Monday, June 29, 2020

Deer and fresh verdure in Nara Park

Sansha-ike Pond at Kasugano Park

All the travel restrictions were lifted June 19th.

Two days before it, I visited my favorite places of Nara Park not using public transportaion.

All the places including Kasugano Park (the photo above) were so sparse 

that I could almost monopolize the views. 

Ukigumo Park

At Ukigumo Park, many deer were grazing or were rested in the shade.

I was cautious as I was told a herd of deer would come around rather in an aggressive manner 

in stead of familiar bowing for deer crackers once they see a tourist.

One of the first confirmed COVID-19 cases in Japan was a bus driver from Nara prefecture,

who guided tourists from Wuhan end of January.

Nara governor informed that they stopped by Nara Park,

which was followed by the sudden drastic decrease of tourists to Nara Park.

 Deer might have been hungry for snacks for a while but gradually

 they seem to have adapted their new normals.

They didn't ask me crackers, and even didn't pay attention to me.

Ukigumo Park is the place where I admire Chinese Tallow leaves in autumn.

 (Fabulous coloration of Chinese Tallow Trees)

The fresh green leaves were glinting in an interlude of sunshine during the rainy season.

The scattered seeds rarely germinate trampled by many tourists, but due to few visitors, 

they have grown into young plants here and there.

Chinese Tallows are invasive by nature.

New fawns are born from late spring to June.  (Meeting new fawns)

The babies are protected at the shelter of Roku-en Deer Protection Center 

with their mothers until they get enough old to follow mothers.

This curving road is a road bridge over Ara-ike Pond.

Chinese Tallow trees or Cherry trees, various trees line up on both sides of the road.

On the slope between road bridge and pond, I spotted deer.

I saw a family; a mother, a fawn, and a bambi.

They looked hiding under the Chinese Tallow tree to protect themselves.

A bambi was suckling while mother and elder fawn were rubbing cheeks together.

Of course I was attracted not only by deer but also the reflections on the pond.

The first weekend after the lift of travel restrictions,

many people seem to have surged to Nara Park mostly by car.

I hope people are on their guard acting responsibly with the new social behavior. 

It's wonderful to feel un-winded and relaxed by the natural, affectionate, 

and charming behavior of deer and the fresh verdure.

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  1. You were so fortunate to be able to enjoy Nara Park almost to yourself Yoko. Yes, the same thing has happened here once restrictions of travel etc were lifted. Many people, especially the young, who have no fear of the virus, surged to the beaches to swim in the sea and lie in the sun.
    How interesting it is to learn that the deer have readapted to a different, but more normal way of living, and that they no longer ask tourists for crackers.

  2. Such beautiful scenery. I'm glad you can now move around freely but please continue to take precautions. We are not truly safe until a vaccine is available and most of us have been vaccinated. Have a wonderful rest of your week. xx

  3. Gorgeous pictures in Nara Park ! They are so peaceful....
    Thanks for sharing !
    Have a lovely week !

  4. Hello, what a beautiful park. I love seeing all the pretty deer. They have the sweetest faces. The fawns are adorable. I hope everyone is staying safe and wearing a mask. Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy new week!

  5. The fawns are just adorable and I love the photo of the babies in your sidebar. We see deer here but I haven't seen any with spots ever. Love this perfect place to enjoy nature. The trails here are not busy at all, sometimes I don't see anyone else! Enjoy your week!

    1. Dama dama - deer mammals in the summer have red-brown and white spots on their backs.

  6. Dear Yoko!
    I am delighted with your post and photos.
    Nara's parka is unique. The deer here live freely and are safe. No one hunts them and people can admire them.
    Thank you so much that I could see them. They are so sweet and sweet.
    I wish you a lot of health and God's blessing.
    Hugs and greetings:)

  7. The deer are so precious and like you they were enjoying the park without many people. Sad they will have to give that up.
    Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

  8. We find that weather makes a big difference. Nice sunny days bring out more park users, cloudy and windy ones not so much. We only stop at a park where we know we can be outdoors without being in a crowd. We just keep on going if it's not. - Margy

  9. These photos of deer are as lovely as your flower photos, stardust! Isn’t it nice they learned they can take care of themselves without visitors. A family member of mine living in a wooded area of B.C. had a fawn rest from the sun under cover of her patio bench recently. The mother came for her fawn later and drew it back into the forest. It was an exciting visit to have in my world.

  10. Yoko - you chose wisely to go to the park before the crowds arrived. Not only did you get the benefit of photos without people, it was safer and more relaxed for you. We are finding that popular places in Montana are getting over-crowded because people have been so tired of being in their houses! Fortunately, we still know a few "secret" locations! Thanks for sharing these wonderful nature and deer photos with everyone at Mosaic Monday. The first picture is very special.

  11. The deer and nature all around were probably happy to relax without humans around. :-)

  12. It is so relaxing and calm to look through your photos. While I live near a nice park, it is nowhere as large as the one you shared. Here people are observing distancing less and many do not wear masks. While our rates of cases has come down substantially, I worry that this lack of respect for the recommendations of public health will lead to an uptick in cases.

  13. So many lovely sights. Seems like a beautiful place to be and enjoy the deer. So sweet to see the deer interacting with one another. I get to see them in my yard, they are not as tame and not very many. Lovely summer to you!

  14. Adorei o bambi;
    as imagens estão lindas!

    I loved the bambi;
    the images are beautiful!

  15. Yoko, You had the park and the lovely deer all to yourself. This will be a treasured memory in the midst of all the isolation. I'm sure you're right. The deer graze on the verdant grasses when there are no snack crackers. When the tourists come back, they will again revert to the snacks being given which can't be as healthy for them. Have a wonderful weekend with family. Stay well. Barb

  16. Dear Yoko,
    I missed your post because we were out of town for a few days. Thanks for a lovely walk. I would love to visit Nara park again. Of all the places we visited in Japan it remains in my memory as the one where I felt at home. Your pictures look very peaceful: reflections, sucking bambis, shades. Oh, your phrase “I could almost monopolize the views” is worth memorizing. ^.^
    Have a restful July, and take care.

  17. These are beautiful photos. I love deer and I see them often in my neighborhood. I've always wanted to visit the area of Nara. I hope to my wish will come true one day.

  18. You have shared such wonderful photographs, the deer are so lovely to see.

    All the best Jan

  19. Beautiful post. Wonderful photos and great message for all of us. All your posts are part of the wonderful book that contains the authenticity of your psychic world.
    Thank you for your friendship.

  20. So Peaceful - Thank You


  21. 奈良の鹿に会ってきたのですね。旅行者が減ってお煎餅がもらえなくなった鹿たちは、反芻をするようになったとか。


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