Saturday, December 2, 2023

Autumn magic, 2023

On bright days during the past two weeks, I walked through shining autumn colors
 in the crisp air.
One day, the moon looked peeping through the Crape myrtle leaves.
There were magical scenes unfolding under the clear, blue skies.

Nov. 21st

- Kyoto Botanical Garden -
Formosa Sweetgum start changing colors to orange earlier in the season 
in the woods of Kyoto Botanical Garden.

Nov. 15th

Floating leaves and shimmering reflections on the water of the one of four ponds
 surrounding the woods of Nakaragi.

So relaxing to see male and female Mallard ducks swimming together.

- Nara Park -
Chinese Tallow look the most bewitching in the late November at Ukigumo-enchi.
Many of them were cut down and it's one of the few still standing.

Nov. 21st

Ginkgos at Daibutsu-ike Pond
Nov. 23rd

Kagami-ike Pond 

When winter is in the air, Japanese Maples, Acer palmatum, get accelerated to change to fiery red.

Sunset colors of yellow, rose, orange, red and gold, and even green 
can be present on the same leaf.

Grand finale of autumn; the curtain will come down soon.

Japanese Maple leaves are the last to fall to the ground.

Nov. 26th

Do you remember their spring colors of lush, bright leaves?

After bursting with its last beauty, nature gets muted in colors gradually 
into the real winter.

Yellow, red, and green reminded me of Marc Chagall, a magician of colors.
This copy of Chagall's work was painted by my grandson Y on a canvas board.
Y has joined art class once a two months to improve his painting skills
as well as to express himself.


  1. Such beautiful images to start my day. Thank you. B x

  2. Gorgeous colors and pictures !
    It's always a delight to visit your blog Yoko !
    I have a gingko in my garden but he still have his green leaves...
    Have a lovely weekend !

  3. Magical November offerings from you Yoko together with a glimpse of the moon. Ginkgos are a delight to see at anytime of the year, but I love how they add a bright sunshine yellow to the Autumn colours.

  4. Hello Yoko,
    What a beautiful post. The fall colors are just gorgeous. I love seeing the ducks too.
    A beautiful place to visit and walk. Great collection of photos. Take care, have a happy weekend.

    1. PS, thank you for linking up and sharing your post! Enjoy your day!

  5. ...Yoko, your beautiful images are a wonderful start to rainy, gloomy day. Thanks for sharing these beautiful colors. Enjoy your new week.

  6. These magnificent autumn shades warm the heart, stardust. I especially like the reflections in the water where the ducks swim. And how well your grandson reflects the style, mood and colours of the famous artist. With so much unrest in the world, I also thought of Peace Window and the blues Chagall used.

  7. Lovely to see your fall colors still so vibrant. It may be still Fall on the calendar but here it's really winter already. All the leaves are down from the mature trees except for the young beech trees in the woods that hold their leaves until spring.

  8. You definitely had more color than anyone else has shown this Fall! I love the colors of Autumn and decorate my home with them. Hugs, Diane

  9. You waited patiently for fall, and it rewarded you! Such contrasting colors and symmetry. I especially love the moon shot and the water reflections. The Japanese Maple steals the show. Y is both a science -lover and and an art-lover. It's snowing hard at my house, and the wind is blowing. There will be drifts tomorrow.

  10. Great captures of the stunning autumn scenery! I like your grandson's painting.

  11. Gran paseo a través de tus preciosas fotos. Maravilla de otoño con tantos contraste colores .
    Me ha encantado esta entrada Yoko. Gracias.
    Te deseo una buena semana.
    Un abrazo.

  12. Beautiful colours! You have fantastic autumn days. Enjoy the new week!

  13. Your photos capture such incredible beauty.
    The autumn vistas in your area are absolutely stunning.

    Hugs and blessings, Yoko 🍂✨

  14. Love Chagall too... Sorry to be so brief. Unfortunately, rheumatism in my hand prevents me from writing more.

    Thank you so much for this wonderful post on

    ...and I wish you a pleasant time with best wishes, Heidrun

  15. There’s something enchanting about your pictures, Yoko. Reading about maples reminded of a poem we learned with students:
    October gave a party.
    The trees by hundreds came:
    The chestnuts, oaks and maples;
    And leaves of every name.
    The sunshine spread a carpet
    And everything was grand.
    Miss Weather led the dancing,
    Professor Wind - the band.
    I watched and rewatched the pictures but couldn’t single out which I love most. You know the magic of photography. And Y is doing great at painting. Chagall is recognizable, good job!

  16. i wonder only if season speak more vividly anywhere else than Japan dear Yoko :)
    feel speechless to see this majestic and enchanting beauty of Autumn Wow
    your grandson is quite a nice artist :)

  17. Cozy vibes in this Autumn Magic blog! You crafted autumn with beautiful imagery make me feel like I'm right there, experiencing the magic of fall. Can't wait to embrace the season with all its warmth and charm. Well done! 👏

  18. This is beautiful. My daughter has a gingko tree in their front yard in Chicago.


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