Thursday, March 30, 2017

This and that recently

In spite of the saying "Neither heat nor cold lasts beyond the equinox.",
weather has been weird and unstable with windy cold air in the strong sunlight.
 Colors of water, however, have changed for sure.
What do you see in the photo above?
Water lily pads, reflected bare cherry trees, of which blossoms will start blooming in a week,
blue skies, and soft yellow Sanshuu, or Cornus officinalis Sieb. et Zucc.

I heard from my daughter H who had a trip to Miyama-cho, northern part of Kyoto.
Miyama-cho is famous for more than 200 traditional, thatched roof farmhouses
where people still live and work.
(My post of the year 2011 about the hamlet, here.)
H's lodging was one of the old traditional houses.
Her family experienced simple and slow life.

i-Phone photo taken by my son-in-law
H's family monopolized three rooms (totally 50-jyo, or 100 tatami-mats),
a kitchen, and a bathroom.
The old but not dirty, uncluttered house has been well cared for throughout the years.
The dinner was “hot pot dish” of vegetables picked in the neighboring fields and chickens.

Photos sent to me by my daughter

These two dolls made of Japanese papers or straws were created
by my husband's late grandmother.
They became in bad condition after about 40 years.

As they get older, they've come to radiate more and more mysterious aura.

Meticulously-made bouquet

This plant has an attractive soft shine before crumbling away soon.

One day, I tidied the storeroom.
On finding some of the paintings by my son S in his lower grades,
memories came back instantly
though I had been completely forgetting about the paintings.

At the age of 8
In a few years, S's eldest daughter will become the age 
when he painted these paintings.

From seven to nine

About three-week spring break before new academic school year 
is time to be spent with grandchildren.
It's time to be realized their personal growth.
It's an eventful period including graduation of kindergarten and a concert in March,
entrance to elementary school or kindergarten and ballet performance in April.

I am not a minimalist but in some years I’d like to pare down my possessions
until only things that are necessary for their utility or beauty alone are left.

A container made of milk carton and Japanese papers by H

After enough interaction with grandchildren 
or works of cleaning and tidying up,
there's nothing more like a relaxing coffee time with a cake.

My next post will be Sakura (cherry blossoms) in mid-April.
Keep tuned!


  1. Your daughter looks beautifully content pictured with her buoyant little boy. I see the passage of time in all these pictures that, I think, is familiar to most. I, too, have more than a closet full of art and childhood projects from days gone by. Some feel like old friends and it’s difficult to let go. Thank goodness nowadays we can digitally reproduce our meaningful memories and it doesn’t take up nearly as much space. :)

  2. ついにお嬢さんの写真もポストされましたね。楽しいけれど、忙しい日が続いたことと思います。義理のご両親からの作品から息子さんの子供の頃の作品も丁寧に保管されてたのね。そしてHちゃんの日本的なスタイルの箱。年月が経ったのを感じます。お孫ちゃんの可愛いアルバムポスト、思わず笑みがこぼれました。


  3. These are wonderful snapshots! I wish I could experience the equinox of spring or autumn from where I live. Your children seems to be artistic at a very young age. I have kept some of my artworks too when I was very young. Regards! :)

  4. lovely and interesting post!

  5. Beautiful photos, dear friend, and the paintings are gorgeous! What amazing talent!

  6. That first photograph is extraordinary in so many ways. The colors and the light and the way the blossoms caress the water and the reflections which etch their way into the scene. That would be one I'd frame and hang!

    Your daughter is, indeed, very beautiful, as are your grandchildren. You have a wonderful family. I think it would be nice to get out from the "hustle and bustle" and stay in one of those houses for a few days. I'd guess they make it possible to renew the spirit.

    I've had the same experience of which you speak - finding old art projects of our kids when they were little...these serve as reminders of how it used to be and how fast time has gone by...and suggests that we should make sure we take the time to enjoy each day for whatever blessings it brings to us...

    Take good care, my friend!

  7. Wonderful photos, Yoko. In the first one you can guess the cherry trees wanting to bloom at all. Very handsome your grandchildren. Nice paintings of your son
    Good thursday my friend.

  8. Often there are treasures stored away and they are a surprise and a delight to find.

    Ms Soup

  9. Another beautiful post !!! Thanks for sharing your family's pictures !
    And creations !
    Have a lovely weekend !

  10. I just love seeing your delightful family and especially your delightful little grandchildren. I also enjoyed seeing your newly discovered little treasures. Is your cake similar to a pancake? it looks delicious.

