Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Kindergarten Art Exhibition, 2015

Last Sunday, I went to the Art Exhibition of F’s kindergarten which is held every November.  
The classroom of 4-year-olds was transformed into the world of Alice in Wonderland
with the display of individual works of each child and their joint-work.

(The big and tall Alice, who is made of lots of milk cartons, is a joint-work.)

Lovely, lovely, many White Rabbits with a watch!

Alice follows the rabbit down the hole. 

F explained this is a lounging Cheshire Cat with grins and how she made him.  
His body is a pet-bottle wrapped with a piece of cloth;
his head and tail are crumpled newspaper ball wrapped with a piece of cloth. 
Parts of face and patterns on the body were added later.

A crayon-painted Caterpillar is pasted on the drawing paper so that it looks solid.

At the March Hare's house, Alice is treated to a Mad Tea Party.
She is drinking tea with the teacup made by F.
The tea is made of the mixture of glue and brown paint.

Queens of Hearts and Kings of Hearts line up.


Floating Card Soldiers are made of a small sweets box with collage of pieces of paper on it.

The Art Exhibition featured Disney animation films this year.
Other than Alice in Wonderland,
there were Winnie the Pooh, Finding Nemo, Lilo and Stitch by 3-year-olds classes,
Toy Story and Monsters Ink by 4-year-olds classes,
and Little Mermaid and Peter Pan by 5-year-olds classes.  

Toy Story

Finding Nemo

Being awed and praising the artworks of the kindergartners and being thankful to their teachers' guidance
was a nice way to spend a rainy Sunday.

On a fine day some days before that, I walked around Nara Park,
admiring the Chinese tallow trees at their best.

Get under the trees and look up!
Do you feel like that you're falling into the sea or soaring into the sky
through the kaleidoscope of leaf colors?

Nice November days to you all!

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  1. こんにちわ。

  2. A lovely exhibition !!!! Love for art must be teach very soon....
    The colors of Fall are amazing !
    Thanks for sharing all those beauties !

  3. what a beautiful idea and lovley exhibition.
    have a nice week

  4. such a sweet exhibition! And lovely colors of autumn!

  5. Autumn in full, the weather not very nice, so visiting the place where they were colorful children's works, it was a great idea. Regards.

  6. such cute paper creations and imaginations allowed to run. :)

  7. The autumn scenes you photograph set a mood that shows exactly why I love autumn!

    Your part of the world and mine share many of the same trees AND favorite tales for children. The schools way of introducing Alice in Wonderland is particularly creative … an imaginative hands-on project that the kids must have loved completing. The little handmade teacup set with all the other teacups is adorable. The added detail of paper spoons and sugar cubes is sweet! Crafted from things commonly found around the house, the characters put a fresh face on the familiar. They would be awesome art for an animation project or a book. :)

  8. Kudos to the teachers and kiddos for their excellent artistic endeavors related to Alice in Wonderland! I'm surprised at the quality of the children's work. And thanks to you for your super photos by which you share these projects. I think this would be a good place to be even on a sunny afternoon! :) That last picture is the perfect fall's simply gorgeous!

  9. Vilka duktiga barn ni har hos er och så trevligt med en utställning av allt vackert så ni kan få se det tillsammans med barnen. Jag jobbade också på Förskola innan och jag tycker det är så roligt med all fin fantasi som barnen har och kan utveckla till nåt bra.
    Så vackert med era röda träd, här har nästan alla löv fallit av nu så träden börjar inte vinterns former
    Ha en fin och skön vecka
    Kram Meta

  10. There's not much left of your Japanese culture for your 4-years-old, Yoko, they just grow up with American- & Disney-style cartoons. I'm not sure if this is the right (?), let's say at least a good way to influence your little kids (dramatically)
    I'm more a fan of your autumnal scenes!
    Kind regards from warm November in Germany,

    1. Thanks for pointing it out, Uwe. The Art Exhibition featured Disney animation films this year. (I should’ve written about it, so I added it to the post just now.) The theme changes every year. I don’t know about the past exhibition but perhaps it could have featured Japanese fairy stories, Hayao Miyazaki’s anime, or other world of Japanese stories and songs. 4-year-old F enjoys the stories around the world like Alice in Wonderland, Frozen, Thomas the Tank Engine, Town Musicians of Bremen, etc. while she enjoys Japanese book for children both old and modern. Her favorite Japanese fairy story is Peach Boy.

