Monday, April 6, 2020

Off-limits except spring along the Saho River

The Saho River originates from the virgin forest of Mt. Kasuga and flows through 
the central part of the city of Nara.
It is one of the most popular sakura-viewing spots in Nara City.
The branches of the sakura trees stretch over the pathways.
People enjoy their walks enveloped in the pink haze.

Along the river, flowers in bloom are not only sakura or small yellow ones
but also flowers blooming unnoticed on the river banks.
Most of them are wild; some have gotten wild after planted by the people living nearby.


Common vetches

People are also part of nature.

???  Pink oxalis


I'm happy to be able to share this Sakura walk I love with you in this time of crisis and uncertainty.
I had a walk wearing a mask and keeping safe distance from others.

With the gentle flow of the river, lovely flowers, warm sunlight, ....,
I was forgetting the tension of the fights against the invisible enemies.
Along this river, everything looks to be off-limits except spring.

More about the Saho River; Princess Saho dyes Nara City pink, spring in 2014
                                       Halloween-colored Saho River, autumn in 2015

I can't thank enough the people who have been working hard at the front line risking their lives and the people in the various professional fields with little sleep. Individual's attitude is profoundly asked. "Act like you already have a new coronavirus", that is, act not to spread the virus, sounds a good advice for the society to avoid the explosion of infections. Because people who have no symptoms seem to be contributing greatly to the spread of the virus. I also remember Kennedy's words; "Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country."  Trust between authorities and citizen can fight to win this long, hard fight.  "Prepare for the worst, hope for the best" as an individual, as a national, and as a global citizen.

(iPhone photos by my son and daughter)
Girls F and Y at the Muko River, Y and M at the Saho River
There are many rivers where rows of sakura trees line up along both sides of the river.

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  1. I always look forward to your pictures of the sakura blossom, though I thought we might miss out this year if you were not allowed to visit. I hope that you and your family are able to stay safe.

  2. Hello, Wow, the blossoming trees are just gorgeous. Cute kiddies! Lovely images and mosaics. Take care and stay safe, wishing you a happy day and a great new week!

  3. I like the collage and the way you turned your grandchildren into watercolor works of art. They blend in perfectly with the blossoms. Trying to stay safe when invisible enemies are all around and even inside ourselves is the challenge of our time. Perhaps to understand fully what we are dealing with and how we got here is the key. In The Art of War, Sun Tzu said, “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.”

  4. So many lovely pictures !!!!
    Nature is beautiful, peaceful and give us energy to go ahead...
    Cute kids and bright collage !!!
    Have a nice week !

  5. Beautiful photos and as we can't go anywhere it is really nice to see.
    Be safe
    Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

  6. So very beautiful and people are wearing the safty masks.

    Happy mosaic Monday


  7. Yoko - thank you for linking to Mosaic Monday with these truly spectacular photos of spring. I can't think of words that are adequate to describe the beauty. I am pleased for you that you were able to go there and take these pictures, while keeping yourself and your family safe. Stay well!

  8. Dear Yoko - it is always an annual highlight and delight too be being able to see the beautiful pink blossom in Nara.
    Does the little pink flower with the ??? have heart shaped leaves? if so, I believe that it could be a pink Oxalis.
    May you and all of your lovely little family stay safe and well.

  9. The sakura blossoms are gorgeous, thank you for these photographs. There is a park in Toronto where the cherry trees are starting to bloom, but sadly, the gates have been closed and nobody is allowed in. People are not following the ruled of social distancing.
    I am at home by myself, but keeping very busy. Although I miss seeing my family and my grandchildren. Please stay safe and stay healthy! And stay at home!

  10. Thank you for this beautiful walk through springtime, Yoko. Your blooming trees and flowers make me smile. I see some of your little grandchildren are wearing masks. I use a circular piece of cloth called a "buff" when I'm outdoors. (Its actual purpose is to keep my face warm when skiing.) In the wilderness, I meet nobody, so I can just keep it loose around my neck. However, in the neighborhood or grocery store, I pull it up over my mouth and nose. We are mostly staying at home and haven't seen our family for over a month. Please stay well and enjoy your spring for me. Hugs from CO.

  11. Dear Yoko
    thank you so much for enlightening my day with these enchanting glimpse of your walk ,they filled my soul with deepest joy and serenity and eyes with tears of gratitude !

    Nature always inspires me most and touches my soul deep ,like Lord himself speaks to me through his phenomena !

    thank you for making this possible for me through your magical captures my friend!

    this is nice you and your precious family was able to take such splendid walk :)
    i agree that people with careless attitude are spreading the disease more ,but here we are in city and armed police and army is outside to keep things in control
    stay well and healthy my friend!

  12. The snowstorm of cherry blossoms surrounds the lovely children !
    The bright color scheme enhances the shooting.

    The original nature may have returned.
    The good and bad points may have been offset.

    Let's do our best positively.

  13. I came to see the cherry blossoms and of course I found them. I am on vacation after intense days of work at home, since the situation has forced us to adopt measures in a hasty way and as we have been able to. So this virtual tour has been a joyous celebration and support for your words full of strength and good doses of common sense. Thanks Yoko for sharing.

  14. 短い桜のシーズン。佐保川沿いを歩いたのは確か一度だけです。桜を見下ろすと小さな花が点々と咲いていたのを思い出しました。

  15. Gracias amiga por regalarmos tu hermosa primavera. Los cerezoe están preciosos.
    En España este año no la veremos florecer llevamos más de un mes confinados en casa y tardaremos en salir. Estamos bien y deseo que vosotros tambien. Cuídate Yoko.
    Desde casa te mando este abrazo 🙅

  16. Thank you, Yoko, for an inspiring post. Miraculous blossoms! Our spring is far from this time, everything is grey, colourless with occasional blades of grass. This together with an aggravating situation contributes to a kind of anabiosis I exist in. I cannot sound my usual self, I’m afraid.
    Take care, my dear friend.

  17. so pretty, nature continues on and takes it's job quite seriously.
    Things must flower, fruit and go to see, survival. Nice to see nature is in balance while we are not.

  18. Hi yoko, the nature is extraordinary and by observing your wonderful photos, we relieve our hearts a little bite, from the worries and fears because of the covid-19.
    All the photos are beautiful, but I especially liked the one with the sakuras, and in the background the small waterfall in the river.
    Take care and be well

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