Monday, March 11, 2019

Cheers to Hina Dolls and Womanhood!

"Yamato Hina Dolls Festival" heralds the early spring of the castle town, Yamato-Koriyama City.
At about 130 places, hina dolls of each era, Heisei, Showa, Taisho, Meiji,
and much older ones are displayed.
On a warm, sunny day I walked around the historical street of the city
meeting with hina dolls rich in pageantry.

 - At the Machiya-monogatari building, former Kawamoto residence -

Yamato-Koriyama is home to "machiya," or merchant town houses
of which front features wooden lattices.
I peeped into the inside of the residence through the latticed window. 

Inside the house, various different hina dolls were displayed in each room.
The top photo of this post is tiers of hina dolls accompanied by the hanging-hina of gold fish.
Gold fish is the principal products of the city.

Dolls are in the bamboos or on the staircase with elaborate plans.

The three-story structure (1913) worked as a licensed red-light hall till 1958.

Looking up from the courtyard

- At the Hakomoto building -

This place is a traditional dye workshop Konya
located at the craftsman's quarter where indigo dyeing was thriving in the past.

Hanging-hina is made by hand using old kimono cloths.
Hanging-hina doesn't require the big space for the arrangement 
and child can play by touching it.
All these ornaments are handmade.

- At Suzuki residence-

This pair of dolls is from the era of Kyoho (1716-1736),
the oldest I met during my walks.
They feature longer, slender faces and long-slit narrow eyes
according to the times they were made.

The third of March is Hinamatsuri, Dolls Festival, or Girls Festival.

Here's a small party to pray for the healthy growth of the girls 
and to celebrate womanhood at home.

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