Thursday, October 31, 2013

How have you been?

Hello!  I'm back to blogging.  How was your October?
In my part of the world, normal October temperature returned in mid-October
after the two weeks of unseasonably hot weather.

One of the joys of October is flowering cosmos.  Some places featuring cosmos flowers are really spectacular but you don't have to go to any special places to enjoy them because they are around you at many places throughout Japan.

My mother could undergo the surgery on her fractured right arm despite her frail condition.  The surgery was successful and she got able to use her right arm and hand again though not so free and powerful as before.


My granddaughter (2 years and 10 months) had her Shichi-go-san celebrated. 
She has a sunny personality and is the mixture of little lady and tomboy.

Acting like a lady in Kimono must have made her feel thirsty.

When I was at home in Nara, my daughter and her baby boy stopped by on their daily walk. 
It must feel so nice for him to look up, sitting on the reclining seat of buggy wheeled by Mom.

I was amazed with his growth each time and was very responsive to his babbling including squeals and gurgles.
I smiled to see him playing while lying on his tummy or taking off his socks.

My October days passed that way revolving around my family
 with some anxieties, prayers, thankfulness, and lots of smiles.

Now that October is over, leaves are beginning to show their autumn colors.
Let’s enjoy this changing season toward the peak of the autumn foliage!


  1. I am sorry, I had not heard of your mother's problems my wish for her is a full recovery of strength to her arm. My husband died in August so I also have not been blogging much.
    Your grandchildren are so beautiful and your 'grown up' granddaughter looks a delight, just like those beautiful cosmos flowers. I hope all is now well in your world dear Yoko. Hugs from springtime and roses in Australia.

  2. Dobrze, że operacja się udała i Mama włada ręką. Może z czasem będzie jeszcze lepiej. Twoja wnuczka w kimono wygląda ślicznie . Kwiaty kosmosu są delikatne i bardzo je lubię, chociaż łatwo się rozsiewają w ogródku i są nawet tam, gdzie nie ich miejsce. Pozdrawiam.
    Well, that surgery went well and mom speaks hand. Maybe with time it will be even better. Your granddaughter in a kimono looks beautiful. Cosmos flowers are delicate and like them very much, although it is easy to spread in the garden and are even where not their place. Yours.

  3. ひと月間のお休みから、ブログにお帰りなさい!今、少し落ち着かれてこの青い空の下の風にゆられる爽やかなコスモスのお花の様な気持ちでしょうか。お母様の手術成功してご自分で手が使えるようになった事はさぞ嬉しい事と思います。お孫さん3歳の七五三のお祝いを迎えられたのですね。お着物可愛いですね。良く似合ってますね。お幸せに!

  4. 心配な事,うれしい事、等々、一か月?の間にいろいろありましたね。お母様の手術、成功で、なによりよかったですね。洋子さんたちの励ましと頑張りがお母様には、さぞ心強くかんじられた事だと思います。お孫さんも、もう七五三ですか。早いですね。髪もかわいく結ってもらって。ママにしてもらったのかな。

  5. Dear Yoko,
    It's a pity that in my corner of the world, autumn does not show it's face. For now, what we have is an endless summer, which is not bad at all :)
    Your grandkids are sooooo cute! The little girl (or shall I saw little lady) was a treasure dressing the traditional Kimono. Being around kids can be tiring, they demand a lot! But its so much fun and energizing!
    I hope your Mother gets better and better!
    And may November bring you joy and peace!

  6. Welcome back, dear Yoko! It's a relief to know comforting news. Your baby and toddler are adorable, you've been blessed twice! I wish your mother full recovery and you to enjoy the rest of autumn. I keep wondering how blooming Japan may look in off-season, in late autumn or early spring. Before reading your blog I'd never heard of it. Thank you for opening your beautiful country!

  7. Welcome back. I also like cosmos. Happy 753. My youngest daughter will cerebrate 753 next year.

  8. Yokoさんの写真にはいつも何かキラキラ輝く明るい光と爽やかな空気が感じられます。それって何かなといつも思います。一枚目の写真は藤城清治さんの切り絵のようです。氏の一番好きな花はコスモスだとか。私もますますコスモスが好きになりました。お孫ちゃんたち、成長が早いですよね。うちの翔くんもハイハイができるようになって行動範囲が広くなってきました。動くモップです^ ^

  9. Cosmos is one of my favorite flowers. It looks frail but is resilient and prolific. The older blooms can keep their petals for a very long time … even when buds appear at their side. It is inspiring to think of elders coexisting in the same way … with the delight of children and grandchildren nearby to explore the world anew through fresh eyes. It is, indeed, also worth celebrating different stages of life and such fun to see your adorable little granddaughter, every inch the lady, in her traditional dress!

