Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Umami Hills Park in early spring

There is a saying in Japan: "Neither heat nor cold lasts beyond the equinox."  
It is getting warmer little by little with three cold days
followed by four warm days, repeatedly.

Japanese Camellia is one of the most popular shrubs because of its long flowering period from January to March or April and appearance like winter roses.  These mountain camellias shed their heads as they fade while the commonly known variety clings to the shrub till the last moment.

Asiatic dogwoods, or Cronus officinalis (サンシュユ), look like yellow veil
when they are in full bloom.

"Asebi, 馬酔木", or Japanese Andromeda, have just started blooming. 
They  droop in clusters among glossy leaves.

Titmouse, 山雀

Pussy willow, 猫柳
Thunbery spirea, 雪柳
Pussy willow has the same name in Japanese Neko-yanagi which means cat-willow.
Thunbery spirea is Yuki-yanagi in Japanese meaning snow-willow. 

At this time of year, Ume (Japanese apricot) blossoms are the most vibrant in the park
and are the center of people's attention.

Japanese white-eyes come for the nectar of ume blossoms.  
They are often mistaken for “uguisu, 鶯”, or Japanese bush warbler.

Ume blossoms are blooming, radiating their scent to the cold air and to the blue sky,
which is encouraging and inspiring.

I used to collect white, pink, and red petals as meals
when playing house as a child.

Grasses are still grey at the pond
where most of the migratory ducks have already left.

Another pond is fringed by yellow Asiatic dogwoods and red Japanese quinces.
Japanese quice is called "boke, 木瓜" in Japanese. 

There is another word "boke, 呆け" meaning "senility". 
When I make a blunder, I say "Oh, the flower of boke has bloomed."
Boke is such a lovely flower.

While I walked, the feeling of joy overflowed within me.

- Our World Tuesday -


  1. these are such beautiful shots! thanks for sharing your world with us!

  2. Hello - I love the Japanese apricot blooms - such a delicate colour and the your bird pictures are very good - lovely blog thanks for sharing - Jane UK

  3. Hello Yoko:
    If ever we needed confirmation that spring has arrived, then these superb and beautiful images of yours are proof indeed. How wonderful your country is looking at the moment with so much in the way of early blossom. This post is a delight both to heart and mind and we do so appreciate your sharing it with us all.

  4. Hey yoko fantastic spring vieuws of your country.
    gr. Marijke

  5. Beautiful!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  6. Dear Yoko - thanks for your visit today. So lovely to see that Spring is happening in so many parts of the world. Lovely photos.

  7. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, I indulged, I indulged in all this beauty!! :-)

  8. Lovely photos! I find there is nothing as inspiring as a walk in nature, stardust. It seems a love of life blooms brighter in spring and even the lowly dandelion at our feet can be touched with magic. :)

  9. Your early spring photos are simply awesome, Yoko!I almost feel the fragrance in the air!

  10. glorious signs of spring. I think a walk among all those beautiful flowers would fill a person's soul with happiness.

  11. Abselotely amazing shots! I can understand your overwhelming feeling of joy!!
    Japan is beautiful, and I hope I can go there one day :))
    Enjoy spring!

  12. I know that the blossoms of SPring bloom every year but each year I realise I had forgotten what it was really like to see them. I do like the idea that all through the grey days they were just waiting and preparing themselves.

    It looks as if you have a good Spring in Japan - some countries don't seem to have much Spring, just a few weeks and then from being winter, it has suddenly become summer.

    I really love to have an extended Spring and I enjoy everything as it appears.

    I wish it all lasted longer! At present in London the magnolias are starting to appear. This is rather early for them, although there are early and late ones, like with daffodils. My early daffodils are dying now and the crocuses are all but gone.

    Thank you, as usual, for a lovely post.

  13. Everything in this post is beautiful, but my favourite photos are the white-eyes in the plum blossoms! :)

    I'm so glad that I can learn the names of flowers on your blog. I see so many flowers when we go fishing/hiking, and it's frustrating when I don't know what they are.

