Monday, January 14, 2019

Reds in the landscape of early January

In the pale wintry landscape, something red is especially eye-catching.
The red things below is some of them which captured my heart
when I took walks during the New Year.

At the Umami Hills Park, trees around the pond were bare.
The lingering red berries of "Sanshuyu", Japanese cornel, were adding colors
to the bleak landscape.

The cherry-red color of the oblong Sanshuyu fruits will be changed 
to the bright yellow of flowers in spring
The berries were shining red against the blue sky in the bracing air.

The withering roses were still shining red, too, 
though weathered, dried, and darkened,
posing a question what beauty is and how to pass away gracefully.

Carried by the wind, some of them might have been rested in eternity by now.

Sasanqua Camellia blooms from late autumn into winter.
One of the most popular plants for its winter flowers of lovely, tender color and graceful form,
and evergreen leaves.

Most of the Shinto shrines are vermilion-colored.
Many people pay a visit to a shrine customarily during the New Year
wishing their well-being throughout the year.

One of the shrines in the precinct of Todaiji Temple
Last but not least, 
hope you had a joyous start to the year 2019.
Wish you a healthy and prosperous year.

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  1. Nice to see you back, stardust! These are beautiful scenes of a special color. The paler winter gets the more remnants of red stand out in nature. One might say the color is the blood of life and passion and its intensity is so powerful that it can survive the chilliest of weather.

  2. Someone mentioned this Camellia in my comments today...the Sasanqua Camellia. How neat is that! Love your photos of the red berries and beautiful flowers! Happy Mosaic Monday!

  3. Stardust - so glad to see you return to Mosaic Monday, and with such a lovely post. The first photo with the tree reflected in the background is simply an amazing composition - you are an artist with the camera! I enjoyed your description of the roses passing gracefully - I hope I can be so blessed throughout my life.

  4. You've showcased my favorite color - red! Only Bob's coat offers me red in my snowy landscape. I'm so glad to see those points of color still glow in yours. I'm particularly enjoying the first and second group of photos. Wishing you love and good health as you journey through 2019!

  5. Red to "hot" color and everything warms up. Beautiful photos with this color. Greetings.

  6. Dear Yoko - these little red gems bring a warmth and colour to the bleaker and often grey days of the winter season. I love the words you have chosen to express your thoughts surrounding the withering red roses as they slowly fade and die.

  7. Precioso post!! Que maravilla de colores Yoko. Por aquí ahora está todo sin florecer.
    El año comenzó bien gracias.

  8. 新年を迎えホットしていますが、また忙しい日々が待っていますね。

  9. 新年あけましておめでとうございます。 サザンカが見事に咲いていますね。春の訪れを告げるロウバイもそろそろ咲き始めています。
     サンシュユは fruit か berry か迷うところです。神社の朱塗りも素敵です。

  10. WOW Yoko-san, your photos again are so beautiful! Thank you - with the first one you made my day, it is a masterpiece! :-)

  11. Hello dear Yoko!
    Beautiful pictures. Fantastic colors.
    I am delighted with them. I love camellia flowers. They are beautiful.

    Hugs and greetings from sad, weeping Poland.

  12. Thank you, Yoko! Wonferful post and wishes, I wish they would come true for all.
    The landscape does not look "bleak" to me, with lots of colour, sunshine and even blossoms. I loved Nara on that walk, how many years ago? "Peaceful" is the word associated with your town.
    Your comment reminded that it was time to come back to blogging. Take care, dear Yoko. And let this illness pass away from your family.
    Hello from Doctor B.

  13. So lovely to see such bright colours. Here all is grey and white. All the best for 2019

  14. Red to brighten the grayer days of winter.
    Wonderful photos.
    Warm hugs
    Divagar Sobre Tudo um Pouco

  15. I agree, red is quite striking in winter. Once in a while I will catch sight of an old berry in winter and it always inspires a smile.

  16. Red is such a happy colour, no matter what the season. Your photographs, and your descriptions, are so poetic, and beautiful.
    I am wishing you and your family good health and happiness and peace for 2019.

  17. こんにちわ。  



  18. The color red emits such a variety of signals that its interpretation can range from the sensation of vigor to the danger, passing through the power. I think your post captures diversity and makes it clear that monochromatic is not synonymous with boring.
    The effect of this color is very direct and immediate. It is very present in nature. You give us vivid and beautiful testimony of it.
    It is also with us from very remote times, since, apparently, it is one of the colors that humans get synthesized in primitive stages and it linked to the expression of our spirituality. It is present in the tradition. It is enough to see it in the fabulous photographies of the temple to perceive that strong connection.
    No doubt, Yoko, I have enjoyed much of the fantastic reddish experience of this post. Thank you for sharing.


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