Monday, March 19, 2018

Ume blossoms at Tsukigase Ume Valley and Hillside

Tsukigase Ume Valley is historically famous for its scenic beauty.
There are about 10000 Ume (Prunus mume) trees on the hillsides
and along the V-shaped valley where the Nabari River runs.
It was designated one of the first scenic beauties in 1922 
together with Nara Park and Kenroku-en, Kanazawa.

In February when most trees are still bare without leaves or buds,
the buds of early-blooming come out enduring the shivering cold.

The pale wintry landscape looks to be brightened up soon with the flowers.

When it warms up a little, they start to bloom in mass.
In March, they are at their best as if to say “Winter's over”.

"Little Plum Blossom of Hill Garden" (山園小梅) by Lin bu  (林逋

When everything has faded they alone shine forth,
encroaching on the charms of smaller gardens.
Their scattered shadows fall lightly on clear water,
their subtle scent pervades the moonlit dusk.
Snowbirds look again before they land,
butterflies would faint if they but knew.
Thankfully I can flirt in whispered verse,
I don't need a sounding board or wine cup.

The impression of the hillside with bursting flowers, however, is quite different from 
the solitary hill of the poem.

After the record cold winter, temperatures quickened to warm up 
like late April last week.
Three cold days and four warm days are taking turns,
which is the typical weather at this time of year.

Having lunch or tea at the balconies over the cliff is the time of bliss.

But the colors and fragrance of Ume in the bracing cold air and warmer sunshine
is the best of all. 

Ume blossoms and White Eye

School year ends with Ume blossoms in Japan.
The boy Y (4-year-10-month) is going to be in the second year of the kindergarten in April. 
Like the origami paper boy he made with his mother,
he'll be smiling in the full arrival of spring soon.

Y and the origami-paper boy look alike. Don't they?

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  1. こんにちわ~!

  2. What a wonderful series of gorgeous photographs. I've not heard of these trees before but they are a later winter delight to be sure! And that valley. I hope you were able to have tea or a bite to eat overlooking all that beauty! And yes, the Origami paper boy does resemble Y - very cute! Very handsome!

  3. The eyes are laughing, and the heart is happy at the sight of the blossoming trees. Wonderful views beautifully shown. The grandson's face will soon be smiling. Greetings.

  4. The valley with the ume trees is really stunning. And, of course, the paper boy looks like the little one. That's for sure:-). Wonderful photos of a new spring.

  5. The paper boy looks just like Y, how clever! Blossom is Nature's way of saying spring has arrived, how wonderful! Happy Mosaic Monday.

  6. Breathtaking beauty in nature and in your photos. The boy looks just like paper boy. How cool is that? Happy Spring to you and your loved ones.

  7. Beautiful photos and places !!
    Greetings Jarka

  8. The ume blossoms are beautiful covering the hillside. Sadly we are still far too cold for any spring blossoms in my part of Canada. Your grandson Y is a handsome young man, congratulations in passing into second year of kindergarten in April. The origami Y looks very happy surrounded with paper flowers.

  9. How welcoming to see the pretty blossoms at this time of year! I like the origami and handsome young man. Enjoy your week!

  10. A glorious scene with the flowers, hillsides and narrow valley below. Yes, I can see why tea in this landscape would be 'bliss'. Heaven on earth. Thanks for sharing with us!

  11. What a lovely and good post that brings me down to memory lane of the time we went to stroll along the streets in Kumamoto before the earthquake. The whole town was blooming all the pretty shades of pink and white flowers like your photos. Now I could understand better and imagine the sweet fragrance too, after having visited Kumamoto.

    Thank you so much for sharing all the beautiful photos which you even patiently snapped the cute bird feeding! Your boy is cute and handsome with a matching origami of himself. I wonder how my own face-origami would look like! Ha ha!

  12. Lovely scenes - those blossoms are so gorgeous and remind us of the virtue of perseverance and patience.

  13. Beautiful pictures from a beautiful place !
    Perfect spot to lunch with family !
    Nice origami ;)
    Have a lovely day !

  14. Hello Yoko.....sorry I forgot to visit your last post,I've been spending very little time on my blog recently. Nature has taken quite a leap between your previous and present posts! I love the colour quality of the Ume crushed strawberries. The origami boy is an excellent portrait....and the artist looks suitably serious! Lovely photos!

    Happy Spring Equinox!

  15. What beautiful photographs. I love the blossoms, and that is such a pretty place to have a picnic with family.

  16. Hello Yoko - how beautiful the ume blossom is - I can't wait for ours to arrive, which will hopefully be soon. There is blossom showing it's flowers but most of it has been held back this year by our long winter which seems to have lasted forever.
    Good luck to Y when he moves up into his next kindergarten year in April.

