Monday, March 14, 2011

Slowdown in blogging for the time being

early blooming cherry blossoms at To-ji, kyoto, March 10th

Dear Friends, 

About three days have passed since the record powerful earthquake (once in 1000 years) hit northern east Japan extensively on March 11th.   As time goes by, more and more damages and victims are revealed.   I have more and more sinking mood as I read and hear about high level of radiation at damaged nuclear reactor,  possibility of nuclear meltdown in another reactor, tens of thousands of missing people, ominous looking fire at a burning oil refinery in the pitch-dark,  people suffering in agony on TV coverage..... : everything is terrifying, heartrending and unbearable to see.  I'm thankful for being able to lead a normal life but I'm so sad at the bottom of my heart.

This is an unbelievable tough test of perseverance and courage for my country.  Human being is helplessly fragile in the huge energy of nature but at the same time I believe human being is resolute in getting together to stand up from the ashes.
Your concern, prayers and wishes are really appreciated. I found John Donne’s “For Whom the Bell Tolls” (No man is an island)  as someone’s feeling for Japan on the Internet and I shed tears.  As a Japanese I must do something I can at this national emergency.  Kansai Electric Power Company in my area is calling us for conservation as it has started supplementing power to Tohoku and Tokyo Electric Power Company which suffer shortage of electricity.  Conservation of electric power is what I can do at least and I think I’ll refrain from using a computer for the time being. Very small quantity, but many drops make a shower. 

Stay safe, warm, and healthy.

Yoko alias stardust

This post is a recall about another big earthquake which devastated Kobe in 1995. 


  1. Many thoughts and prayers are with you and the people of Japan. Your post is lovely and so filled with hope and optimism. Yes, people will endure, survive, and rebuild--it is our nature. Take heart and know many kind thoughts are with you. Mickie

  2. Love the Sakura!
    You are very kind and loving to your country Yoko.
    Japan will rise up again because of people like you.

  3. Beloved friend of mine, I feel the same feelings too, like everyone else.
    My thoughts and my prayers are for the Japanese people.
    It's OK to miss a bit, since you need energy, what is important is that you are all well and that the Japanese people is solidarity and this is in your honor!
    I will wait with love
    Your friend

  4. 英雄的な人々と日本の連帯!


    - 人類のための例です。

    - ルーマニアでは、同情と尊敬の念。

  5. Indeed.小さいことの積み重ねは確かに大事ですよね。

  6. We are all of one planet and it's people, Yoko. Your concern and sadness are shared, as we watch the coverage of the terrible, heartbreaking and unbearable happenings. Wishing your country's people hope and courage.

  7. Take your time.
    Stay safe!

  8. Stay safe, Yoko and return when you fell you're ready! We'll be here for you.
    My best wishes and prayers are with people in Japan.

  9. Oh, Yoko, It is heartbreaking to see the devastation the earthquake and tsunami caused. I think of my Japanese friends many times during the day. The thoughts and prayers of the World are with you. Stay safe.

  10. I have seen the suffering and sadness on the news. It is a good idea to minimize the use of electricity at this time. As you have so wisely said every little bit of effort helps the greater cause. To mirror you words, I hope you, too, will stay “safe, warm and healthy”, Yoko. Until next time!

  11. Your photo is a lovely reminder of hope and beauty in the people of Japan. I'm so humbled by everyone's perseverance and grace under pressure.

  12. Dear Stardust, I know you will not be opening this for some time, but please know that my prayers are with your country and all those who are suffering. I was so concerned when it all happened and told my husband of a blogger friend in Japan. We prayed for you not knowing your circumstance. So many people are praying and sending what they can to the Red Cross hoping it will help even a little. Stay well my friend. I will check often.

  13. Japan will rise up again because of people like you.
    thanks for posting.


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