Saturday, July 9, 2022

Like a Lotus flower

I feel cool breeze wafting from the window by my side as I write this post.
I also hear the thunder rolling after raining cats and dogs.
Only rain can soften the heat.

As season progresses into mid-summer, Hydrangeas are withering while Lotuses have come into bloom.
Lotuses grow in muddy water, stretch straight to the sunlight, and bloom graceful untainted by the mud.
In some Buddhist schools, it is thought that each stage of growth of Lotus symbolizes 
each step to enlightenment. 

In late June, we suffered the record swealtering heat wave for June since 1875.
Some of you would have suffered from heat wave, but people living in less humid places
 wouldn't know how unberable and deadly the heat wave with high humidity can be.
Sweats don't dissipate and there's no escape except for air conditioning.
We were advised to use it despite calls for energy saving due to looming power shortage.

Toshodai-ji Temple

As you might know, our ex-PM Abe was shot to death during the election campaign yesterday.
It happeded right at the place I often walk by.
In my country, owing gun is extremely difficult and gun crime is very rare.  
A man killed Abe with homemade gun not from political belief but personal grudge against a religious cult.
 To another NGO organization of it, Abe once sent a supporting video message.
which could have caused misunderstanding about his relation to it. (Added on July 13th)
I didn't agree with Abe for everything, but his dedication to the country and the world 
for peace keeping is sorely missed (tears).

In the rain

Nothing remanis the same.
The terrible heat wave doesn't last so long, but the frequency and intensity have increased.
There are appauling absurdity with no prospect of end.
I'll keep my fingers crossed; merky situation in all the different kinds and degrees end soon 
through cooperation toward the light of the sun and no one lose humanity.
 "An eye to an eye makes the whole world blind." (Mahatma Gandhi)

It's been raining on and off like usual early July and I could catch my breath
before tackling again with our usual notorious scorching and muggy midsummer.
It's time for me to slow down to enjoy the idleness of the season apart from this laptop.
See you in September, Friends!

More details about Lotus flowers, The life of  the Sacred Lotus flowers 

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  1. A lotus is a beautiful flower, one which brings a sense of positivity and calmness into the atmosphere, but what happened to your ex-PM Abe is totally unforgiveable - a gross act that has sent shock waves around the world.

  2. Gorgeous flowers and pictures ! Nature is beautiful as your country...
    Heat wave here too...
    Have a cool week...

  3. Dearest Yoko!
    I feel very sorry for you and your countries for the shooting of Prime Minister Abe. Such tragedies should not happen. Weapons should be banned.
    beautiful photos and lotus flowers.
    Hugs and greetings.

  4. Many of us here in Canada respected and liked Japan's former PM Abe and were shocked and saddened by his untimely senseless death. Even in unexpected places … this beautiful area where you regularly walk is not free from destructive thought. It is yet another reminder that life, and each moment in it, is precious and unpredictable. Amid worldly sorrows, there is still joy to find and wonder. Wishing you a wonder-filled not-to-hot summer! My thoughts will be with you and "stardust" when NASA soon shows us its first images of the cosmos from the Webb Telescope.

  5. I love lotus flowers very much and often do the visualisation for my Buddhist ritual prayers.
    We also felt the heatwave here even though we have no 4 seasons.

    I was very shocked and speechless to hear the assassination of Shinzo Abe. I often hear my other Japanese friends complained about him over the years but I knew it's not easy to be a politician. I am also worried that I might suffer the sickness that he had...

    RIP Shinzo Abe.

  6. Yoko - it is often hard for me to comprehend the ugliness that lies in human hearts when I look at the beauty of the natural world. Perhaps that is why I escape so often to Nature. I can only imagine the oppressive heat coupled with humidity - one of the many reasons we moved to Montana is for the low humidity. Your photos of the lotus flowers are gorgeous. I look forward to your return in September - thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

  7. ...Yoko, I LOVE the lotus blooms, they are something that I rarely see here. Thank you!

  8. I felt so bad when I read he had been assassinated. I'm glad you gave us more details about this my friend. Take care this week and stay healthy. It is very hot and humid here and we have a few pop up showers just about every day. But we stay inside more and do things we need to do in the house. Diane

  9. Such beautiful lotus flower blooms. I'm visiting from Mosaic Monday.

  10. Hi Yoko,
    Here, summer has arrived in force and it is very hot, an unusual heat that dries up everything.
    Lotus flowers are beautiful, delicate and enchant our eyes. Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos, which give us freshness, peace and beauty.
    Until September my friend, have a peaceful and happy break.
    Greetings and all the best

  11. 忘れることが出来ない悲しい事件が起きてしまいました。

  12. Beautiful pictures, Yoko. It must be a privilege to watch each stage of growth of Lotus. I never heard of their correlation to enlightenment. They are majestic flowers.
    Gandhi’s words remind of simple truth, yet there’re no traces of changes for the better so far. I want to believe in positive perspectives so much, but all we can do is keeping our fingers crossed.
    We wish you comfortable weather, dear Yoko. I hope the second half of summer will be much more pleasant in your region.

  13. Hello Yoko,
    Beautiful captures of the Lotus flowers, they are lovely. I like the view of the flowers and temple.
    The assignation of Abe, was very sad. Gun violence is becoming normal here, which is very scary. we are having some hot humid weather here, the rain does help cool it off some.. Take care, enjoy your day and have a happy new week!

  14. Piękne zdjęcia lotosu. Szkoda ,że ludzie giną jest to przykre.

  15. Divine blooms dear Yoko !
    loved the quote you shared regarding lotus journey within the mud ,nothing in the display of Nature is invain but points out something particular about life and it's manner indeed .

    sorry to hear about the murder of your country 's official my friend! what happens on the political ground cannot not be as simple as it appears i think .may he rest in peace and may your homeland find another devoted servant asap amen
    we too are having torrential rains since June and still it is here on and off once in a while . but no help for escape from humidity at all :(
    enjoy the break ! blessings!

  16. The lotus teaches a lesson, rising from mud to unfurl in many stages of beauty. Who can look at the lotus and not wish we could all carry such beauty through the stages in our own lives? I read of the assassination and can imagine the shock of the Japanese citizens. This summer, I have been struggling with a damaged tendon in my left ankle. I've been in physical therapy for about 6 weeks and finally, I'm able to exercise with less pain. I hope it's cooling in Nara, and you're looking forward to fall. Hugs to you, Yoko. Barb

    1. I am sorry to hear of your tendon damage, so glad it is healing. I enjoyed considering your thoughts of the lotus, thank you.

  17. Such lovely images. Something so magnetic about lotus flowers, they draw us in, as they should. I remember watching one open once. certainly a meditation to do so. It took an hour and happened so slowly I barely could notice it happening. Lovely end of summer to you.


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