    2. These children do not only live in Japan, they live in the world too. I am completely sure that they will grow up knowing Japanese culture as well too, as they are also learn and be informed about other countries treasures.! Kind regards Yoko! :-)

    3. Thank you for this remark, Yael. I think children will be able to foster Japanese originality more as they learn more about foreign culture.

  11. I can imagine the excitement of your granddaughter to show her family what she and her classmates created. I'm in awe of the children's artwork, and the planning and supervision of the teachers. You were in a world of fantasy and bright colors, both indoors and out! Your fall is lovely in Nara, Yoko. We are due more snow tonight. We shall see if my world is whiter by morning!

  12. 楽しい! みんなすごく上手!私の子供の頃はこんなにクリエイティブだったかしら? 規則、規則で抑えられていたような気がします。列から外れていたら、すぐ叱られた事を覚えています。Finding Nemo の続き、Finding Dory の映画 がもうすぐやってきます。 お孫さんと見に行かれますか? 

    1. 日本タイトルがニモなのでNimoとポストに書いてました(冷や汗)。今、訂正しました、ありがとう。Finding Dory、日本での上映はまだ先でしょうね。まだ四歳なのでビデオで見せていますが、その売り出しはもっと先でしょうね。


  13. How nice and lovely! SO much creativity - and one can feel love all over this classroom! :-)

  14. こんばんは。子供さんの作品には夢がありますね。 将に紅葉の万華鏡の世界ですね。

  15. Congratulations to the teachers, for such a good idea. It was a great Sunday, stardust. Enjoying the artwork of children and the beauty of the autumn landscape.
    Un abrazo.

  16. How amazing! How clever the children are, and also their teachers. Japanese people are famed all over the world for their skill at creating beautiful things and hand-crafting intricate objects, and I can see it starts at kindergarten! I will write more in an email which I am writing to you (I am in the middle of composing it)

    I remember how beautiful the tallow trees were in Nara Park and I have so many photos of them.

  17. What a wonderful Art exhibition. Some very imaginative and talented teachers in that school who are encouraging the little ones to produce such lovely things. I think that Disney stories and Alice in Wonderland are universal stories, and I'm glad that japanese stories are taught in school too.

  18. 子供達の作品って自由で、のびのびしてて楽しいですよね。洋子さんの笑顔も見えますよ!

  19. What fun, so colourful, creative and free! Your autumn leaves are fabulous too....
    Thanks for sharing this Yoko.

    Happy weekend!

  20. such adorable children's art
    i love seeing what children create
    beautiful autumn images also
    leaves changing color is such a treasure
    lovely week to you!

  21. 洋子様 この度はお孫さんの幼稚園の作品展のようですね。
    いずれの作品も お子さんの個性が表現されながらも 統一感があり、指導者のセンスの良さが感じられます。 素晴らしい!
    それらの作品を前に 写真を撮られる洋子さんの楽しさが伝わってきます。 お子様のプライバシーに配慮されたのでしょう・・・ 
    子ども達の姿が見れないのは今の時代 当然なことですね。 子供好きの私はその事がいささか残念に思います。

  22. Αγαπημένη μου φίλη
    Τι θαυμάσιες εικόνες μας χάρισες και σήμερα!
    Εύχομαι να είστε όλοι καλά και να χαίρεστε τα εγγόνια σας!
    Σου στέλνω την αγάπη μου και πολλά φιλιά

  23. ✿ه°
    Muito interessante e criativas as exposições. O tema Alice ficou ótimo!
    As árvores de outono do parque de Nara são fantásticas.

    Ótimo domingo! Boa semana!

  24. Hi, Yoko! Why didn't you invite me to see this post? I nearly missed it and you know how I cherish Alice!!)))
    Kudos to kindergarten teachers! Lots of great ideas, and I'm sure kids will remember this event. I've never seen sweeter litlle rabbits! Would you mind if I show some of the pictures to my students?
    We are coming to Japan on New Year holidays. Will be staying in Nara January 6-8. I would love to meet you!
    Best wishes to you and your family,

  25. I want to thank you for your Bamboo leaf boat suggestion!
    When the leaves grow back in the spring, i will look around and see what can be made, sounds like fun.
    Sweet week to you!


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