Saturday, March 12, 2011

Reflections at To-ji Garden, Kyoto

wisteria trellis without vine and flowers

Around this pond, trees and plants are speeding up their preparation for full-scale spring which will burst out in a couple of weeks.  Trees have purplish hue.  There's nothing blunt or monotonous in seemingly just another ordinary afternoon by the pond.

While I was watching the white glaring sun on the softly rippled water, two carps appeared.

A carp made a splash right in the water where the sun with its intense glare was reflected.
The reflected blue sky and clouds got swallowed in the whirl of water in a moment.

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PS:   Thank you, Blog Friends, for your inquiry, wishes and prayers to my country and its people hit by that massive earthquake (magnitude 8.8) yesterday.  Personally I was not affected by it as I live far away from the epicenter.  I'm terrified and shocked as more and more victims and damages are revealed as time goes by.  Those who are affected and damaged are in my prayers and thoughts.


  1. It is reassuring to know there are peaceful places still in Japan and that it is not all chaos. Your images are beautiful and serene. The cloud and sky reflections swallowed within a whirl brings a lovely touch of poetry to the scene.

  2. Your photos are lovely, such peaceful scenes, after a day of viewing the after affects of the earthquake, on our news here in America.

  3. I love your shots. The scene are so peaceful. Happy weekend!

  4. I'm so very glad that you are safe!! Your photos are gorgeous as always, such fantastic Park! Very peaceful indeed and just what many people in your country need! Hope your weekend goes well!


  5. Beautiful shots of the garden.
    My prayers are with the people of your country for the unfortunate act of nature Tsunami. Take care.

  6. Amazing reflections!
    My thoughts and prayers always!
    R e g i n a

  7. Beautiful photos. I am glad that you are safe.

  8. Breathtaking photos. We have a young family friend teaching english in Japan now. She is safe but terrified.

  9. Deep regret is in my heart for the Japanese people.
    We are very concerned for you, but you are well and reaches.
    The pictures you are optimistic and beautiful as always!
    Thank you
    Many greetings

  10. Such peaceful and serene place and your photos are beautiful!
    It's great to hear that you're safe!

  11. Praying for all Japan. Very glad to hear you're all right!

  12. beautiful gardens and reflections

    I see your daughter was born on Dec 7
    so was I :)

    my thoughts go out to your country

  13. Superr İmaginile!

  14. The whole set of picture is gorgeous, but I have a special thing for the third one, this macro of the carp's joke... I juste love the way you were able to capture the wave in the water... They almost look solid metal. Impressive.

  15. The park is very quiet. store various colors of its own. blue sky ~ Love it ^^
    I am very concerned with my Japanese friends, thank God you survived.

  16. I deeply thank for your warm heart and thoughts...


  17. The third picture looks interesting. A moment of move in stillness. A carp captured a vast sky into the pond.

  18. Your serene photos calm the heart and mind. I'm so sorry for the devastation in Japan. I, too, photographed fish in a pond recently - it is like they are swimming in sky-water. Stay safe.

  19. Thank you Friends domestic and international for nice comments and warm concern and prayers. Things are getting worse here with the possibility of radioactive contamination or about 10000 missing people caused by tsunami. My sympathy is with those who suffering losses and I’m very thankful for being able to lead a normal life though I’m so sad at the bottom of my heart.

    When I took these pictures, of course I never knew such a catastrophe would happen the next day somewhere in Japan. My favorite photo is the third one for the intense glare of the sun even in the water and its metallic touch as “tsuki” pointed out. I tried to present it only but had a second thought that it would be better to show in a series that something interesting is always happening in the seemingly ordinary water and the contrast between stillness and movement.

  20. Glad to hear you are all right. My thoughts go out to everyone affected by the disaster.

    Lovely lovely shots... so cool with the carp!

  21. Beautiful photos! I've also posted photos from this place...

  22. Merci pour ce joli moment passé en compagnie de vos superbes photos. votre blog est superbe..

  23. Your photos are so beautiful.

    I feel so awful that Japan has been hit with such tragedy. I'm glad though that you are okay. Blogging makes the world feel so much smaller than it used to be so that when something terrible happens in one part of the world we are all affected. All the best!


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