  17. Replies
    1. Thank you for the comment. I tried to send a comment to your latest post but my security soft prevented me to do so though I’m not sure why.

      This is what I wanted to send; Today it’s so cold here in Nara and snowing in Tokyo different from the last week spring-like weather. But I’m smiling to see your photos of lovely flowers.


  18. What a dreamy place to be … on an extended patio while sipping tea surrounded by blossoms and trees overlooking the river. I like the art too. The boy made of paper is very cute and does, indeed, have some slight resemblance to your grandson! Well done. :)

  19. Very very Beautiful! I love Having lunch or tea at the balconies . Amazing your Y :)

  20. A beautiful place. A few trees have blossom on here but much of nature seems thoroughly confused by the weather this year.

  21. Beautiful post Yoko. I love seeing how you have the spring, of cute. The flowers are beautiful. Poe Béjar we are still cold. Spring does not want to come.
    Pretty the drawing, of the child :))
    Buen miércoles.

  22. So lovely to see your blossoms and to consider winter turning to spring.
    Reading of Ume, reminds me that my sister as a little girl loved dried salted and sweet ume fruit. I liked them, she loved them.
    Lovely spring to you!

  23. I do love spring blossom, it is just starting to show its face here


  24. Αγαπημένη μου φίλη
    Χάρηκα όπως πάντα τις κομψές φωτογραφίες σου αλλά και τον εγγονό σου! Μεγάλωσε και είναι πολύ όμορφος!
    Σας εύχομαι να είστε πάντα καλά!
    Μια αγκαλιά

  25. Dear Yoko!
    A beautiful spring post. I admire wonderful flowers and excellent photos.
    Hugs and greetings.

  26. どれほど冬が寒くても、時期が来ればちゃんと花開く梅には毎年驚かされます。





  27. I am especially thankful for your latest comments, Yoko, for they brought me once again to this post and the glorious flora of which it consists! I'm glad to hear that spring is nigh and that you are well. May you and your family enjoy much happiness as your land warms and you echo that warmth in lovely words and pictures!

  28. As beautiful as ever, Yoko. a delightful walk! I wish we could have tea on the terrace over the cliff. That would be the time of bliss. Special thanks for sharing your grandson’s picture and his creation. It feels so nice to see as he grows.
    Now Nara park must be all in blossoms. We finally have warm days with lots of sunshine and the awakening river. No time to enjoy, unfortunately, overloaded with work.
    Wish you inspiring spring, Yoko.

  29. these photos are truly MAGICAL dear Stardust!!!

    you made me lost in the beauty of nature you live in and i don't want to be found for long as this is so beautiful!
    in such tough winter ume sound brave blooms to glorify your surroundings!

    i absolutely adore the way you captured all these pics my friend:)))

  30. The idea of having tea on the balconies is so attractive. A feeling of being as high as a bird, with the valley spreading out below and the distant water. To me the high, steep, wooded slopes of Japanese hills evoke magical stories. I really liked your first three pictures of the blossom. First, the drops of water glittering like tiny stars. Then, pink blossoms blurred to look a type of mysterious writing. Third, the perfection of the sprays of blossom.

    I also particularly liked the photo of the small bird. What kind of bird is it?

    Your posts are always so beautiful.

  31. I always wait to see the ume blossoms, Yoko. They seem to herald spring. Your photos make me feel as though I can smell their wonderful scent. I hope Y is as happy as his origami boy!

  32. Nice... Wish that I can visit there someday in near future. :)

  33. Not uselessly this place has deserved such a designation. Undoubtedly it is precious and like that magnificent photographies and your guessed right comments demonstrate it your at the foot of the same ones. Tea takes there debit of being an experience worth being recorded in the memory and the whole gift for the senses.
    It is marvellous that children have the opportunity to realize related works to his interests and that guard connection with the nature and its cycles. Certainly to grow guarding connection with our original environment it is to grow with good guarantees.

  34. Very beautiful.
    One image more beautiful than the other.

  35. Three wishes for you: Love, joy, prosperity.
    Happy Easter!

  36. Sim, são muito parecidos e belos!
    A harmonia de cores, nas fotos, do tom rosa das flores com o fundo cinza e algumas nuances azuis, são de rara beleza.
    Encantada com a foto da varanda no precipício. Uma experiência maravilhosa!
    Querida Yoko, deixo beijos de agradecimentos por instantes de beleza e poesia, abraços e vibrações amorosas. O melhor para você e sua família.

  37. I love your posts and everything looks wonderful. I love your idea thanks for sharing.


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