Japanese apricot, is a floral harbinger of spring
    and symbol of perseverance and hope." Such beauty in your city! It must be wonderful to have this chance to look after Spring aspects so early... In here, it is more and more cloudy, it rains often... and, of course, it is still cold for this period of time... But, soon warm Springtime will come after March, 20... hopefully! Till them many thanks for the lovely pictures with blossoms shared with all of us! A true delight foe eyes and souls!
    Best regards, Alexa

  7. Apricot flowers blooming in different colors are wonderful. Birds in their beauty they are equal. Regards.

  8. Hello Dear Yoko!
    I am in love with your brilliant photos.
    I admire the magnificent flowers, and I hope that does not destroy their snow.
    Kisses and greetings from Poland.

  9. Your photos are so beautiful, Yoko! I am so happy to see your post! Hugs and warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. :)

  10. You have a stock photos of blossoms, and I love the birds, as you might see.

  11. I look forward to seeing your blossom photos every year, such beautifully Japanese images. We have blossom here too of course but it never has quite the impact of your photos.

  12. こんばんは。 いつも写真がとても美しいですね。メジロもナイスシャターチャンスですね。臥龍梅も素敵です。 私も梅のブログを書きました。

  13. Those white eyes are so lovely. I didn't know this bird and it touched my heart.
    The blossoms are beautiful. If I saw them I would also think it were spring. I think we are now in spring here as well. It rains daily and melts the snow into slush and water. It will take another month at least until we see flowers.

  14. So beautiful! I loved the shots and going on this journey with you. So peaceful. Thank you for that breath of fresh air!

  15. Boa tarde, a selecção de fotos com belas flores com lindas cores é maravilhosas, assim como, a foto da ave o é.

  16. É verdade, o tempo passa tão rápido. Tudo tão acelerado!
    Gostei de ver as fotos com os pássaros, são belas, poéticas. E a foto com os arranha-céus está digna de um profissional, parabéns Yoko.
    Muito o borgado por tanta beelza compartilhada, por seu olhar sensível.
    Que seus dias sejam felizes, querida Yoko. Um beijo.

  17. Beautiful and magical Yoko photos. They are very beautiful. Here the spring has not yet arrived. Thank you for sharing your spring full of color and life.

  18. Bonitas fotografías. Bellas flores.
    Un saludo.

  19. Ha Yoko,
    prachtig zijn je foto,s,dit is echt genieten de kleuren en de bloemen.
    het vogeltje wat aan komt vliegen,zo prachtig!!

    groetjes en een mooi weekend.

    Ha Yoko
    wonderful are your photo's, this really enjoy the colors and the flowers.
    the bird that comes to flying, so beautiful !!

    Greetings and a nice weekend.

  20. Dear Yoko! You give new meaning to the phrase, "a riot of color!" My these are beautiful blossoms and as usual, your photographs are impeccable! I think all of your photos would make for a wonderful "coffee table" photo book. And thank you so much for your thoughtful comments on my blogs. I am very appreciative of them. With re to the speeding ambulance...I used a Photoshop "action," which does most of the work for me. But it's great fun to play around with the pictures. Someday, though, I would like to visit your area, Nara Park, etc., and take some photos. You live amidst such lavish and lush natural magnificence. We're doing fine here and we wish all the best for you and your family!

  21. Lovely post Yoko. All those wonderful photographs of the birds and of spring blossom - and my favourite Osaka Castle and the blossom.

    Ms Soup

  22. The blossoms are just so delicate. Enjoy your weekend.

  23. Awwww, the birds are so cute. And the blossoms are mind relaxing. Lovely capture Yoko...

  24. This place of your's seems like piece of heaven where an angle shares the our beauty and serenity of it.
    Thank you for pouring delight in my day!

  25. こんにちわ



    梅の花 なににほふらん 見る人の 色をも香をも 忘れぬる世に
     大弐 三位  新古今和歌集

  26. Dear Yoko, the pictures render spring beauty to a full extent. It must have been a lovely walk. I am not surprised any more at how early blossoms break out in your country. I just wish I were there.
    It's been a long time without blogging. I was busy writing a textbook (finished!), and you obviously keep away from the monitor.
    Take care and enjoy spring!
    With best wishes,

  27. Wow Wow Wow... this is so beautiful...

  28. Hello Yoko ... thought I'd already commented on this post, but it appears not!
    Beautiful blossom and pretty White-eyes. Spring comes early for you ....
    Lovely photos!

  29. Olá, vim comentar uma nova e bela publicação, assim, fica para a próxima.

  30. Your pictures really show spring flowers and birds beautifully! Not much spring showing here yet, but soon.

  31. I just enjoyed another visit to your lovely blossom post.
    Still no blossoms here. I did drive south with two friends this week and saw my first teeny tiny flowers, joy!

  32. Hello Yoko!
    I love your wonderful photos.
    I admire the wonderful blooming trees.

  33. Undoubtedly the time is fleeting, but when it passes in these captures and in his contemplation it is a delight the enjoyment of its present.


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