Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Summer cosmoses

Cosmoses mostly start to bloom in autumn when they perceive the daylight becoming shorter and the blooms continue till the first frost.  At Yagyu Village, the fallow rice fields, river banks, some parts along the highway are often planted with thousands of cosmoses to be enjoyed in Autumn from late September to November.  (2011 post, Autumn walk through cosmos at Yagyu.)
in the early August
Today's post is about summer cosmoses.  I had been caught by the cosmoses blooming in mid-summer whenever I travelled along the road to Yagyu, though they didn't look so spectacular like autumn cosmoses.  One day in early August, I dared to get out of our car to take some pictures of them braving the intense, sizzling heat.  It was hot, hot, too hot, outside, but the cosmoses through my camera lens looked so cool and refreshing as to make me forget the temperatures for a short while.  Some cosmoses looked in good shape, and some weathered though still graceful.  See how they were.

They looked enjoying their lives in the hottest but the sunniest season.

They were flowering in harmony with the fox tails and other weeds as one of the wild grasses.
I like them wild.

I was reminded that a cosmos was really a hardy plant like a weed,
resistant to heat and drought as well as to poor soils.

This early-blooming sunflower lady was  going to end her long tireless and ceaseless labor of scattering seeds already in early August.  Now at late August, summer looks to be nearing to the end with cooler air in morning and evening.  I look forward to the cool and crisp air of autumn.


  1. what a beautiful name for a flower; cosmos. and they look fragile, all while enduring that heat. it's true, from the pictures, i can't say it was hot, hot, hot! lovely to find these here, this morning. love, n♥

  2. Your blog is very beautiful. I think that is paradise :D

  3. ダッシュボードでStardust English Talkのコスモスを見た時は、少々あせりました。もう秋が!!でも夏のコスモスなのですね。なんだかホッとしました。時はゆっくり流れて欲しいです。私もどんなに暑くてもレンズを通してみる花は涼しげで嬉しくなります。

  4. They are beautiful both individually in a flower border or else in groups, or growing wild.

  5. Space is very grateful flower. I like them and admire in you. I greet you.

  6. I love those flowers !!! I've tried to have them but wasn't lucky...
    Thanks for sharing this beauty !
    Have a great day !

  7. こんばんは。ローアングルのとても美しい写真ですね。コスモスもエノコログサにも秋の近い事を感じさせてくれます。

  8. i love the shot with the foxtails and weeds and the blooms all mixed in!

  9. Beautiful. I am not a heat lover - I admire your determination to get the photos despite the heat. I have never seen wild cosmos. Here we can buy them in flats and plant them in late spring. They bloom all summer. It is nice to see them in a natural place.

  10. Beautiful flowers! This year in Portugal, happily our summer wasn't too hot. I love autumn!
    Hope you have a wonderful day!
    Blessings from Portugal,
    Ana Love Craft

  11. Our Cosmos are in full swing here on the farm. They are happy and hardy in this slightly cooler August weather.
    We too are having days that are cooler now and comfy in the mid 70's . I do enjoy the cooler crisp flowered mornings.
    Thank you for your share.

  12. コスモス、ほんとに暑さなんか感じられませんね。涼やかで儚げです。でもはかなげに見える野草の生きる力は強いですね。猫じゃらしと呼んでいる雑草?にもちゃんとfoxtailという名前があるのを知りました。日本名もたくさん持っているようですが。

  13. The cosmos flowers are so delicate and lovely, they are mostly a garden plant here. I have not seen them growing wild. We have had a very cool and damp summer so far but yesterday was 31C! and now it is 24C today..... one day of HOT summer weather!!!

  14. That's funny, Yoko, so many flowers start to bloom much earlier in Japan compared to Germany. But I took the first cosmos blossoms in the middle of July 2014 already. Here it's more a mid to late summer flower than an autumnal beauty!
    But maybe there are summer cosmos flowers and later flowering species as you wrote.
    One species or an other - I like cosmos / German: Cosmea very much!
    Regards from sunny Germany after a longer period of unstable and rainy weather!

  15. Your photos and words are as beautiful as ever Yoko!
    I know you had hard times regarding your mother - and I know you have happy times with new little blossoms. And I know you welcome them both, your mother was ready to leave in peace, she knew she was loved.
    Thank you for your kind and reassuring comment at my blog, I was very touched by it. :-)

  16. I love these wonderful flowers ! Great photos !

  17. Lovely flowers, cosmos. We grow them in the garden here, I have never seen them wild.

    Yes, summer is coming to an end. We already have rain and cool days; I just hope that there will be a good autumn.

