Monday, June 7, 2021

Rain, a blessing in disguise

Rainy season started in mid-May, its earliest recorded date, in my region.
The official announcement of the start of the rainy season makes people prepared for  
disasters caused by torrential rain.
Warning system was changed to give people more time to evacuate because
these years' intensified extreme rain during short-duration have caused more sudden flash floods .
Fortunately, no rain-related disasters nationwide, so far.
Sunny spell and wet and windy days with occasional heavy downpours have taken turn,
and this week is going to be mostly bright.

During the consecutive  rainfall, I feel that nature and I are all painted over by raindrops.

What with dark skies, humidity, and inconveniences caused by torrential downpour,
 it could be dreary and would feel depressed somehow.
But things are not all that bad as is shown in the photos.

The white flowers were quietly blooming at the foot of a tree mingling with other grasses.
Google lens suggested their name "Yabu-ichige", or Anemone  nemorosa, which is
supposed to have six to seven tepals.
I wonder if the name is correct  or maybe different from European ones,
as the word "ichige" implies that they are native to Japan.

(June 12 - These white flowers are identified "Inu bara", or Rosa canina.
Thanks for Rosemary, Angie, and Littlemancat.)

How nice to be able to walk on water!

 Under the patch of blue skies, air feels heavy with dampness all around.
I wonder how many people are aware that their town is blessed under the rainbow.

These two photos below are the reflections of hedges and brick flower container
of Satsuki azaleas at my house on the side windows or the body of a car.
Usually rainy season arrives after Satsuki azalea is over but at the same time this year.
There is no prospect that early-arrived rains end proportionately earlier.
It could come too early and be going to be too long.

June is half the way from fresh verdure to deep greenery of summer.
During the rainy season, the threads of weeping willows grow rapidly.

Various different shades of colors endure in my garden.

Hydrangeas are the floral symbol of Japan's rainy season.
They already started into bloom about two weeks earlier than usual like most of other species.

Hydrangeas in my garden

Enough rain is necessary for  rice cultivation and reservoirs to supply water 
for the scorching summer.
I've enjoyed this relatively cool season before the arrival of notorious muggy summer,
praying for beneficial rain.

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  1. stunning images dear Yoko !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    each shot holds the eye and it is hard to resist the magical beauty of it and take off sight !

    rain is gift for my country too ,specially the southern part where i live rains are so less ,we have to wait for rains for so long and when it comes revolutionize the whole scene instantly and everything looks fresh and beautiful :) we are not having rain when we need it badly .looking at your rain transformed my day :)
    thank you for sharing the delightful vibrant beauty around you ,oh yes i too find muggy summer unbearable ,air takes long break and i hate such season .
    wishing you and family health ,peace and happiness !

  2. We are in our Rainy Season here in Trinidad and Tobago

    Happy Monday.
    I am at #11 on the linky today


  3. Dear Yoko - your raindrop photos are lovely. The Anemone nemorosa appears to have different leaves to ours which appear to resemble our small wild white rose - Rosa canina agg.
    We had a splash of rain yesterday which was needed and very welcome. I am pleased that your rainy season has been kind to you this year.

  4. Love the captures in the rain.
    Happy MosaicMonday

  5. How beautiful everything looks all fresh and clean. And I love the way things smell after a rain. We've been very dry but finally had some rain last night. This morning everything looked so green and lush with just that one rain shower.

  6. Yoko - yes, an extreme of any weather can be a problem, but your pictures show the "sunny" side of rain! Fabulous photos! I wonder if the white flowers (unidentified) might be a wild rose? The various hydrangeas are spectacular! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday! Hope that there are no dangerous floods this year ...

  7. Your pictures are a pure delight, Yoko !
    Thanks for sharing them...
    Rain can be a bless or a nightmare...Nature decides...
    Have a lovely day !

  8. お花の写真が沢山ですね~!水滴の花はいつも新鮮で夢の世界です。

  9. How lovely is that wet window! Rain … a most difficult subject matter to photograph, and yet you did capture it so beautifully, stardust! When not in huge torrents, rain helps our gardens bloom and is the life-blood of existence when flowing freely.


  10. ·.
    I see a wonderful collection of beautiful flowers.
    Also here are blooming hydrangeas, agapanthus, lilies ...
    I see that the effects of torrential rains worry you and that you are prepared for it. It is rare in Cantabria (Spain) to have that concern. We have a mild climate.
    ·A hug·

    LaMiradaAusente · & · CristalRasgado

  11. Beautiful photos! Love the rain on the flowers, especially the willow bending down with the pink flowers. And the little white flowers are most likely what we can multiflora roses, wild here too. They are actually native to your beautiful count
    Best wishes and thanks for the beauty,

  12. Splendid rain walk, Yoko, I really love it. The whole post is painted with raindrops. I don’t know which looks more attractive: sparrows bathing in puddles or weeping willows. Let the rainy season bring water to growing harvest, not disasters. The caption "How nice to be able to walk on water!"
    reminded of Alexander Grin’s novel “She Who Runs on the Waves”, a most romantic novel. Nice summer read, btw, if your bedside table is empty now.
    Keep safe, dear friend, covid statistics looks terrifying again.

  13. Bellísimas imagenes. Me encanta oir la lluvia y también sentirla. Siempre agradecemos este gran regalo, sin agua sería difícil vivir. bienvenida sea. Gracias
    Buena semana Yoko. Cuídate.
    Un abrazo.

  14. Hi Yoko, I'm loving all the coloureful hydrangeas, small roses and the white little flowers. I love rains for the reason that it just washes off all the dust and the plants and flowers look stunning after the light showers. Heavy rains though, are a major concern when it's no longer about beauty as it turns into disparities for the common folks. Hope, you get to enjoy the rains if they aren't too strong and windy.

  15. Hello Yoko
    Beautiful collection of images, the flowers are lovely. The raindrops are a delight. I am glad you are prepared for the heavy rains and storms. Take care and stay safe! Have a happy weekend and week ahead.


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