    As far as 三寒四温 is concerned, I think Tokyo doesn't know that saying or it doesn't know how to count. Here it's one hot, one cold, one hot, one cold ... :D

  14. Such beautiful flowers and birds. The range of colour in the flowers is quite remarkable too. After the greyness of winter it is so nice to see a roit of colour. Thanks for sharing.

  15. un paseo primaveral
    con un comienzo de camelias,con el perfume de los duraznos
    realmente un paseo de lujo

    ...el perfume de maderas
    que rodea tu piel
    azota mis sentidos
    con la gracia de una brisa,
    el fresco primaveral
    acaricia con pétalos
    mi mirada extasiada ,
    con la belleza inconmensurable
    que parpadea tu latido,
    el latido del renacer...

    unas letras que se desprenden de tan maravillosa estación
    saludos desde la patagonia

  16. This is a beautiful kaleidoscope of colors. So much beauty and so wonderfully captured. I love the flowers reaching for the skies and the petals look so refreshing too. I wish to see all of this in person soon.

    Have a wonderful week ahead, stardust :)

  17. I want to come to Japan and see all your beautiful spring blossoms.

  18. Beautiful flowers and blossoms. I want to come to Japan :-)

  19. 昨日、寒さが緩んだ午後の散歩道で、待ちにまったとばかりに梅が自分達の美しさを競うように咲き誇っていました。彼らはまるで自分達主演の幕が降りるまでの短い時間を知っているようで愛おしいですね。黄色い不思議な花の名前をご存知なんですね!ピンクの馬酔木はほんと素敵です。(*゚v゚*)可愛いメジロはつがいで暮らす仲良しな鳥。青空に愛らしい姿が見事です!
    (・Ω・)ノ ありがとう!

  20. The shot of white-eyes in Ume flowers is fabulous! The red color of boke accentuates its loveliness against soft grey-dominated scenery."The feeling of joy" overflowed within yourself is contagious. While seeing these beautiful shots, I myself feel so happy.
    Thank you for sharing.

  21. Hello, Yoko!

    I find spring one of the most soul-rewarding season. Maybe because the Nature's regeneration process imprints the idea that nothing is forever lost: things can and will start over, no matter if we have the courage to change ourselves along with it or not.
    Spring is a little belated here, because of the proximity of the mountains. So I'm feeding from yours for the moment, and your beautiful pictures give me a good feeling of bursting energies and happiness. Thank you!
    And the birds are simply splendid!!...

    My warmest wishes and have happy days ahead!

  22. To u Was jest teraz jak w raju, kwitnie tyle pięknych drzew i cieszy oczy. Pozdrawiam.*** It is in you is now in paradise, so many beautiful trees, flowers and joy to the eye. Yours.

  23. Hi,Stardust.

  24. Isn't it marvellous to witness the awakening of nature, everyday there is a new flower in bloom, it's a real delight like your photos!

  25. All of flowers are awesome.I think that uguisu shot is very difficult to take photos because a bird will fly very fast.
    You have both a great skill and lens.

  26. What a beautiful post, both the words and pictures were so uplifting.

  27. Thank you for sharing your magical world. Beautiful...each and every picture!

  28. These are such beautiful shots, such beautiful flowers! I'm thrilled,
    thanks for sharing ...
    Greeting Karin

  29. Caminar y sentir dentro de una... la vida... precioso!!! Bss

  30. You have a lovely Blog and visiting t you has been a pleasure
    Delighted to meet you

  31. Hello Yoko, I'm feeling joyful, too, seeing Nara in bloom again! I saw an Andromeda starting to bloom in the Japanese Garden in Denver but didn't know its name - thank you. The trees look like they're reaching for the sky to praise spring. Enjoy the warmer weather.

