Sunday, October 4, 2015

Autumn in progress - some photos from September

Autumn has progressed slow but steady since early visit of cool and crisp air at the late August, 
unfolding its beauty one after another.

What gave me joy in September are .....

A lovely round hearts,
the first red leaves I saw this season
丸葉の木, Disanthus cercidifolius (Sept. 19)

The delicate small rosy purple flowers of 萩 Hagi, or Japanese Bush Clovers

The profusion of Hagi flowers on the vigorous shrubs

 A camouflaged praying mantis among the white-flowered variety of Hagi

A critical moment?

F's stay with us during the Silver Week

Her 29-month sister Y in the early September

The aura of mystery in the light and shadow at the pond in the Metasequoia wood

彼岸花 Higan-bana, or Lycoris radiata, quietly blooming at the edge of the pond

The colorful flowers with the exotic look of the long petals and stamens,
sitting tall upon a single stem

Occasional visits by 28-month Y living nearby

Purple display of fruits of 紫式部 Callicarpa jpoonica, or Japanese beauty berry

Bell Crickets and their lovely chirping in my garden

How about you?
Enjoy each moment of your progressing autumn
(or spring depending on where you are)
like a butterfly "dancing on the edges of time."

Thank you, Mersad, for hosting Through My Lens.


  1. Lovely serie....
    Best regards from France,


  2. Lovely moments you have shared here Yoko from the month of September, but I especially enjoyed seeing the delightful moments capturing your beautiful grandchildren absorbed in their activities.

  3. Beautiful nature shots. Would love to take a walk there.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  4. Lovely and delicate pictures !!!! The kids are so cute !!!!
    Have a cosy week !

  5. Thank you for this beautiful post. So much to enjoy. I am reminded of Basho's haiku about the bush clover flowers.
    bush clover flowers
    they sway but do not drop
    their beads of dew
    under one roof
    courtesans and monks asleep -
    moon and bush clover


    1. Hi, Mary! I’m happy you enjoyed this post. I’m interested in your interest and knowledge about Japanese things. Now I understand the English of Basho's haikus, 白露もこぼさぬ萩のうねり哉 and 一家に遊女もねたり萩と月

    2. I love Japanese culture, literature and art. Your blog is always a special treat. Your photos lend themselves so beautifully to haiga. I write haiku, tanka, haibun, and tanka prose - in English. :-) Maybe someday I will be able to visit Japan - especially Kyoto, Nara.

    3. Thank you, Mary, for the reply. So, you are a poet? I think you must be well versed in Japanese traditional poems better than I. Both in Kyoto and Nara, you’ll be inspired for your artistic activity. Wish your dream come true sooner.


  6. こんばんわ~!

  7. There are critical moments, as you have pondered, quietly unfolding unseen in our gardens and in our own lives. Your lovely captures of autumn coming and the children seeing the world with fresh eyes show how everything is constantly changing to exist in some new way amidst the sameness of our circling seasons.

  8. I admire the beauty of Japanese nature!
    Beautiful pictures !

  9. your grandgirls are sweet! i loved the shot of the praying mantis with focus on his head.

  10. such lovely images, one and all. I love seeing your flowers and berries, they are like none i have ever seen and we have so few now. bugs also are a joy to see. thank you.

  11. こんばんは。いつも綺麗な写真で満たされていますね。 メタセコイアの写真が情緒があります。 お孫さんは可愛い盛りですね。

  12. I like your praying mantis. I have not seen one this year. September is a beautiful month. Now the cloudy skies of October are here, bringing rain.

  13. I like your praying mantis. I have not seen one this year. September is a beautiful month. Now the cloudy skies of October are here, bringing rain.

  14. Si amigo disfruto mucho con esta maravilla de estación....Aquí tardará un poquito aún, pero ya ha llegado la lluvia y las castañas ya se estan cayendo de los árboles. En Béjar es precioso ya te lo mostraré ;)
    Tus fotos son una maravilla. Preciosa la niña ♥.
    Un beso.

  15. Beautiful fall color...lovely views; sweet children; delicate flowers! Loved it all!

  16. beautiful flower images and autumn colours

  17. Such wonderful nature photos - and gorgeous beautiful lovely pictures of the sweet children! I so much enjoyed this post! :-)

  18. Beautiful colours of Japanese autumn, the pinks and reds have a quality special to your part of the world I think. I love the simplicity of the last photo.
    Your grandchildren are beautiful, and growing so they do!

    Thank you for sharing your autumn Yoko,

  19. So nice - lovely photos.
    Please come link up at

  20. Wonderful collection. I really love the Praying Mantis!

  21. お風邪はもうよくなりましたか? 美しい自然の写真たちに感謝しています。目の保養というか、心が優しくなるようです。最後の蝶々の写真をキャッチ出来て、良かったですね。さすがです。可愛いお孫さんが遊びに来てくれて、幸せな生活が目に浮かぶようです。

  22. I'm always amazed and delighted at the awesome beauty of your area that you capture with your camera. The colors are magnificent. Love that praying mantis and your grandkids (kids are pretty much the same the world over!) and that last photo of the butterfly is so gracefully beautiful!

    Re your comment about Christmas: Every year it seems the stores bring out Christmas stuff earlier than the year before. It really is ridiculous and the greed is palpable. Hope that all goes well with you and your family!

  23. Your photos are gorgeous! I love everything here! :)

  24. ❀ه° ·.
    Série muito linda de fotos mas a minha preferida é a última foto.

    Bom fim de semana!
    ❀❀ه° ·.

  25. What is Silver Week? Hi, Yoko! I wish I had things like that to give me joy! Your litlle ones are adorable! Mine are mostly connected with my job - the academic year is in progress. New groups are always a discovery to make))
    Take care!

  26. Beautiful invitation to enjoy the present. The observation of the nature and of the children is highly effective for it. Thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures and reflections.

  27. Such colorful reminders of September! Those sweet Grands are growing. I have always loved the Mantis since I was a little girl and had one as a "pet" for a little while. I can almost hear your crickets chirping.

  28. What a wonderful play of autumnal colours, Yoko! And the two little and cute things / in Germany we talk about "sweet mice" / are really like two gems of your family!
    All the best from Germany in autumn time, Uwe.

  29. It always feels time has a different pace here, in your world, Yoko. Quieter, calmer, soothing... nostalgically normal in a troubled world. Coming to your blog it's like resting tired bones beside a warming fire. Your autumn is very graceful and inviting and I'm very happy that you're enjoying it along with your beautiful grandchildren! I'm amazed of how much they've grown. Time really passes by, isn't it my friend, we number our encounters by the passing seasons. Lately even more sporadic... For a long time I considered yellow to be the autumn's colour, but now I see purple with its various shades is just as abundant as yellow. On our hills and into the forest as well, autumn crocuses and other small purple flowers are in bloom this time of the year. I hope I'll find some time to update my blog with a few pictures and stories from the countryside. :-) My best of wishes and have a marvelous autumn! Take care of yourself!

  30. Autumn is a season of red and purple, with some deep yellow, just as spring is bright green, bright yellow and white. Higan-bana is the most beautiful and romantic flower. I have never seen it before.

  31. And how nice to see the grandchildren. Children are always enchanted by bubbles.


  32. Boa semana, cheia de alegrias.
    ✿˚° ·.

  33. Your pictures of the flowers and the leaves always make me happy! Beautiful!

  34. What adorable children! And lovely shots of the flowers.


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