Monday, May 30, 2011

The beauty and strength of bamboo

In May, the color of bamboo foliage is light-colored and is outstanding in contrast to other deeper shades of green.

Bamboos are very familiar trees and are favored very much in Japan.   How about in your country?   Maybe do they look exotic?   Bamboo grove is beautiful especially this season.

Bamboos grow so fast that we can almost see them grow and they reach up to generally as high as 50 meters.  The photo shows how they are tall: they stand on much lower ground than the place where I stand.

As you may know,  the stem has hollow inside and solid partitions on its smooth surface.  Because of that and the strong fiber in the stem, bamboos are strong and flexible though they might look delicate due to slim bodies.  Breezes make them bend and they look as if bowing.  They bend, but don’t break: they show that true strength is flexibility.  

Because of the height of bamboos, we don’t see foliage but mostly stems at our eye-level height.  Enjoy bamboo stem color from yellowish green to blue green to dark green and then look up to see foliage.  The grove looks enveloped in translucent light green lace.

The height and foliage hinder an abundance of light from reaching the lower section of their stems, but not so much as cedar grove.  At this season, bamboo foliage is not so dense that they allow filtered, dappled light to the lower part.   We can see beautiful lace manufactured by the light through bamboo foliage. 


Due to their versatility, bamboos have been used for many things in daily life ranging from foods (young bamboo shoots) to tools to construction materials.

When walking in bamboo grove, I feel majestic aura, which might have inspired the creation of the story  Kaguya Hime (The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter) in the 10th century.

Photos from the Takayama Bamboo Grove, about 15 minutes by car from my home.

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  1. Hello, Stardust.
    You took many beautiful Bamboo forests! I used to have black bamboos in my entrance garden. They were beautiful,but it was very hard to maintain them. They grew faster and faster,finally, the roots of them broke through our water pipe under the ground!! You can imagine what happened next to us!! I would rather love to eat young bamboo shoots in early spring!! I am a good cook about bamboos!

  2. I also love those savory bamboo shoots in season. This spring, an acquaintance of mine invited me to dig them up in her bamboo grove.
    They are deep and firm rooted. She said, however, once you got the hang of it, it would become easy.
    Anyway it was a hard-earned dinner for me.

  3. How tall bamboo grows!! The only place we have bamboo here is a small area around one of the exhibits at our local zoo. It doesn't grow to those heights there. As I look at people's blogs, it is so interesting to see the different plants, flowers, and animals that are indigenous to that part of the world. Have a lovely week. Mickie :)

  4. Another gorgeous set of photos! They are really impressive plants:)
    have a nice week!

  5. Yes … true strength is flexibility and the bamboo plant is the perfect example of that, stardust. It is amazing how tall they can grow. A bamboo forest, before it is too thick, must look magical in a field when the sun passes through causing reflections on the leaves. Your last photo with shadow and light reminds me of an impressionistic painting … it is so beautiful. In my world, bamboo can also grow wild so is planted with caution in our gardens. I have a lovely four-foot tall bamboo planted in a pot. :)

  6. growing in chapters.
    one after the other.

    daily athens

  7. Superb captures of such gorgeous trees! The rich green color is breathtaking! Strength is flexibility and that is definitely bamboo! Beautiful, informative post as always, stardust! Wishing you a wonderful week!


  8. no flowers, no color and these photo's are still gorgeous!!!

    the green feels so rich, i loved the fourth shot.

    your posts are great, beautiful and informative. so happy to be following along!!!

  9. These are marvelous photos of the bamboo forest. They look very exotic to me. We don't grow bamboo in Canada, but it is being used for flooring and cabinets, as it is a wise choice for sustainable building material.

  10. Hello!
    I have never seen anything like this ! Spectacular !!! Very interesting plants ( or trees ?). These are stunning !
    Amazing photographs and I very enjoyed this post.

  11. I like the shot of the stems, so smooth, and with different colors of green!

    Thanks for the earlier post about comments. Trouble seems to be going around. I was able to get your Open ID comment, though. I'm glad!

  12. these are beautiful photos. bamboo has functional and traditional uses in the Philippines. or culture is also replete with myths and tales about bamboo. and yes, i do love bamboo shoots.:p

  13. Your groves of bamboo get so high - I don't believe I've ever seen a similar grove in the US. The many shades of green are refreshing. Sometimes, I see that Bamboo is grown as a privacy hedge because the stalks can grow so closely together.