  32. The mountain camellias and the red Japanese quince make lovely scenes, Yoko and the scent of the Japanese apricot blossoms must be wonderful. We're having a lovely spring here too, the past few days have been warmer than normal for March.

  33. 今日は暖かいですね。でもまた明日の雨の後はさむくなるそうです。三寒四温ですね。

  34. An exquisite post full of the beauty of spring!

  35. 今まで我慢をしていた大地が一斉に春を歌いだしたような豪華なお写真です。

  36. Your photos of spring are unbelievable. I always feel that it's not the real world but some world where only fairies live :)

  37. thanks a lot for that amazing trip, these pictures are gorgeous!!!

  38. I do hope for you that your personal storm has passed and that you are feeling the beautiful calm after the storm....I always remember rainbows and silver linings in clouds when I have had personal stormy days. Your pictures are beautiful. I even went back and had to take another look at your daughters beautiful wedding! HAPPINESS!

  39. Yoko, your blog posts are like a breath of fresh air...they are so colorful and joyful and informative. Some of your flora is familiar to me but not all of it. It is all beautiful, though.

    We have become good friends with a couple who live close to us. Her name is Tsurumi and she was born in Japan but has lived for many years in the U.S. They are a joy to be with!

    Best wishes to you and thank you again for sharing some of the luscious beauty of your country!

  40. Hello, stardust.

     Your sweet message and works charms my heart.

     I thank for your usual and hearty support.
     The prayer for all peace.

    Have a good weekend.
    ruma ❃

  41. There is such incredible color in your landscape. It's absolutely breathtaking and I can see why you would very so happy walking among the blooms. The photo that really made me smile was with the warbler in the blossoms....what an amazing several shots. I love the pink, white and yellow contrast against the sky. Thank you for sharing you thoughts and photos.

  42. I visit your blog again to admire the beautiful blossoms. Have a wonderful weekend.

  43. It is wonderful how spending time in nature can bring such joy. Your photographs are breathtaking. I loved the one of the warbler. Such a splendid abundance of blossoms!

  44. Very nice pictures!
    This is a beautiful place!
    Many greetings
    Yvonne & Raphael

  45. A most glorious post filled with gorgeous spring beauty! So many stunning sights at Umami Hills Park. Each blossom more lovely than the next. You have captured the delicacy and color of the greenery wonderfully. The Japanese White-eyes is so very sweet. A splendid series of photographs! Your posts are always a vision of beauty.

  46. Stunning photos and inspiring words. Thanks for sharing! Greetings from New York :)

  47. Wow !! I've always wanted to visit in Japan...And unfortunately so far I haven't had a chanse or can afford to it. Thanks for these gorgeous photos, that I'm enjoying so much and sharing your life in Japan !
    Greetings from Finland :)

  48. 様々な花が一堂に会した、、、という感じですね。こころが華やぐ気持ちが伝わってきます。この丘は以前にもポストされましたよね。お気に入りの場所なんだと思いました。

  49. Amazing images of spring,my beloved friend Yoko!!!
    It reminded me of my childhood, that "cook" in the garden with the roses!
    A hug and many kisses

  50. What a nice blog you have. Your photos are so beautiful, too.

  51. Beautiful! Lovely blog ~ I'm now following ~ ♥♥

  52. This little bird is in heaven!
    Thanks for sharing your walk Yoko.


  53. wowww-domo arigato for taking us on this fantastic spring colours walk...I enjoyed a lot your pics...wish u lovely rest of theweek+enjoy sakura:-)

  54. I do not wonder that people who visit your blog and see the richness of flowers (in such good shots!) express a desire to come visit Japan and see all these flowers with their own eyes! It is, indeed, the SEASON in Japan!
    I look forward to it year after year, but I understood the beauty of the flowers only after I started taking photos of them. Photography brought me closer to nature and made it a precious refuge.


  55. Hello, stardust.

    Happy New year.

    Children are always treasures.
    I pray for his good health.



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