Thursday, June 17, 2010

"The Impossible Dream"

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The Impossible Dream (見果てぬ夢 for Japanese), it is a song from the musical Man of La Mancha. I've often found myself humming this tune these days. Man of La Mancha is based on the story of Don Quixote by Cervantes. Would you like to listen? I think this music video , a scene of the musical, is nice and I'll  introduce another YouTube video with lyrics below.  How do you like it? I feel nostalgia for the time when I went to see the musical with my mother.  She loves musicals and I would  accompany her.  Now she is 90-year-old and wouldn't like to go out due to osteopolosis. We two love this song.


  1. I don't know this musical. To be honest, I'm not a fan of musicals. The only ones I like are My Fair Lady, West Side Story and Evita.
    By the way, I recently learned something about the life of Cervantes: it's a fascinating story.

  2. Thank you for the comment, Marc. I'm not a fan of musicals, either, but there are some songs I like from musicals like "Learn to be Lonely" and "The Phantom of the Opera" from The Phantom of the Opera, "America" from West Side Story, and so on. The musical I saw first in my life was West Side Story and I felt it so cool including performer's dancing and Bernstein's music.

  3. Yes, I would like to listen to the song, but I have no idea about the lyrics so far. I was a very fan of musicals in my youth, but unfortunately, many opera songs have faded away from my memory. The last time I watched a live musical of The Cats was 5 years ago. The song “Memory ” from The Cats is familiar to people, and I like it.
    The opera song I like the best is
    “La Luna ” from Rusalka composed by Dvorak.
    This song has been my favorite for over 10 years. May be the best in my life. So lovely and healing to my heart. Many singers song La Luna. Sarah Brightman is the best, I think.

  4. Hi, redrose. I like the messages contained in this song. I like any single phrase in the lyrics, written inspiringly and beautifully. I feel strong affection and at the same time inexpressible sorrow toward this man, who never ceases his quest, and toward the existence called human being.

    You might feel it strange, but HAYABUSA reminded me of this song and its vaguely remembered lyrics. Do you feel association? I also have Ryoma with this song's image.

  5. On your information, I've found this music video.

  6. The Japanese kabuki actor Matsumoto Koushiro has played “Man of La Mancha” for a long time. I heard him on TV saying about the musical. He loves the painting “bullfighter”by Mane very much. The dead bullfighter lying on the floor in the painting reminds him of Man of La Mancha. He always associates the spirits of the bullfighter with Man of La Mancha, and strongly feels something powerful from the bullfighter.
    It was an interesting talk for me.

  7. My mother likes to go to theater for plays or music shows and is a fan of Koshiro Matsumoto. That's why I accompanied her. "The Impossible Dream" was sung in Japanese (of course). Years later I learned the English lyrics.

    夢は稔り難く 敵は多数(あまた)なりとも
    胸に悲しみを秘めて 我は勇みて行かん

    道は極め難く 腕は疲れ果つとも
    遠き星をめざして 我は歩み続けん

    汚れ果てしこの世から 正しきを救うために

    如何に望み薄く 遥かなりとも
    やがて いつの日か光満ちて

    たとえ傷つくとも 力ふり絞りて
    我は歩み続けん あの星の許へ

  8. How beautiful and impressive the picture is ! I am mesmerized by the dazzling divine lights and deep clear blue sky. It's just like heaven.
    I knew Hayabusa had returned to earth through lots of miraculous runs of result.It made impossible dream possible.

  9. I'm glad you like the pictue, cosmos. At first I chose a picture of stellar cosmos but in the end I preferred this one much more.

  10. This lyrics remind me of Japan soccer team. Until now, they might be men who were scorned and covered with scars.
    But now they strive with their last ounce of courage.
    no matter how hopeless,no matter how far.
    to fight--- the unbeatable foe.
    to try---when their arms are too weary.
    to reach---the unreachable star.
    They are fighting very well in this world cup.They are giving us such a star.
    Speaking to soccer and opera, I like " 凱旋行進曲” in "Aida" by Verdi. I want to see opera"Aida".

  11. Sarari, I know how you're excited. My prediction is that Japan will beat Paraguay and fight with Brazil or the Netherlands in the final. What do you think?

    Regarding "The Impossible Dream", it caused the same sensation within me when I heard "Egmont Overtuer" by Beethoven. Egmont never ceased to quest for justice and liberty. He was executed but his death looked victory against oppression.


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