  14. PS I meant to mention that I have a small pot of Bamboo in my home - a friend gave it to me for Good Luck!

  15. I've heard that Charles Chaplin's stick was made of bamboo, that it might strong enough and at the same time it is flexible.
    It's the season of growing for bamboo and they shed many old leaves. So they call Fall of bamboo for this season in Japan.

  16. Very informative with wonderful images.

  17. With comments everything is OK. Thanks for the nice words in my blog comment.

  18. I never seen bamboo in real, I didnt know that they can grow so tall! Beautiful capture. Have a nice day!

  19. Bamboo are nice. I love the shade of green you've capture ... there is a real sense of wonder in you photos. Thank you! :)

  20. i love bamboos too and it's actually getting more popular nowadays here in my country as house plant. Very nice shots! My world entry is here.

  21. Bamboos match with temples and shirins very much.
    The texture of bamboos evoke the dignity of wooden architecture.

  22. Beautiful and wonderful array of gorgeous frames of these beautiful forests of bamboo, is truly precious. Lovely all the photos. Greetings.

  23. Thank you, each of you, for leaving comments, which I really appreciate. I have something to add.

    Bamboos are very wild and powerful like redrose and penelope pointed out. Bamboos are very invading, they could pierce a house from underground to floor to ceiling with their powerful fast-growing nature. It’s advisable to have bamboo in a pot like Penelope and Barb, or to choose carefully varieties for growing in home garden. The bamboos used for hedge are not living trees but bamboo timbers different from sasanqua hedge or the likes.

    Bamboos are evergreen and leaves don’t fall in autumn. Like haricot wrote, however, bamboos shed leaves which turned yellow at this season when bamboo shoots season is almost over. That’s why bamboo foliage is not dense at this time and we can enjoy lace-like scenery created by light through foliage. I didn’t know the Japanese word 竹の秋 (Fall of Bamboo), thank you haricot.

  24. Hello my beloved friend
    Wonterful green-photos!!!!
    Thank you for what I learned about bamboo!
    We have in Greece, but I don't have in my garden, not a park I saw it.
    Many greetings and kisses

  25. We have a stand of bamboo in our field, which is enclosed with a containment border, so far it's keeping it under control. I love the beauty of the nature of it's growth, but ours is not as magnificent as the photos you show. Lovely post!

  26. Thank you, Stardust, for visiting our Florida Fotos blog!

    This is a beautiful post. We love bamboo for its beauty and many practical uses. And it grows well here in Florida.

    Actually, as you say it grows fast and proliferates quickly. Some people have used it as a hedge between properties but it can get out of hand and become difficult to trim back.

  27. These are wonderful photos!! It's amazing to see the many varieties that grow. There's a lot of bamboo in our region too. I hope I'll be able to post pictures later.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog. I'd love to be back again!

  28. Beautiful series of bamboo photos. Bamboo forest reminds me of Chinese movies and one of the notable fact about bamboo was the Thomas Edison's idea of using bamboo filament for the electric light!

    Thanks for your kind words on my blog.
    Have a wonderful Sunday night.


  29. I love Bamboo. It's awesome to see in gardens and in the wild, but it's not an easy task to keep it under control in a yard... :-) Beautiful shots!

  30. Beautiful photographs. We do not have bamboo growing here, but we are seeing it in more and more goods from fabrics to flooring and furniture. I love the many shades of green in the photographs.

  31. Bamboo is an interesting plant. In france I visited a place called La Bambouserie which contains specimens of different varieties of bamboo. I never realised there were so many varieties. I have never been in a wild bamboo grove and I think it must be rather strange.

  32. Thank you again for the comments from all of you. There seem to be wide variety of bamboos including the ones that don’t grow sooo tall. However, the first growing and proliferating nature seems to be the same more or less.

    Edison's idea of using bamboo filament for the electric light is really notable.

    Have a nice week.

  33. Hello:
    Thank you for recommending this post to us. Lovely!cutchy

  34. Aha, you meant that you had already named the "flexibility" Bamboo.

    Although not so clear to me, dear Stardust, if you know that this feature can be compared metaphorically to the ability of certain people (it helps to practice Zen, so I guess you know) who have achieved a "flexibility" as the Bamboo.

    In these moments, I would love to not have the difficulty of the language to share at length about this.

    Another pleasure of images.

    A hug,

  35. Thanks for sharing this information.
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  36. i never saw bamboo forest though i think bamboos are grown here either because things made by them are seem once in a while .

    your photos are like shining pearls !
    thank you for sharing!


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