    1. Not like a pancake but a crepe in which custard cream is wrapped. It was so delicious.

  11. Your grandchildren are wonderful. In addition, I like the old house. The old drawings of children are a very nice memory. I also collected. . Regards.

  12. Beautiful shots of flowers and reflections, and what a lovely old house.

  13. Ha Yoko,
    prachtige foto,s laat je zien,zo mooi als jullie wonen.
    Mooi poppen hoe ouder hoe mooier, een mooie herinnering aan oma.
    Leuke schilderijtjes van je kinderen,een kostbaar bezit.
    Geniet van je kleinkinderen ze zijn zo groot.
    En dan is er koffie met taart......lekker!!!
    wens je een mooi weekend!
    groetjes Christiene.

    Ha Yoko
    beautiful photo's showing you, as beautiful as you live.
    Beautiful dolls the older the better, a beautiful memory of grandma.
    Nice paintings of your children, a precious asset,.
    Enjoy your grandchildren they are so big.
    And then there is coffee and cake ...... great !!!
    wish you a nice weekend!

    Greetings Christiene.

  14. Was the last picture meant for me, Yoko? Let me think it was)))
    I enjoyed your story both in words and pictures, portraying a close-knit family, with nice memories, traditions, little things that mean a lot. Like those dolls made by your husband's grandmother - a real treasure to keep through generations.
    As for a special period in the life of your grandchildren, I do not quite agree. The way I see it, each day is special for them, full of discoveries, new things and new emotions. You've been blessed with an opportunity to be watching how their lives are unfolding.
    Stay warm and healthy.

  15. こんばんは。お嬢様とお孫様の写真、素敵です。孫は可愛いだけで、育て方に対して責任が無いから最高だと良く言われます。

  16. A very wabi-sabi post today, Yoko. I like the simplicity of your shots. I think I'd enjoy a sojourn like your daughter's family took. I like a small uncluttered space and simple foods. Our grandchildren are growing, and we're so lucky to be part of their lives. Enjoy yours! Two of mine were just here over their spring break.

  17. lovely spring images.
    I enjoy considering a minimalist life. It does not come naturally to me. Though I would like to have less as I get older, I am not sure if I will be able to create that.

    I enjoyed what you wrote:
    As they get older, they've come to radiate more and more mysterious aura.

    That is a lovely way to look at aging.

  18. I forgot to mention. It was fun to see your sons art. I love children's art.
    It is wonderful how it brings back memories.

  19. Lovely post Yoko....all so interesting....thank you.
    Paring down sounds great in theory but not so easy in practice - discipline is required!
    I like your signature first photo and look forward to the Sakura.

    Enjoy your week,

  20. Yum! Cake and coffee sounds good! I love your pics - son's artwork, family life, the first two pics of branches, blooms and reflections.

    A simple and quiet life sounds nice to me! Looking forward to seeing your cherry blossoms!

  21. I love this post very much. The photos are very lovely and heartwarming to see your pretty daughter and cute grandchildren, along with all the art pieces. I could guess that you are definitely a good looking & happy grand mother today! Thanks for sharing so much about these cottages at Miyama-Cho. I will visit this place on my next visit to Kyoto in future. I have told my wife last night that we must visit the birth place of Monk Kukai in Shikoku island. You could have guessed that we have been following the trails of Monk Kukai from Mount Koyasan in Wakayama until his visits to 3 different temples in the ancient capital Xi'an in China. It must be something to do with our past lives.

    I am looking forward to see your post of the beautiful Sakura flowers. The last time we saw Sakura was at the Kumamoto Castle in 2014. I wonder if the castle has been repaired.

  22. Bom dia, as flores de cerejeira são sempre lindas, todas as fotos são excelentes, incluindo as da sua família.

  23. Hello dear Yoko!
    Perfect is your relationship and great photos.
    With admiration I look at your beautiful daughter.
    Greetings from Poland.

  24. What an interesting and varied post! It would be lovely to be able to stay in an old village like this. I love the tall thatched roofs of the houses. In early Spring I like it that you can concentrate on the beautiful colours of stems and blossom without the overwhelming green (although I do love greenness too). I'm so pleased Spring is here! Your son must have artistic talent, his pictures are bold, confident and colourful. Does he still like to do art?

    1. As far as I know, I haven’t seen him spending much time on painting outside art class of school. As an art form, he preferred music including piano, clarinet (at the marching band), and guitar (band) from elementary school to university. Now being busy at work, he has little time to do art for his own pleasure, but he enjoys art of paper folding with her daughters.

