Friday, September 30, 2016

Between summer and autumn, 2016

Small red berries of Cornus officinalis, or Japanese cornel
September is going to be over.
In my part of the world, September has been almost rainy or cloudy.
The photo below was taken one of the few opportunities when blue sky appeared
with autumn clouds in the beginning of September.

Though summer lasts long this year,
the change of light and colors and the cooler temperature in mornings and evenings
have made me feel that season is moving forward.

Till around the Autumn Equinox Day, morning glories were still lingering in my neighborhood,

.....and in my garden, too.

When I walked around the precinct of Gango-ji Temple in Nara-machi,
it was raining on and off.

Between the Buddhist stone images, flowers play around.
The blooming of Japanese bell-flowers lasted from mid-summer.

Coreopsis tinctoria, or Golden tickseeds, too.

Hagi, or Japanese Bush Clover, is the first bloomer among the seven wild flowers of autumn.

There are about 2500 stone statues and stone towers of Buddhism
date back to 16th to 18th century.

At the end of the gravel path (photo above), there is a candle hold made of metal
which I've been attracted but almost no people pay attention as far as I have seen
as it is mostly hidden by the tree.

I guess these animals, people, and birds symbolize all creation
though I'm not sure.

Needless to say that the Buddhist stone statues have a soul,
I feel inanimate objects like these metal creatures have their own life.

These flowers are Anemone hypnosis's var. japonica, or Japanese anemone.

Yellowish green tells us the changing seasons in the summer-like weather.

At home, my husband and I let the most of the bell crickets free 
into our garden from the insect rearing cages as we do every year.
Some were left in a cage for the breeding next year.

A site about bell crickets, here.

The male (left) is singing, rubbing the wings together.
Another day, I saw bursting out of a Cosmos,
pristine white surrounded in pale yellow.

Today I can feel cool, crisp air I've been anxiously waited for.
As to the bursting out of vivid colors, it will take more time.
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  1. Fantastic images, especially the morning glories, excellent.

  2. Delightful post as usual Yoko! All photos are simply fabulous!
    Have a fabulous weekend!
    Hugs and love from Portugal,
    Ana Love Craft

  3. The idea that stones have character and souls is lovely. It is also good to know that bell crickets are set free in such a marvelous historic place amid the stones and flowers. This tradition would be unique in my part of the world. We keep birds in cages and fish in bowls but crickets usually are left to their own devices outdoors in coastal BC. Their sound is perhaps not quite as sweet as that of the bell cricket. Oddly enough, I found a very sleepy cricket just yesterday near my front door beneath the pillow of my patio chair so I dropped it into the garden. I hope that’s lucky. :)

    1. Thank you, Penelope, for your comment, which made me realize my mistake. I have to apologize my carelessness and correct. “My husband and I let the most of the bell crickets free into the garden ….” was misleading. I should’ve written “.. into our garden” instead of “into the garden”. And I should’ve added “at home….” at the beginning of the sentence to show that place changed from the temple to my garden. I corrected that part in my post just now.

  4. Dear Yoko!
    Have I told you about the invisible link between us? It does exist! Haven't been to your blog for quite a while and came today, just in time! We (my husband and I) enjoyed a walk as if we were with you, thank you! I love bluebells – this is our name for Japanese bell-flowers. They are so unpretentious and gorgeous at that.
    Our autumn is more rapid: the trees have mostly changed colour – oaks, maples, birches; and poplars have already lost their leaves. The leaf fall is on the way. You welcome October with an open heart and I feel a bit sad.
    Wish you warm, bright and colorful days, take care!

  5. Ni har en härlig höst hos er med ser jag många blommor som blommar än, det är fint då varar det mycket längre och vintern blir kortare. Den vita anemonen kallas höstanemon hos oss. den finns i rosa också och är mer vanlig här.
    Hoppas ni slipper den väldiga blåsten som härjat här.
    Ha nu en härlig helg med sol och värme.
    Kram Meta

  6. Your photos are absolutely gorgeous! You have a beautiful garden! Thank you so much for sharing, you have made my day with your lovely photos. :)

  7. Hello Yoko - what a delightful, peaceful, and serene place the precints around the Gango-ji Temple are.
    There is definitely a feeling of change in the weather here too as we venture into October.
    I love the fact that you and your husband give the bell crickets a protective environment in which to breed and then release them into your garden.

  8. Please tell me more about the bell crickets and what they do in your garden. And how you rear them in the insect cages.... so interesting!

    1. In the post, I added a link to the website about bell crickets which explains how to rear them in the insect cage just now.

