Monday, February 27, 2017

Floral fantasy in winter

admission ticket

Our World Tuesday

When the weather gave us a break from the intense cold, 
I went to Kyoto Prefecture Botanical Garden.

Inside the vinyl house was a floral fantasy of spring.

Pink Daisy
Blue Daisy

キバナルリソウ, Cerinthe major or Japanese honeywort 

In the open air outside, I got awaken to the reality of winter.
But soon I was enchanted more magic of nature,
feeling the bracing air comfortable.

“Setsubun-so”, or Shibateranthis pinnatifida Maxim. 
have bloomed since early February. 
Nowadays they are hardly seen in fields and mountains due to environmental destruction. 

The drooping shriveled flowers of Hydrangea look like lace or delicate butterfly wings.

Is this a stairway for dwarfs or gnomes to climb up?

White Ume, or Japanese apricot, bloom nobly under the pearly pale sky.

A bud is about to open.
The baby flower is so cute.

Lots of buds have swollen rapidly to burst open soon.
Spring looks around the corner.


  1. 一気に春!!京都の植物園のお花見事に咲いていますね。厳しい環境の変化で中々見られなくなった花もここでは育てられているのですね。入場チケットに魅せられてます。機会があったら行ってみたいです。

  2. I love Spring time when everything comes alive with fresh greens and blooming flowers. The flowers you shared are so vibrant and colourful. I love flowers and would buy a bunch every week to place on the prayer altar at home.

  3. So much beauty....All the flowers, and pictures, are gorgeous !!!
    Have a nice week !

  4. Your photos are absolutely gorgeous!!! I love your photography!

  5. A botanical garden is a good solution when yearning for spring. I love the picture of the little steps for gnomes and fairies. Every stage of being is beautiful, isn’t it … especially when it’s not perfect. Frail flowers budding or dying all have their special charms!

  6. Seeing flowers in winter always has an extra special feel.

  7. This spring you do not go, are you spring it is. Joy to look at the flowers. Regards.

  8. Setsubun-so is really one of the prettiest flowers I have seen - I like the combination of colours - and a shame that its habitat is being destroyed. It reminds me of the wood anemones we get here, which are among the first wild spring flowers - but it's not quite the same.

  9. Such beauty! Such gorgeous photos!

  10. These delightful spring flowers have filled me with anticipation thinking of what is yet to come. The 'Setsubun-so' is such a pretty flower with its unusually coloured stamens - lovely images Yoko.

  11. こんばんは。 素敵な写真ですね。セツブンソウは大好きです。西洋桜草(プリムラ)でショウか、とても綺麗ですね。

  12. Greetings, my friend! Spring flowers are so beautiful and so hopeful. We've had some rather warm weather with rain so everything is blooming. Mostly we stay green all winter, but some of our trees and flowers go dormant. Re your comment about Silver Springs: That's been an amusement park for years; many movies were made there, including the Tarzan movies and the "I Spy" TV series. The spring is one of the largest in Florida - over a half million gallons of fresh 72 degree water flows out of this spring every single day! It's a beautiful place even though it has changed much over the years.

  13. Ha yoko
    Prachtig kom ik hier binnen, veel verschillende bloemen
    zo veel prachtige kleuren,en trap voor dwergen of kabouters .
    Het is hier genieten, met een beetje lente gevoel!
    En een mooi toegangsbewijs!
    In Nederland bloeien de Katjes de sneeuwklokjes en de krokus.
    groetjes Christiene.

    Ha yoko
    Beautifully I come in here, many different flowers
    so many beautiful colors, and kick dwarves or gnomes.
    It is enjoyed here, with a little spring feeling!
    And a nice ticket!
    In the Netherlands Kittens blooming snowdrops and crocus.
    Greetings Christiene.

  14. Your flowers make me smile as snow continues to fall here in Breckenridge. I love the Honeywort photo and the skeletons of the Hydrangeas. Enjoy your emerging spring, Yoko.

  15. So lovely to see these flowers. Winter's colors are so subtle in comparison that the flowers are almost shocking in vitality and color.

    I love your thought on the mushrooms steps.

    Did you do the painting at the top? It is so lovely, such a joy to see.

    1. Thank you, Tammie. The top is the picture of an admission ticket to Kyoto Prefecture Botanical Garden. I wanted to share it with you readers as I like it very much.

  16. Thank you, Yoko for these fantasies. Soon spring arrives, and flowers will be born again. They are precious.
    Good wednesday.

  17. Hello Dear Yoko!
    Beautiful pictures and wonderful flowers.
    Spring is the most beautiful time of the year.
    Kisses and greetings.

  18. Just beautiful! Thanks for sharing. I love the first picture with the faerie in it. And the colours are all so pretty. Happy spring!

  19. Boa tarde, lindas flores com belas cores, cheira a primavera, gostei das fotos.
    Através da minha pagina, visita a pagina de Pedras Nuas, vai gostar certamente.

  20. The garden must be fragrant inside. I love smells of flowers off season. And the ticket is nice, with an elf from Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream.
    How bracing was the air, I wonder? We've got -20 again, on the 3d spring day!
    Wish you warm, nice weather, Yoko!

  21. My goodness these are some breathtaking floral shots...

  22. What a delight, Yoko! Your visit to the botanical garden gives heat to this cold, rainy and gray day to another side of my window.

  23. Bom dia, as fotos são fantásticas, anuncia a chegada da primavera com a sua belas cores e flores.

  24. Hello Virtual Friend!
    Happy Women's Day, Yoko.


  25. Stairways are for butterflies to climb when they are tired of flying :) Awesome photos Yoko...

  26. How beautiful! And the admission ticket is a work of art in itself. I enjoyed seeing these lovely flowers, as it is still cold here, and no hope of spring flowers for many weeks.

  27. My dad's birthday today.... and the anniversary of the Tsunami. Thinking of you in Japan today.

  28. These are just beautiful. Everything looks so delicate and fresh.
    Thanks for sharing.

  29. Bem-vinda primavera, com suas cores e alegria!
    Um local espetacular, Yoko. Que fotos belas, adorei os botões, flores bebês :)

  30. Jose the gardener says (http: // that to this tree " he likes to take the opposite one: when all other plants are served his green pigmentation to realize the photosynthetic function, to him it him takes a fancy to have the red, purple leaves or of color purple; according to the variety and the know-how of the one who looks at it. When the leaf urges in preparing the leaves after the lethargy, he thinks that he is so much or more importantly to receive to the spring with his better floral shows. Definitively the prunus pisardi is a different fruit tree and does not have problem in claiming that his aim is not to feed your body but your soul ".

    Therefore, thank you very much, Yoko, for so marvellous banquet offering us.

  31. i really likes your blog and You have shared the whole concept really well. and Very beautifully soulful read! thanks for sharing.


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