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Carp streamers to celebrate Children's Day

Koinobori Festa at Takatsuki City, Osaka Pref, 2015

The 5th of May is Chidlren's Day, a national holiday set in 1948,
 to celebrate healthy growth and happiness of all the children.
Koinobori, huge Carp-shaped windstocks, are flown customarily to celebrate Children's Day.
Originally the fifth day of the fifth month was Tango no Sekku, celebration for boys,
while the third day of the third month, Hina Matsuri (Dolls' Testival) for girls.

In April prior to the Children's Day, many houses with boys used to let the Carp Streamers 
 swim and dance in the air in my childhood.
Gradually they disappeared from urban areas without enough space for them not to tangle with utility wires.

"Between the overlapping waves of roof tiles and waves of clouds,
in Tachibana-citrus-scented morning breeze,
carp streamers are swimming high."
(Translation of the first stanza of children's song "Koinobori".)

When the song was released 1913, roofs were exclusively made of Japanese tiles
 which looked like waves or fish scales.

Carp upstreams the rapids with full of energy and power.
It stands for courage and determination to attain high goals by overcoming obstacles.
In a legend, when a carp swims up waterfalls, it becomes a dragon right away.

(On entering the site, you'll see "This video is not allowed to use in other website than YouTube."
perhaps in Japanese.
Click on the word Youtube to see directly at YouTube.)

Carp Streamers Festival has gotten popular nationwide year by year
utilizing many donated carp streamers which are not used at home.
The photos are from the Carp Streamers Festa held at the riverbank of the Akuta-gawa River, 
Takatsuki City, Osaka Pref, in 2015.
It features the carp streamers made by the kindergarteners of the city
in addition to the donated traditional ones.

At home, I displayed a set of Boy's Day Warrior Dolls for the first time in 7 years
since my grandson Y was 1-year-old.
The set was presented by my father for my son's first Boy's Festival.

Y turned 8 on the 1st of May.
He has grown experiencing wide range of different things.
He loves soccer and painting above all.
This sunny boy will explore the world with his bright-eyed curiosity.

At 4 - 6

Last but not least...., 
sadly not all children are happy.
In the peaceful stillness, in the flickering light through fresh verdure,
 I stood quiet humbled in awe in front of this Jizo, a Guardian of children 
including unborn babies and the children who died young.
He tries to help the weak with full of compassion and fortitude.
Wish all the children on this planet well-being.

At Chogaku-ji Temple, Tenri City

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  1. Beautiful and colorful tradition !
    Children are precious.
    Your photos are lovely and your grandkids, cute !
    Have a shinny week !


  2. ·.
    Beautiful idea to celebrate Children's Day. And that the day of girls and boys be celebrated together.
    I really liked the video, and also your happy photos.

    LaMiradaAusente · & · CristalRasgado

  3. How joyous your images of Children's Day are Yoko - I love the photos of the carp streamers flying in the bright blue sky. What a pleasure it must, especially for your grandchildren, that it has now become more popular again.

  4. I always pray for the children...around the world. I so want every child to be healthy and safe...and happy. I love this celebration and the beautiful carp streamers. I would like to try to make one! They are works of art!

  5. 風に吹かれる沢山のこいのぼり 見事ですね~。コロナで混迷する日が来るなんて想像できない光景です。

  6. Yoko - the strings of carp streamers are so attractive in the wind. Yes, it is a sad fact that not all children are happy. I witness some families out and about, and see how the children appear to be "neglected" - it breaks my heart! Belated Happy Birthday to Y! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

  7. Children are a walking miracle. Your photos from Children's Day are beautiful.
    Yoko, your grandchildren are wonderful.
    Hugs and greetings:)

  8. Brilliantly Vivid Photos - This Post Brought Happiness To My Heart


  9. I found your blog via Baili, what a beautiful tradition to have a National Childrens' Day. I loved seeing the carp flyers and the video - so beautiful.

  10. Hello, it's been a long time.

    Recently, there are various designs of carp streamers.
    All have cute characters.
    These are carp streamers with a sense of transparency in the blue sky.

    Grandchildren, be healthy !

    Take care.

  11. The Carp flags are a lovely and celebrative way to honor this holiday. Love how the roof tiles mimic their scales. I had never thought of that.

    Your grandchildren are lovely and beautiful to see. They are blessed to have you in their lives.

  12. Hi Yoko, what a beautiful and colorful way to celebrate children's day, amazing these carp streamers, here is celebrated on the 1st of June.
    Your beautiful grandchildren must have loved it.

  13. Hello,
    Your grandchildren are adorable, you are blessed. The Carp flags are so colorful, a cheery sight to see! National Children's Day is a great tradition. Take care, have a happy new week!

  14. Me encantan las serpentinas de carpas, es una bonita fiesta. Saludos.

  15. Stardust! These are so carefree and relaxing just when I needed a lift. And the artifacts, treasured memories from the past revisited in the present to be seen through the fresh eyes of your much-loved grandson. Wishing him a belated Happy Birthday and much joy now and in his future. I watched the video wishing all children could be as carefree as the streamers dancing in the wind.

  16. Dear Yoko, it is always interesting to read about lovely rituals of your country. I guess Carp Streamers Festival fosters creativity as well as other traditions. The colourful pictures are full of air, I loved the one with the roof most of all.
    And to witness distantly growth of your grandchildren is an everlasting joy. I can picture how you were smiling taking this photo with the two of them: big brother and little sister. I also thought: Will Y ever display that set, your father’s gift, for his son? Let his childhood be full of wonderful discoveries, curiouser and curiouser every day. Has he read “Alice in Wonderland” already?
    My husband and I spent a week in Moscow on May holidays. We needed a short break so much after all these months of lockdownd and work. Now we’re busy as usual but invigorated after our trip.
    Take care, dear friend, thank you.

    1. Hi, Irina. Y isn’t interested in Alice so much, but enjoyed Pippi and Peter Rabbit. His favorite book is My Father’s Dragon.

  17. I love the photos showing the undulating shapes of the clouds, the Carp kites, and the tile roofs. It would be wonderful to see those kites flying high to honor children's happiness and health. Y has a wonderful smile! Our grandchildren are the future of the World. May they have strength of body, mind, and character.


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