Friday, January 30, 2015

Evening winter-scape in Nara Park

Weeping-willows at the edge of Ara-ike Pond

Hello, Friends! How have you been enjoying or surviving your winter or summer?
It has been much colder than usual in my part of the world, but I won't be huddled up with the cold.

When I walked around Nara Park toward the sunset time,
 it was the time for deer to graze heavily for supper at the Kasugano Park.

In the meantime the sky would have gotten noisy with the calling of crows heading for one direction.

At the Sagi-ike Pond, the eastern sky was still bright
with the last rays of the sun shining on the trees on the bank.

On the west side, the contrast of light and darkness was sharp.

Rosy clouds and dark trees were floating in the blue pond.

How cute!  Between Sagi-ike Pond and Ara-ike Pond, I saw these deer.

At the Araike-Pond, bare trees of gigantic weeping-willows were silhouetted against the setting sun.
This is one of my favorite winter evening tree-scapes in Nara Park.

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  1. wow....gr8 !
    awesome captures !
    cute deers :)

  2. Beautiful skies and reflections! And I love the deer!

  3. Hello Yoko,

    What beautiful pictures of the evening in the park. The colours in the sky and reflected in the water are amazing. It looks as if they have been painted rather than occurring naturally.

    And, what a delight it is to see the deer. When we lived in the countryside, it was always at dawn or dusk that the deer would appear. They are such majestic creatures when fully mature.

  4. Wonderful winter colors, skies, bare trees, shadows, deers that I love .... everything captured with your sensitive and love.
    By curiosity the crow is symbol of my city Lisbon - capital of Portugal. The winter here is rainy and cold but I like it! January is my month :)
    Have a lovely and peaceful weekend!
    Hugs and love from Portugal,
    Ana Love Craft

  5. Hello Yoko,
    in Sweden it is just the opposite, to warm for wintertime. I like your pictures of your homeland first of all, the gardens. Thanks for showing these impressions.


  6. It's been colder than usual here, also. But I do get up and play golf a couple of times a week. If I lived in your area, I like to think I'd be up and walking that park and taking pictures along with you. That weeping willow photograph is stunning. Frame it and hang it! And all those deer - they don't seem to be bothered much by the presence of humans which is very nice. Hope that all is well with you and your family!

  7. Så vackert i skymningen, ljuset är förtrollande.
    Njuter av dina bilder Ha en fin fredag
    kram Meta

  8. Oh, how mysteriously wonderful are the evening pictures! There is always a new mood to explore at Nara Park. I have also been viewing some pictures from my nephew who is in Japan on sabbatical. His little daughter is learning to speak Japanese at a school near the Wakoshi area. They are very excited to be there and I get to enjoy their adventure through pictures. Along the way, I learned of a popular group in Japan called “Do As Infinity”. I like their music and love their name!

  9. Dear Yoko - I agree wholeheartedly with you that the weeping willows silhouetted against the setting sun is such a charming and delightful image. Until I read one of Jenny Wolf's posts from her recent visit I had thought that the deer in Nara Park were wild, but it appears that they are almost like pets coming up to people for food and petting.

  10. Mesmerising images, thank you for sharing them, Yoko!

  11. Beautiful sky pictures
    Greetings from Germany

  12. Magical and peaceful scenes!

  13. A beautiful winter's day at your park.

  14. So wonderful wintercolors, so beautiful pictures.

  15. Yes of course, that marvelous tree with the sun saying good bye behind it in the evening gets the Oscar for masterful performance!
    You can always be trusted in bringing us joy with the beauty you show us. Thank you Yoko, and let me say how much I admire your gorgeous photography skills. :-)

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  17. We recently dropped a lot of snow, but frost is gone. Beautiful views from a walk and met deer. Wonderful is the last photo. Regards.

  18. beautiful light! beautiful reflections. sweet deer!

  19. Lovely sky and animals shots. Wonderful reflections. Have a lovely weekend.

  20. such lovely lovely images
    they made me sigh and slow down
    thank you~

  21. Willows are among my favorite trees. They're so graceful and seem to impart a magnanimous spirit. In your last photo, where the sun is setting in the crook of the willow, it looks as though the tree's heart is blazing a goodnight to you. The golden light in your photos is wonderful. I'm glad you're braving the cold!

  22. Love the big willow tree and that sure a lot of deer. There a lot of deer in North Idaho.
    Coffee is on

  23. I love the weeping willow. Those spiderweb like threads from the branches. Lets say only in Japan.

  24. More beautiful pictures.....
    Have a cosy weekend !

  25. Such a beautiful place! These weeping willows are impressive! Wonderful series of shots!

  26. Dear Yoko - Thank you for your fine comments ... and it's good to hear from you. The Prius is a terrific car which will be fun to drive and easy on the wallet! :) May you have a wonderful day today and may you keep taking these gorgeous photographs.

  27. Hello Yoko
    Wonderful pictures. Phenomenal sunsets.
    Thank you, that I could enjoy a wonderful place and beautiful animals.

    I wish you a nice week.

  28. 繊細な切り絵のようでもあり、線描画のようでもある柳ですね。スケールの大きさがよく出ていますね。背景の暮れなずむ藍色の空と陽の名残りがやさしいです。

  29. Beautiful reflections on the ponds. Yes, I am glad January is over.... but the cold weather continues into February. -15C this morning!

  30. Hello Yoko,
    Lovely to see Nara Park waiting for Spring. I like this time when new growth is bravely bursting through.
    Your photos are beautiful especially the willow.

    Wishing you a happy year,

  31. Such beauty again. Like delicate paintings.
    I love your compositions, you have a light but sure touch.

  32. Wonderful. The willow looks as though it should have hundreds of birds in it. It seems as if it is just waiting for them!
    Once February begins we can start to imagine that perhaps Spring will come :)

  33. いつも素晴らしい写真ばかり、、、いつか私もこんな豪華なショット撮れるかしら? あのカラスちょっと大きくありません? 子供の鹿ちゃんたちは初めて見ました。 5-6年前までは、鹿がうちの後ろと前の庭に野菜や花を食べに来ていたのに、最近はほとんど見ません。家が立ち並んで、開発が進んでいるせいなのでしょうけど、やはりちょっと寂しさを感じます。 オレゴンは、東海岸の方には申し訳ないくらい、暖かいです。 

  34. Oh wow. That first photo is just so enchanting!

  35. Just to follow up on the snow, stardust. My nephew is finding it quite ironic that it is cold and snowy where he is in Japan … more so than the winter he had hoped to escape in Canada. I think it is temporary and he will adjust, of course, and provide beautiful snowy pictures. :)

  36. Yokoさん こんにちは。
    立派なカラスが気に入りました。 かれらがこのお写真のように絵になると 美しいですね。

    先週 傷ついたキジバトを 2日ほど自宅で保護し、食欲が戻ったので


  37. Fotografias de extrema beleza!!!
    Amei a primeira e a última fotografias... surpreendentes!

    Bom domingo! Bom semana, amiga!

  38. What a beautiful place to spend time - to stop and enjoy the moments.

  39. La Naturaleza en su pura esencia magnificamente captada!!

    Gracias por compartir


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