Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Silver white landscape melted into rain

 It was Feb. 8th when we Nara citizens had the first snowfall this season. 
We have been awaited for this as snowfall is a rare event in Nara even when we are chilled to the bone.

Artificial snowflake prepared for 奈良瑠璃絵 Nara Rurie Winter Illumination Festival

I got up to find that the overnight snowfall blanketed Nara in the early morning.

my neighborhood at 10:00 a.m.
But snow turned into a wintry mix of rain and sleet as the day went on and finally to rain before noon.

Sasanqua camellia
Though I don't dislike wet days in other seasons,I had thought that there's nothing nasty like freezing rain, while there's nothing fantastic like a snow day.  But I was wrong.

When you look around positively, there are charms.  I forgot the cold rain under my umbrella while I was caught in the raindrops on flowers, ripples of water, or wet weather-beaten grasses.

Spring-colored buds of Asebi, or Japanese Andromeda, in the flare of flashlight

Icy raindrops on the branches with the promise of spring!

We are still in the cold wave with the highest temperatures hovering about 4 to 7 degrees Celsius.
But remember before the spring is the coldest like before the dawn is the darkest.
See you next time!

From Nara Park, the Land of Deer
Coexistence with Deer In Nara


  1. Wow, beautiful captures !
    Really amazing !
    Love this awesome post :)

  2. Marvelous , your land of deer !
    Truly enjoy your photos .

  3. 奈良の雪景色きれいに撮れていますね!どれも寒い冬の奈良のお写真ですが、春の予感もほんのりと感じさせます。鹿達も御機嫌良さそう。久しぶりに降った雪でしたが、本当に奈良では雪が積もりませんね。この日は私も雪が溶けないうちにとタクシーに乗って早々平城宮の院庭園に行きました。でも雪はみるみる溶けていきました。お風邪召しませんようにお過ごし下さい。又!

  4. We are having a day of cold rain here at the moment. Your photos are almost beautiful enough to tempt me outside. Almost.

  5. Wszystko ma swój urok, nawet śnieg i deszcz, byle to nie trwało za długo. Ślicznie wyglądają rośliny w kroplach wody. Pozdrawiam.
    Everything has its charm, even snow and rain, as long as it does not take too long. Lovely looking plants in drops of water. Yours.

  6. beautiful scenes, no matter the weather. the deer are so sweet.

  7. Αγαπημένη μου Yoko,
    Το άκουσα από την τηλεόραση και σκέφθηκα εσένα και την έκπληξη σου καθώς και των παιδιών, που θα έβλεπαν χιόνι!
    Υπέροχες είναι οι φωτογραφίες σου, ρομαντικές!!!
    Μακάρι να χιόνιζε λίγο και εδώ.. Θα μου άρεζε πολύ!
    Σου στέλνω την αγάπη μου και πολλά φιλιά σε όλους σας!

  8. Lovely to have a positive message Yoko - there are always two sides to a story - not all gloom, doom and wet. Hopefully following all of the rain we will have a wonderful spring and the flowers will bloom better than ever before.
    Love your rain drop photos and the ripples in the water. It is difficult to take photos of the raindrops and not get your camera wet.

  9. Du tar så vackra bilder.Hade inte kunnat tro att det var snö hos er den här tiden på året.
    Det är så intressant att läsa din blogg och få lära mer av ett land jag gärna vill besöka. Vem vet det kanske blir någon gång Annars så gläds jag över dina bilder.
    Ha en fin vecka
    Kram Meta

  10. I was surprised a few weeks ago when I went out for a walk and at first I thought everything was dull. then I saw a bush covered in the most amazing raindrops, as if a fabric illuminated with thousands of little lights was draped over it. It was a combination of many spiders webs and the light was slanting in a particular way. it was so beautiful. Even the worst weather can give us amazing surprises!

  11. I love the deer! And the snowflake lanterns. You are right, there is beauty even when the weather is difficult :)

  12. 雪の飛火野、鷺池周辺、stardustさんらしい視点で捉えられていますね。奈良瑠璃絵の準備には気がつきませんでした。電池があっという間に減って雪もどんどん溶けていきました。確かにみぞれ交じりの雨も悪くなかったですね。

  13. sweet deers! And such a beautiful place.

  14. You know how to take pictures ! They are gorgeous !!! Poetic...
    Have a nice day !

  15. 去年、雪をとりそこねたので、今年は、でかけましたが、少し遅かったので、せっかくの雪が、溶けてました。おっしゃる様に霙は霙で、又、趣がありました。一枚目の場所、私も行きましたが、合わなかったね。
    Have a nice day!

  16. You live in a fairy tale! Gorgeous shots.

  17. It hasn't snowed yet here in England! Some nice shots.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  18. Trust you, Yoko to find beauty in everything. The falling raindrops, the ripples of water, the blanket of snowy rain -- everything looks so good and meaningful when seen through your eyes. I hope spring knocks early for Nara, I am also thinking of the deer, very endearing - they might be feeling cold too.

    Stay warm, Yoko. Take care.

  19. Hi


  20. Wow...I'm surprised to see your snow! Nara Park looks beautiful clothed in white.Lovely photos Yoko - I love the droplets and circles on water. Today we have rain and wind,but I hear that outside the city there's a covering of snow.
    I like your name for son (his owner) was amused to hear this!

    Happy weekend!

  21. I open your post and begin to scan. I smile. And smile some more. A good feeling washes over me. I'm overwhelmed by natural beauty. Who would think snow and rain and icy weather could be so beautiful? I do think, though, that part of the beauty derives from your country and the area in which you live. The richness and lushness captured in your photos are candy for the eye!

  22. I always look forward to seeing the brief snow in Nara - and your lush spring.

  23. こんにちわ。 

    うっすら雪景色の奈良公園もいいですね。  冷たい空気が感じ取れるようです。
    今年は雪が多くて・・・。  ますます出歩けませんが、身の回りのものでなんとかしのいでいます。


  24. 奈良で大雪が降るのは珍しいことだと聞きました。関東でもこんなに雪がつもったのは見たことないです。鹿も寒そうですね。

  25. Yokoさん こんにちは。
    今年は雪の多い冬ですね。 先週末と 昨日、横浜には記録的な雪が降り積もり 作夜は怖いほどでした。
    雪化粧をした奈良の公園に佇む子鹿の姿は ほんとうに愛らしいですね。
    「寒くなぁい?」 と頭をなぜてあげたいほどです。 この時季 さざんかの紅色に癒されますね。


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