Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Symphony in blue

 Chokyu-ji Temple (Ikoma City) is flanked with woods to one side. 
The path along the woods is lined with numerous large bushes of hydrangeas.

Macrophylla hydrangeas are native to Japan.  (Hydrangea macrophylla native to Japan)
As symbol flowers of Japanese rainy season, they look the most beautiful and atmospheric
in the wet air of the woods or in the softly falling rain. 
Such hydrangeas are healing to see like tears relieving the pain.


My favorite is sky blue hydrangea, either large, ball-shaped blooms of mop-head type
or delicate-looking ones of lace-cap type.

The path runs between Mayumi residential area and the Tomio River close to the border of
Nara City and Ikoma City. 

I hope you enjoyed the harmony of blue colors with lush green.

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