Monday, April 17, 2017

In Praise of Sakura, 2017

 My first photos of this year's Sakura (cherry blossoms) season in Nara Park 
were single-petaled weeping cherry tree blossoms.
Their graceful cascading branches are covered with soft pink flowers.

On a chilly, cloudy day after the rain, I walked around Nara Park.
This is 紅豊 Beniyutaka at the Japanese Garden of the New Public Hall of Nara.

April 9th
八重紅枝垂れ Yae-Benishidare, multiple-petaled weeping cherry tree, 
was just starting to flower.

One week later on a warm, sunny day, the Yae-Benishidare was at its best.

Back to the chilly, cloudy day,
under the pearly grey sky, 染井吉野 Somei-yoshino were blooming
 in all their glory at Kasugano Field.

April 9th

The view of the Five-storied Pagoda of Kofuku-ji from Ara-ike Pond
on my way back to Nara Station.

Blooms of Somei-yoshino indicates full arrival of spring,
because their buds open when temperature reaches 15 degrees
and burst into bloom at 18 degrees.

However, winter-like chilly weather has made the bloom time longer as well as 
delayed it by several days to a week this year.
 On the day of the entrance ceremony to her elementary school,
F was happy walking proudly with her brand-new raspberry pink "randosel"
under the canopy of cherry blossoms.

April 10th
The youngest Y has entered kindergarten.
He is a member of the youngest Sunflower Class.
Since Somei-yoshino is the most widely planted flowering cherry in Japan,
you can see the blossoms almost everywhere during Sakura season.

At the park in my neighborhood
 Swing, swing, up to the sky ...♬

This week, Sakura is going to be over at last in my part of the world.

Sakura has the most beautiful way of saying farewell.
A soft breeze stirs pale-pink snow of petals from the branches.

Along the Saho River, April 15th
In the photo below, most of the flowers have gone and leaves appeared
while flowers are seen on the thick branch.
I love falling petals as much as fresh blooms.

Pale pink confetti on the green carpet.

 April 16th

Thank you, Sakura, for spreading beauty, elegance, grace, and courage.
See you next year!

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  1. Dear Yoko - this is such a beautiful post showing Japan resembling fairyland - pink, soft, floaty and very inviting.
    Last evening I saw a BBC documentary showing Spring around the world, and loved the images I saw of the mountains in Japan clothed in pink blossom - what a lovely and magical time of the year it is.

  2. This is amazing... All pictures are beautiful...

  3. I've never seen so many cherry trees/blossoms! What a gorgeous sight. I like all the flowering trees, but cherry blossoms have a special beauty the others can't quite match. Your kiddos seem to be having a lot of fun too out amidst the blossoms. Love that shot with the pagoda especially!

    Hope all is well!

  4. Gorgeous post with gorgeous pictures !!! It's always a pleasure to visit your blog !!!
    Thanks for sharing !!!
    Have a lovely week !

  5. Dearest Yoko, I absolutely love your posts and photos, and I am always so happy to see your posts in my news feed. Your photos are just gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing, and I hope you have a great week!

  6. I must compliment all your beautiful photographs. You have used a good camera to snap very good and sharp photos in a myriad of colours with excellent angles. I have studied some photography in United States and could confidently single out all the good photographs like yours. I enjoyed viewing them over several times as they give out very happy mood like a photo that says a thousand words......... In future I should visit Nara again, in Spring or Autumn seasons.

  7. こんばんは。素晴らしい写真の数々ですね。八重紅枝垂れと言うと、京都の原谷苑を思い出します。八重紅枝垂れに圧倒されました。
     明日、「minor な日記」に古墳巡りをアップします。


  8. いろんな桜があって、素晴らしいです。


    あぁ、あんな時、こんな時があったなぁ・・・。なんて、様々に思い出します。 子供の姿を見ると、本当に感情が湧き出します。
    やっぱり、なんといっても「子供」が一番です。 日本の未来を背負う象徴。 『若さ』は生命そのものです。



    Yoko, I'm thrilled !!!!!
    Beautiful flowers and fantastic pictures.
    Have a nice week.

  10. What beautiful cherry blossoms! I did not know there were so many pretty varieties. I love the pic of the man on his bicycle under that huge cherry tree!

    Congrats to your little one with her bright pink randosel! I clicked on the link and read all the info. Your children do look happy.

    Thanks for sharing the beauty of your world!

  11. such a nice picture! love go to Japan and see the blossoms tree some day.

    Thank you for sharing, and have a nice week!

    1. Thank you for your visit and comment. Hope you’ll make your dream come true some day soon. Have a nice week, too.

  12. Thank you, stardust, for reminding me of how beautiful the world can be. I like seeing puddles on the lawn and the blossoms look like clumps of snow at times … warmer but as fleeting as the winter flakes. Wheee … the children swinging are pictures of happiness and spring!