      As to the bell crickets after being released into my garden, they would enjoy the taste of freedom, but they have to live on their own with the risk being killed by natural enemies outside. we like to hear their chirping in chorus with other singing insects while eating supper at the roofed deck. Those left in the cage have no troubles with food (mainly eggplant) and sing longer though their singing get muted day by day as autumn deepens.

  9. love the fall asters. and morning glories are always stunning!

  10. Unas hermosas fotos y muy curiosos los grillos. Besetes.

  11. What a beautiful place to sit in peace and enjoy the silence... Lovely pictures series Yoko...

  12. Such lovely images - they are so full of poetry and beauty.

  13. Beautiful post to start the weekend !

  14. These are some fascinating glimpses into your world. I always enjoy your wonderful flora and today is no exception! But I also like the Buddhist statues, and while I don't think they have a "soul," I do like the calmness they suggest. :)

    It's been a really hot summer here and it's not over yet, but we hope to get some changes soon.

    Thanks so much for all you nice comments. You say such wonderful things that make me feel very good!

  15. such lovely end of the season flowers!
    I was on a high mountain peak two days ago and saw some late season flowers, most are gone in my woods. It was a joy to see them.

    So interesting that you raise and release crickets. I remember them mostly from my childhood. Here we mostly have grasshoppers.

    I love that candle holder and all it's details. I also enjoy that you feel they have a life of their own. I feel this also.

    Thank you for your comment on my art blog, a lovely thought.
    Lovely autumn to you.

  16. I am happy to meet you here in blogland and look forward to reading your posts from Japan and Nara especially. Your photos are lovely, I grow some of these flowers.

  17. The sculptures are very well integrated among the flowers. Beautiful pictures, Yoko. Good photo of crickets. They have very cute colores.
    Buen Sunday.

  18. How delightful to see so many varieties of flowers still blooming in your part of the world. It was interesting to learn about the crickets.

  19. I like thinking of the Bell Crickets singing in your garden, Yoko. The metal sculpture reminds me of primitive pictographs found carved in stone in the wild from the Native people of America. It is a very spiritual experience to come upon them. The flowers you have blooming now are very delicate. My own gardens have gone to seed, allowing me to dream of new blooms for next summer.

  20. こんばんわ
    See you soon!

  21. It was also in September that we went to Japan last year and, yes, it was quite rainy. And quite a different adventure! I love how the colors in the second photo compliment each other. And at the same time, very symbolic of the changing of seasons. What I want to experience in Japan is autumn and full spring :)

  22. As ipomeas são flores que parecem emitir luz do interior, belíssimas.
    Eu gosto do seu olhar Yoko, porque você sempre foca nos detalhes, repletos de beleza.
    Um beijo e bom domingo.

  23. こんばんは。秋の冷たい風を感じる季節ですね。秋の花々が綺麗です。シュウメイギクも素敵ですね。実り多い秋になると良いですね。

  24. Hello Yoko,
    I love to see the vibrant colours and Buddhist statue garden - very calming.
    The crickets look like aliens - many beetles do - they will be pleased to roam free no doubt!

    Happy October!

  25. Those flowers among all the stones/artwork makes for such a peaceful setting.

    Those anemones are especially pretty.


  26. Wooow, Yoko! 秋の訪れ _aki no otozure_,the autumn arrival in Japan, meets marvelous in your blog with all that that you show and write. Your photos, since of custom they are wonderful and it gives taste to get lost in his contemplation. Equally I enjoy the texts that accompany them. It did not know the type of cricket that you show us. Undoubtedly, it is not own of these latitudes. So I have read with great curiosity the link that you contribute and have searched more on him. Not only I have met on a lot of information to near this insect, if not that I have had the great luck of finding this little of Japanese with whom I have wanted to surprise you initially of my comment.

  27. Your post is displaying so many various bright and lovely colors of the season dear .
    Thank you for enriching my soul with happy smiles of nature.
    They are truly blessings .

  28. Hello Yoko! October is rainy and cloudy, as well, in here. You're so right saying :" season is moving forward"... it was like yesterday, a hot summer with lovely blooms and now, it so pretty cold...
    Such lovely autumn flowers in your fantastic photos; and interesting aspects and discoveries on that peaceful alley. Many thanks for sharing them with us! Have a very cosy and sunny october! Best regards! Alexa

  29. Ola Yoko

    acabei comentando na outra postagem.
    Mas adorei suas imagens.
    Por aqui muita chuva.

    Google tradução:
    just commenting on another post.
    But I loved your images.
    Here a lot of rain.

  30. As usual, great pictures.


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