Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Have a nice October!

October is one of the most pleasant months in Japan.  
The weather remains warm but is not hot and humid anymore.
(photos from the 2012 collection)

In October, trees start turning colors in the northern regions and at the higher elevations.
Rice are ready for reaping.

Some summer flowers are still lingering.


Sky is high and blue with the clouds special to autumn.

Clear, cool and crisp air is comfortable on your skin.
 Can you see the autumn breeze?

- My garden at the end of September - 
My granddaughter was at my home again for the past week,
so please excuse me for having been slow to visit you.


My 93-year-old mother fractured her right arm and is having a surgery soon. 
I’ll stop blogging for a while to be with her as much as possible.
“Comments” is closed. Thank you for your visit, my Friends and the New Visitors.
See you!