  25. Hello Yoko!
    It's so lovely to see such a great collection of aspects, details and memories. Past and present in beautiful images. And so sensitive thoughts about family, children, grandparents and grandchildren.
    You're so right about the things with a meaning, "necessary for their utility or beauty. Wonderful said.
    Many thanks for these captures shared with us, the beauty of nature and positivity in all aspects of life, and I'll look foward for the cherry blossoms, sakura in april, as you mentioned. (These days, I saw some blooms, in pink and white cherry blossoms in my recent walk.) But your photos will show, for sure, the amazing feeling that only Spring can spread in April. Till then, best regards and a great Springtime in April! Alexa

  26. Loved the photos, and those paper dolls... Wow. Maybe it's the fact I have two rambunctious boys, but I can't imagine anything so delicate lasting. What a neat treasure!

  27. I love your son's drawing of the tools. Can he still draw?

    1. I’m not sure. As I wrote to Jenny in the reply to her comment, I have seldom seen him sketching, drawing, or painting as he preferred other form of art in his limited time.

  28. The first photo has magical impact!
    i too Love slow simple small town life and even some one pay me to live in big city i will not certainly,
    you daughter seems reflection of you as i can feel the peace and serenity on her face that shines through your blog my friend.
    how sweet to keep your son's painting from his childhood when his own daughter is turning 8.
    your place and Japan itself a fantasy since i read about it since my young age in books and magazines.
    loved all the lovely photos dear

  29. Your photographs are so peaceful. I love the reflections. I love the pictures done by your children and then seeing your grandchildren. Time certainly marches on!

  30. Precious branches, delicate and exquisite old dolls, a hamlet that is an exchequer, paintings and infantile photos that, surely and somehow, also they are little jewels... To prune, to clean, to give others and to yes same: a healthy exercise.

  31. Αγαπημένη μου Yoko,
    Υπέροχες και γεμάτες αναμνήσεις οι φωτογραφίες σου!
    Πόσο μεγάλωσαν τα εγγόνια σου, έγιναν όμορφα!
    Να τους χαίρεσαι.
    Σας στέλνω μια μεγάλη αγκαλιά και πολλά φιλιά!

  32. Maravillosa fotografía. LOS DIBUJOS INFANTILES SON REALMENTE PRECIOSOS felicidades u gracias por compartir.

    Un bonito DÍA.

  33. Hello Dear Yoko!
    May you find the renewal of hope, health, love and the spirit of God. Happy Easter to you and your lovely family.

    Spring greetings from Poland.

  34. Ha Yoko.
    Wens je vrolijke paasdagen,met je familie.
    lieve groet

    Ha Yoko,
    Wish you Happy Easter holidays with your family
    with kind regards


  35. こんにちわ。 お久しぶりです。

    立派で可愛らしいお孫さんですね。 シャッターチャンスが沢山おありでしょう!



  36. Unas imágenes muy hermosas. La familia y estas flores con precioso entorno es ya lo máximo para alcanzar la felicidad.
    Muchas gracias por tu visita y comentarios.
    Un abrazo.

  37. Olá Yoko!
    A primeira foto é pura magia! Fiquei encantada. As suas fotos foram feitas para serem contempladas. Agradeço por compartilhar.
    Que família bonita, filha e netos. Instantes com boas memórias, ao ver os trabalhos do filhos, quando pequenos. Ainda tenho trabalhos escolares do meu filho, gosto de relembrar.
    A pausa para o café acabou em uma foto belíssima. Não poderia ser diferente.

  38. Dear Yoko - I had the pleasure of scrolling (and reading) through this post once again because I had to write to thank you for all the wonderful comments you made on my blogs. Your efforts are greatly appreciated and I always look forward to what you have to say. It is so sad that because of crazy leaders we have to worry about what's going to happen to the world. I cannot understand why they cannot work together to make the world a better place. I guess they have outsized needs for power and money and obeisance. They do not understand that we are all of one race - the human race and that what happens to anyone affects everyone else. They don't understand that countries are human artifacts and that boundaries and loyalties change and that there are larger concerns than those bounded by one country's borders. I'm not sure it will ever change. I am so ashamed of my country and this scumbag president. In fact, I would leave if I had the opportunity but with my age and health issues that is not possible so we'll stay here and try to change things. Remember that the majority of Americans did not vote for him. Unfortunately, he is quite stupid and very ignorant and you are right to suspect he's unpredictable.

    Anyway, thank you again. I hope you and your family are doing well!


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