    My condolences on your mother’s passing. It is so sad when we lose a parent.

  18. Så söta de är, och så fint att se på när man reser långa vägar. Trista motorvägar gillar jag inte.Namnet på blomman gör den ännu finare.
    Önskar dig en skön höst
    Kram Meta

  19. It has been seasonably hot here in central Florida so I can understand your desire for cooler temps. We've had a few mornings which actually felt a bit cooler and that was a blessing. But we don't get a real cool down until September.

    These cosmoses are very beautiful and remind me of some of our Florida wildflowers. But your photos are like are, I think, the Monet of photography!

  20. hello again, yoko!
    i seem not to have your email adress, so i'm sending my message to the comments section on your blog :

    i can imagine you are curious about our japan 'attitude' this coming weekend. you are most welcome to join the fun if you like! but then, your whole blog is japan! so i was thinking, is it alright if i link you, yourself and your blog on my weekend post? tomoko is showing us 'round kyoto, which she recently visited. if there's anything specific you would like to add, else i'll gladly invite the group to just come over and see you here! ;)))).

    most welcome, like i said. kind regards, nadine♥

  21. Hello Yoko,

    We think of Cosmos as a summer annual but they are really beautiful growing wild amongst the grasses and other wild flowers. We can well imagine that the sight of enormous areas of them growing in autumn must be an enchanting sight.

    The days have turned chillier here too. Yes, autumn must be on its way.

  22. Thank you for these lovely shots.

  23. Dear Yoko - it must be lovely to have Cosmos growing wild in the countryside scattered amongst the grasses - for us it is a herbaceous garden flower. The Cosmos that I am fond of is the Chocolate Cosmos which is scented with vanilla and hot chocolate, it smells delicious.

  24. もう、コスモス? と思えるくらいに、今年の夏は過ぎ去って行ったようです。 
    葉を通り抜ける日差しが、かつてない有り難味を感じる夏でした。 向日葵が少しさびしそうですね。

    家が山際に建っていますので、今日は長袖を着たくらいです。 去年の酷暑を思うと、大自然の循環を感じずにはいられません。


  25. Hi, Yoko!
    I'm back from holidays and into blogging. Your headline turned to be misleading a bit. Frankly, I'd never heard this botanical name and thought it was kind of philosophical meaning. Yet, speaking how the flowers bear the heat sounds deeper than just a description of a summer day. I love tour pictures, I really do!
    Thak you for a great comment on Donne's and my meditations. I had no chance to answer being out, but I appreciated your concern and attitude to war. I believe most people on earth share it, politicians excluded.
    Have a restful week end!

  26. 秋を思い出させてくれるコスモスですが、そういえば、昨日秋のいわし雲がでてました。天候不順の今年、このまま涼しくならない様に思います。近所のグラウンドから、高校生達の野球の練習する声がきこえます。夏休みももう終わり、ゆく夏の寂しさを少し感じます。Have a nice day!

  27. 彡✿⊱·..
    Essas flores são lindas, cultivadas em jardins.
    Mais lindas ainda, livres na natureza!
    Bom fim de semana!
    ✿° ·..

  28. Dear Yoko, there's a surprise for you on my blog. ))))

  29. such lovely images of these hardy flowers
    i love how their centers look like tiny stars
    wishing you a cool breeze, if it is still hot.

  30. these are lovely
    i use to have them in my garden
    but not this year
    thank you!

  31. It's always lovely to see these flowers growing wild,especially as they seem to need quite a bit of attention in our gardens. Actually I'm very fond of plants that grow wild....without our intervention!

    Wishing you a happy week Yoko,

  32. I love the flowers of the cosmos. They are, indeed, a late summer gift that take us deep into autumn. Such a gift. A beautiful gift. :)

  33. hello, lovey, i just wanted to back reply to your wonderful comment last.
    thank you for your kind words, i enjoyed this (japan) theme so much, even though i am not a connoisseur; and i'm grateful you wanted to play.
    september is looking good, i love its depth, its vibrancy and still moments. the fall season is my most favoured one.
    cheerio, love, nadine♥

  34. The sunflower looks a little tired, indeed, but full of character and spent beauty. :)

  35. 小さい頃に住んでいた家の庭にコスモスが咲いていました。 自然に咲いたのか、祖母が植えたのか、コスモスの花を見ると記憶がいつもそこに戻って行きます。 大変愛らしい花たち。素敵な写真ありがとうございます。


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