Tuesday, June 29, 2010

On stellar cosmos

I like to look up at the starry night sky. The faint flickering light of stars I see now was emitted billions of light years ago; it's awesome! The mystery of the cosmos has been unveiled little by little with the progress of science. Now people know universe is not a dark and empty nothingness as people had perceived it to be but living organic extension of stars and planets. The pictures taken by the Hubble Space Telescope stimulate my imagination with their spectacular and mysterious images, even if they are colored by computer graphics. The picture above is "The Cat's Eye Nebula" by HST. (HUBBLESITE) The picture below is our mother Earth seen from Appolo 17 and is known as "Blue Marble".

Every star exists and every planet travels in the universe according to the Law of Universe. However, there are many man-made satellites placed in the orbit. Some are already defunct: now they exist just as space junk and are falling down to the Earth one by one. The purpose of the artificial satellites is varied ranging from weather forecast, global positioning, spy or military use, and so on. Some satellites are powered by nuclear. I feel chilled, and wonder how the space security is.

The return of space probe Hayabusa (about which I wrote on June 15th ) has proved effectiveness of various new technology, ion engines as the power to move a space probe far and long, automatic control technology, and others. I hope these will be developed to be useful for usual life of future generation, not only in space exploration. Some people think Japan has gotten technology to develop missiles that can pinpoint the target, seeing from the pin-point landing of HAYABUSA's capsule in Australian desert. After all, what is the difference between a rocket and a missile? When a warhead is attached to a rocket, it is a ballistic missile. When accurate pinpoint targeting device is added, it is a smart devastating missile. I hope that technology will never be utilized by vicious people.

I see both humans' dazzling capacities and equally dazzling incapacities. Our lives have gotten happier and more convenient but at the same time more miserable and more dangerous. What is the meaning of the emergence of a human being as a rational creature on the Earth?


  1. I agree to Stardust.
    Human beings have developed technologies, especially over the past one hundred years, and have enjoyed the new technologies in our daily lives. We have to admit that, thanks to the satellite, how the weather forecast is accurate these days. This is one example.
    On the other hand, human beings ended up having some possibilities that threaten the enviolements on the earth. I think that, even if, the present people are not vicious, there is a possibility that they would be changed. Our history is always changing.
    Developing new technologies by modern countries and a possibility threatening the earth always combine. I am not sure that an abuse of the new technologies by vicious people is prevented by keeping the world’s eyes on them.

  2. I have read 200 billion stars like the sun are said to exist in our galaxy alone, and they say there are 100 billion such galaxies in the niverse. What a scale of universe! Though I usually take it for granted, how miraculous I was born and is living on this inhabitable beautiful tiny planet!

  3. Hi, While I was travelling and having a cold, this blog became more beautiful,didn't it?
    Space, galaxy,universe, those are so big. comparing with those, What a small planet the earth is! Our inventions or discoveries may be so small and if a creator of universe exist ,he may think that human being at last could reach this level. But we who is living in this beautiful planet want to hand over the planet with quite comfortable to live in to next generation.

  4. Redrose, cosmos, and sarari, thanks for your comments.

    I changed templates at the opportunity of having a new laptop. I'm satisfied with this so far.

    I'm happy to be born into this fascinating water planet. It's obvious that some human activities are threatening to this planet. It's a shame.


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