  10. I love cosmos, they are really beautiful !
    And both child are lovely...thanks for sharing those beautiful pictures !
    Have a nice day !

  11. Beautiful photo! of the flowers and children
    Greetings, RW & SK

  12. Yoko, your photo's are all lovely,
    the little one in her kimono and the flowers are really beautiful !

    Greetings from Holland, Joop

  13. Vad roligt att höra från dig igen.Vackra bilder du visar både på blommor och på dina barnbarn. Tycker att det går lite för fort just nu. är nog för att det är så varmt än fast det är november 10 grader cellcius på dagen och inga frostnätter än här hos mig.
    Ha en fin november och morgondag
    kram Meta

  14. awww. your grandkids are adorable. the cosmos are beautiful against the sky! :)

  15. Hello Yoko, I've missed you. But, time spent with family (and such adorable Grands) is a bonus. I'm glad your mother came through her surgery well. Your compositions of the cosmos are wonderful - the lighting is very special. I especially like the train photo (such a hard speeding object with the fragile blooms) and the baby's eye view. Enjoy your fall! It's snowing here in Breckenridge.

  16. Dear Yoko - I am so pleased that your mother's surgery went as well as could be expected.
    The cosmos are so pretty, but they are put into the shadows by your two wonderful grandchildren. What a delightful, pretty little girl dressed in her kimono, and your new grandson is gorgeous.

  17. Japanese children have the most beautiful eyes.Chihiro Iwasaki captured them well in her paintings. Grandmothers have the enviable position of enjoying grandchildren without the bother!

    1. I’m a fan of Chihiro Iwasaki and love her babies and children painted in watercolors. When you have an opportunity to come to Japan, Chihiro Art Museum in Azumino should be on your list to go. I’d like to visit your blog but your profile is not open. Let me know the URL, please.

  18. お孫さんたちの瞳の輝き、素敵ですね。ひ孫さん達の成長をみることができるお母様もお幸せ。以前も手術を受けられたとありましたが、根が丈夫でなければかなわないことです。この夏の暑さも乗り切られたのは御立派です。

  19. yoko, cosmos are so cheery arent they? you are so fortunate to have a granddaughter...and she is such alovely little porcelain doll...I also have a granddaughter...she is my joy and shes just like wonderful she is learning the traditions from her grandmother and how to be a do they say japanese? my elise likes to look through my jewelry box.

  20. Yokoさん こんにちは。 
    今年は日々の寒暖の差が大きい秋ですね。 そのような季節 野に咲く 可憐な花 コスモスを愛で、愛らしいお孫さんの成長に目を細めてらっしゃる様子が目に浮かぶようです。 晴れ着を着て可愛く首をかしげ、どことなくおしゃまさんな愛らしさに溢れた姿。 生き生きと輝く目と幼い手足。 私も目を細め、光輝く宝物を見る思いです。 ラストのお写真、秋の草花を描きこんだ一幅の絵のようで 素敵です。

  21. Días de Octubre en familia, felices... Bss

  22. Well, I'm well, since you asked, and trying to do a little blogging myself after a year away. Hoping that you're well too and that your mother makes a speedy recovery. Hey, those grandchildren are adorable: I used to be able to touch my toes like that but sadly not any more...

  23. Hallo, Yoko-san! I have a heavy workload this semester, so I've been neglecting other blogs (and my own!) rather badly, but it's always such a pleasure to see your photos and read your stories. I'm glad your mother is OK. Please give her an extra big hug on my behalf!

  24. Dear Yoko,

    Your photographs are a balm for my very being. The way your capture the delicate beauty of the flowers is amazing to me. I think it's because your photography expresses what you are seeing deep inside - the radiance you capture is really coming from you and transferring to how you see and photograph your subjects.

    As a very fine photographer once said about taking good pictures: It's not about the camera. It's never about the camera. It's how the photographer sees! I'm privileged to share in your sight and insight!

    So sorry to hear about your mother. Cancer is one of the true evils of human existence. We lost a very good friend who fought neuroblastoma bravely from age 8 to age 13, but finally succumbed. My Lois Anne, fortunately, is doing well. Her last scans about a month ago, were clear. She will have another set next March. There are two small nodules on her lungs but none of the doctors seem concerned and they haven't changed over time. Lois Anne is back to walk/running 4-5 miles a couple of times a week and some days we ride bikes 7-8 miles. So that's all good. She has some lymphoma in her legs which is a nuisance as it requires her to wear compression stockings which are not comfortable at all.

