Monday, June 2, 2014

The colors of June: blue and green

The first two days of June was sunny and unusually hot like real summer but the month of June is a relatively cool rainy season in Japan which lasts from early June to mid-July.   Though weather is mostly rain or overcast and air is humid, I don't dislike this season. Two of the reasons are deepening greenery and freshness of blue skies in a lull in the rain. (Other reasons are here Nice things during the rainy season and here Rain-making post - Nice things during the rainy season.)

Isui-en Front Garden in the late May, Nara City

When blue sky appears, I'm dazzled by the blueness of the sky and refreshed by the glinting verdure in the air and on the water.

Nagai Botanical Garden

Under the leaden skies, sparrows come chirping and splash in the puddle during the pause of rain.

In my neighborhood

My favorite blue sky in June is on the rice paddies filled with water.
(This photo is from the post Nostalgic scenery of early summer at Asuka Village.)

Asuka Village, Nara Pref.

Last but not least, the flower in season is hydrangea.
I like blue hydrangeas as blue as the blue sky in the lush green of mountain.

Hydrangeas in the Rokko Mountain at mid-June, 2013, Kobe

My mother's departure from this world seems to be matter of time.
I'll be off from blogging for the time being to be with her as much as possible.
Thanks for your visit and taking time, dear Friends and new Visitors.
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