Sunday, November 19, 2023


Cherry tree, Nov. 15th

In Japanese archipelago which is long south to north, autumn foliage season 
starts around mid-September in the high mountains of northern Hokkaido and gradually 
moves to lower elevation and more southern latitudes.
It's peak usually reaches both Kanto (including Tokyo) and Kansai 
(including Kyoto and Nara) regions in the latter half of November and 
continues into early to mid-December.

Now in the latter half of November, coloring is delayed due to the severe,
long lingering summer heat into early November.
And besides, deadly heat of mid-summer made some of trees lose leaves before coloring. 
However, I do love the leaves which have changed colors very slow but steady.
They are not overwhelmingly gorgeous but beautiful with the muted tone of various colors.

  Cherry Trees (the first four images) have displayed soft green, yellow, orange, 
and reddish orange at the same time. 
People love their blossoms in spring, Sakura, but their autumn foliage is not so popular 
as Japanese Maple, Ginkgo, or Chinese Tallow leaves.
It's a shame. Cherry Tree blooms twice a year in spring and in autumn.

Chinese Tallow is one of my favorite trees for its heart or spade-shaped leaves 
and the flamboyant display of colors.

Nov. 15th

The strong wind of yesterday blew off most of the leaves and seeds covered
in the layer of white wax remain.

Nov. 19th

This is Crape myrtle, which I once featured in Autumn colors of Crape myrtle.

Nov. 3rd

The last leaves of the Crape myrtle caught my eye.

Nov. 19th

Tulip poplarLiriodendron tulipifera, changes colors as early as September
and is usually bare in the beginning of November, but green to yellow leaves 
were still dancing on top branches.  

Nov. 3rd

The top part of the quite tall tree receives the last rays of the sun.

Dogwood leaves start changing colors the first among all the deciduous trees.
In my garden, they reached prime time in early November.

Nov. 3rd

The following four photos are the leaves of 南天 Nanten, Nandina domestica.
The tree is believed to bring good fortune when planted in the northeast, "demon's gate".

Nov. 11th

I love the bright red berries and the deep green leaves on the upright shrub.
I had thought my Nanten was evergreen, though learned it "semi-evergreen"
when I found reddish leaves for the first time since we planted it in our garden.
I don't know the science behind the sudden change.
As you see the photo, leaves are mostly green and a little of red is seen 
in the blurred background.

Colored Nanten tinted gold with Dogwood in the background.

On November 7th, it was recorded the highest November temperature in 100 years.
Five days later, winter chill suddenly gripped most of Japan.
 I had repeated "too warm" so often and now I miss those warm days.
I was shivering in 6 degrees C yesterday.
As the temperature goes down, Japanese maples are speeding up their coloring.

Nandina, Cherry tree, Chinese Tallow, and Tulip poplar

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  1. Gorgeous pictures and colors !
    We don't have most of those trees here...Love the Chinese tallow, his shape of leaves and colors...
    Have a lovely week !

  2. I love the autumn colours but also feel a sense of loss at their passing knowing that winter is just around the corner. On days that are too hot I also long for cooler weather, but when they arrive I wish it was warmer. Enjoyed your Mosaic Monday images Yoko.

  3. Love all the Autumn colors and beautiful trees. The berries are a pretty pop of color too. Beautiful photos and mosaic! Take care, have a wonderful week!

  4. ...Liriodendron tulipifera grows well here and ia favorite of mine. I enjoy the flowers in spring and the seed heads in winter. Take care and enjoy a wonderful week.

  5. Lovely images, stardust. The weather nowadays seems extreme and unpredictable but may the magical comings and goings of leaves always remain. :)

  6. Beautiful photos as always. We seem to be having a long, drawn out autumn season here, with different trees changing at different times.

  7. Bravo. This is lovly. We here in T&T have only 2 seasons. Wet Sesdon and Dry Season
    My mosaic is HERE


  8. Japan have an special beauty. In all his woods, valleys and mountains there are spectacular natural images so wonderfuls. You did a good photographs that show us It.

  9. Me encantan las fotos Yoko. El otoño de nuevo llegó espectacular. Así ha estado el tiempo también por aquí calor inusual y de golpe el frío.
    Te deseo una buena semana.
    Un abrazo.

  10. Love the gorgeous colours of fall.🍁🍂
    Thanks for these stunning photo, Yoko

  11. Wow ... you catched the Autumn light in your wonderful pictures.

    Happy MosaicMonday

    Thank you so much being part at

    Have a fine week. Greetings by Heidrun

  12. Hello Yoko. As always, your pictures are exquisite. I like seeing so many different leaf shapes and colourings. Very few of the trees you portray are familiar to us in England. The cherry is one of these, though, and we have two large cherry trees near us - one in front of our house, and one behind. I know one of them comes from a wild cherry, because I grew it myself many years ago in a pot and then planted it out1 But I think the other one is also from wild stock - in years gone past its garden became very overgrown and a small grove of cherry saplings appeared, of which that tree is now the only survivor. Some years (such as this year) these two large trees do not seem that similar to each other - at least, not as regards foliage and blossom. Other years, they seem almost identical, and it is wonderful having the sight of brilliant white spring blossom and brilliant red autumn leaves to both front and back of the house . Clearly, they must be different variations of wild cherry.

  13. Fabulous photographs you've shared, the Autumn colours look amazing.

    All the best Jan

  14. What a lovely interesting post, and beautiful photos.

  15. Hello, Yoko. Lovely headline you chose for the post. Leaf watching, bird watching, deer watching are, probably, the most comforting activities in late autumn or winter. THe pictures are a marvel! Multi-coloured, dotty, movung with the wind - thank you so much.
    Let us hold this feeling of peace and comfort these days.
    With a smile to the East,


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