  13. Agradecida, igualmente, a Sakura pela beleza das flores. Mas não poderia deixar de agradecer a você, Yoko, por esta partilha de fotos magníficas, espetaculares.
    A terceira foto é maravilhosa! Todas as fotos são como uma viagem, que não percebemos o tempo passar.
    Um beijo querida amiga e um forte abraço do Brasil.

  14. So beautiful! But way too cold. Still, I'd love to see it for myself, the whole season. Will that ever happen? Probably not, but I can dream, eh?

  15. Olá, maravilhosa selecção de lindas fotos que me encantam, as mesmas mostram na perfeição a linda primavera e a felicidade que causa.

  16. Ha Yoko.
    Zo prachtig de foto's met de bloesems, het lijken net schilderijen,zo mooi!!
    De kindjes op de schommel zo lief om te zien...........
    Wens je een mooie week met een zonnetje.
    groeten Christiene.

    Ha Yoko.
    So beautiful the pictures with the blossoms, it just looks like paintings, so beautiful !!
    The kids on the swing are so sweet to see ...........
    Wish you have a nice week with a sun.
    Greetings Christine.

  17. Absolutely stunning! I woul love to come to Nara in April, this is not to be missed in life.
    Congratulations on a significant event in your family, Yoko. Let F enjoy her school!
    Have a warm sunny week end, Yoko.
    With best wishes,

  18. So beautiful! The blossom, and your lovely grandchildren. The cherry blossom here in Ontario is not out yet.... a few more warm days and I hope to see some.

  19. Beautiful beauty Yoko !!! It is impressive to see so many cherry blossoms. Beautiful carpet has the green lawn filled with fallen flowers.
    Thank you for always sharing.
    Good weekend.

  20. Hello Yoko! From the first photo instant, I felt to be in a journey... A Spring Journey, as a fairytale captured on film, with cherry blossoms all over, a delight for eyes and soul, as well.
    We do not have so many cherry blossoms to see around , but the joy is so big, when Springtime is coming. Your photos are gorgeous and I must thank you so, so much for this chance to see lots and lots of details, lovely pink blooms, reflections and thoughts shared. You are writing about various cultivars of cherry flowers and trees, and I'll try to find out more about their on the internet. For instance about Somei-yoshino, I have read that the "Varieties of Sakura Cherry blossoms, or “sakura” in Japanese, is a general name for the blossoms that belong to the prunus Sakura subgenus." The "King cherry is a Korean native cherry tree originated from Jeju Island. It is a distinct species from Japanese native Yoshino cherry. King cherry is a rare plant and listed as an endangered species." Many thanks for the inspiration and the gorgeous collection of pictures you have shared with us. Indeed, inspired title :in praise of Sakura". And great words: "for spreading beauty, elegance, grace, and courage."
    A very, very wonderful Springtime to you and whole family!

  21. It looks like you, like me, are experiencing the up and down temperatures. Spring is slowly settling in here, but it will be a while before we have blossoms. It is such a treat to see yours. The photos made me smile with their beauty. It must be breath-taking to actually walk among all those trees. Happy spring!

  22. They are cute, I love the white.

  23. Um prazer rever estas maravilhosas fotos e apreciar os belos detalhes clicados pela minha amiga Yoko.
    E quero deixar um beijo e um abraço do Brasil e desejar-lhe um ótimo final de semana.

  24. What wonderful images! How marvelous to be there in this place! I dismiss Sakura with certain sadness, after having seen and read everything what here you leave us, because your post takes me to a condition of great satisfaction. But, as you, I wait again for Sakura, because I an sure that you will return to bring him to this corner of the Web. Thank you very much, Yoko.

  25. Yoko, querida amiga!
    A sua pergunta, sobre ser possível a humanidade viver em paz, neste nosso amado planeta é muito oportuna. E confesso que já fiz várias vezes esta pergunta.
    Beijos, abraços e muito carinho.

  26. So very lovely. The blossoms in reflections and on the earth are so pretty. I would love walking around the park, such a special time.

    Do all these trees next have cherries to eat on them?

    We also are behind on flower blossoms this year, already two weeks behind and I am thinking another week or more to catch up with last years spring growth.

    Thank you for sharing your lovely blossoms and your grandchildren's joy.

    1. Dear Tammie - Cherry trees in this post are only for flowers. Fruit cherry trees have modest flowers both in number and size. I like them, too.

  27. Thanks for your kind words on my blog. I love telling stories and you've paid me a compliment! Wish my hair was getting curlier as time goes on - but it's not. :-( Certainly getting thinner - but not what I want. Oh well.

    Have a nice day!

  28. Boa tarde, continuação de boa semana,

  29. oh put me under spell of the magic of your most beautiful part of the land .
    lucky you my friend ,you live in heaven!!!

  30. Wow Yoko, this all so magical - it must be wonderful to be with these trees. The children are in Fairyland! So until next year, good-by Sakura!
    Thank you for sharing the beauty.


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