    My hope is that your mother can remain free of pain for as long as possible. Is she currently undergoing chemotherapy?

    May you find joy and peace in the days ahead as we move from summer to fall to winter.


  25. ❥°º•.¸
    Super lindo!!! As crianças e as flores!!!

    Ótimo mês de novembro!
    Bom fim de semana!
    Beijinhos do Brasil ❥°º•.¸

  26. So gorgeous and so beautiful, Yoko!!
    Warm greetings from Holland,
    Anna :-))

  27. Beautiful happy post Yoko,filled with colour and smiles! I love the cosmos flowers....and you have such an abundance of them. Your grandchildren are lovely - it's fascinating how little girls are amazingly mature at an early age......almost three going on twenty!

    Best wishes,

  28. As always, your photos are delightful. Lovely news about your mother. And your grand-daughter is a pretty as all the cosmos. Her little brother is captivating. You must enjoy them both so much.

  29. Glad to hear that your mother is on the mend. Your grand daughter in a kimono is mighty cute and the little tot is such a cutie-pie. Lovely photos, all of them.

  30. Konnichi-wa Yoko-san! Welcome back on the stage... ;-)
    We all missed you so much, but we have had a deep understanding for your blog break!

    So we are glad you are back with such beautiful photos of the cosmos flowers (we call Cosmea or Schmuckkoerbchen, literally translated into "little jewellery baskets") and the gems you call grandchildren. They are so cute!

    All the best for you and your whole family,

  31. Αγαπημένη μου φίλη Yoko
    Χίλια συγγνώμη που άργησα να έρθω, αλλά είχα κι εγώ τα παιδιά και την εγγονή μου Magda, που έγινε ενός έτους στις 3-11.
    Πόσο όμορφα είναι τα εγγονάκια σου και πόσο μεγάλωσαν!!!!
    Σαν χθες που γεννήθηκαν!
    Λυπάμαι πολύ για την μαμά σου, εύχομαι γρήγορη ανάρρωση!
    Ο Οκτώβριος στην πατρίδα σου είναι μαγικός, όπως όλες οι εποχές!
    Σου στέλνω μια μεγάλη αγκαλιά και πολλά φιλιά!

  32. こんにちわ。

    七五三おめでとうございます。 奈良の都ですので、さぞかし立派な神社でお祝いされるのでしょうね。


    1. 息子家族は西宮在住で地元の西宮神社をお参りしました。十日えびすのおりに、表大門が開かれると外で待っていた参拝者が一番福を目指して本殿へ走る画像が毎年ニュースになっているあの神社です。


  33. °º✿♫
    °º✿ Boa semana!!!
    º° ✿✿ ♫♬° ·. Beijinhos do Barsil

  34. Greetings, Yoko!

    Thank you for your long and informative note. You have had some difficult days and I know how hard it is to go through times of suffering with family. Your mother-in-law's passing was timely, in that she did not have to suffer in great pain for many days or months. We have a good friend, the husband of Tsurumi, who has been battling cancer throughout his body for about three years now. He will be 80 next month, but the cancer is so widespread and he's in so much pain, it's doubtful there will be much of a celebration. He's still on a regime of chemo but hates it because it makes him feel even worse.

    Your mother must be a very fine and brave person and she is fortunate to have you and others to see that her needs are considered and taken care of at she moves toward the end of her life.

    It is no wonder that you might be feeling a little blue.

    When I opened this post again and saw that first photo, I had to smile. Scrolling down to see once more pictures of your beautiful granddaughter made me smile again. What a joy she must be. Hopefully, the November rain has abated and you are feeling better by now.

    Lois Anne is doing so well. We can only hope this continues. Yesterday she ran/walked over 5 miles and said she ran about 1/2 the distance which is a real milestone! Our hearts are happy.

    Best wishes to you and know that you remain in our thoughts. We appreciate very much your friendship!

  35. Beautiful flowers, and the baby gazing at itself, precious.

  36. Estas são as preciosidades mais lindas de nossa existência ...crianças e flores!!
    Belíssimas imagens .
    Bom início de semana.
    Beijos vindos do Brasil

  37. Welcome back to you and to your good news.
    Good for your mother and happiness to your grandchildren.
    The cosmos are poetry in the open field.

  38. Your granddaughter is absolutely adorable and that new grandson is cute as can be. What joy grandchildren bring to our lives! And, how lucky your two "sweethearts" are to have such a creative, talented, and loving Grandmother as you. As I scrolled through many of your posts, I am just amazed at how beautiful your photos are. Always a joy to visit your blog. Mickie

  39. Onnellisia söpöjä lapsenlapsia. Onnellinen isoäiti.


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