Saturday, March 5, 2011

At the Sarusawa-ike Pond

At the beginning of March
 The reflection of the Kofukuji's Five-storied Pagoda is  reaching over the foliage in the water.
The pagoda  was reconstructed in 1426 after going through  fires, and
is the second highest pagoda (about 50-meter high) in Japan.

At the beginning of March, there are no flowers, no fresh green threads of weeping pillows, no colored leaves, no special events, no dusting of snow, .... around Sarusawa-ike Pond.  Nonetheless, it was fun to walk around there on a breezy, sunny day.

Turtles are comfortably basking in the sun.

Like an Indian Ink painting!


  1. Goodness -this is a beautiful place. Your photos are stunning and so peaceful.

  2. The reflection of the winter seems to be a sumi drawing.
    The national treasure seems to express the dignity by all seasons.

    Thank you for your visit.

    Good weekend

  3. It is a serene and lovely spot in all seasons. The trees are green even in the beginning of March. Now you must photograph it in summer!

  4. Autumn created the most beautiful reflection in the water...very special scene along with the's as if they too are enjoying the view!

  5. It's beautiful all year round! Autumn with its incredible colors is stunning, B&W winter, elegant, but March also is charming there!
    You live in such a beautiful country!

  6. WOW! Sarusawa-no-ike! One of the symbols of Nara. I'm so happy to see its photos here. The last time I went to Nara is about two years ago and I walked around the pond. I've heard that the pond was much larger in the Kamakura period and so on. Its snowscape is lovely, too.

  7. Peaceful as a cup of tea.

    Please have a good weekend.

    daily athens

  8. What a lovely, peaceful place! I love it! And such gorgeous reflections! The turtles on the log look just like the turtles I photograph here in Seattle! Great post for the day! Enjoy your weekend!


  9. Beautiful -I think the winter one is my favorite, because the contrast!

  10. Oh, excellent!!Three different seasons! I missed snowy scene to capture!! Sarusawa Pond is one of my favorite! Thank you for sharing exquisite photos.

  11. Gorgeous place and reflections!

    Enjoy your weekend.

  12. It's funny that turtles are basking. Shells would dry well in the sunny day. Almost turtles are stretching their neck and watching one way. What are they watching,I wonder?

  13. The reflection of winter scene reminds me of the music, "Winter" of " The four seasons".
    Quiet and serene photos!

  14. You have posted nice photos of Ukimidou.
    I think that this place looks very familiar to you! I get tired after walking around the park because of my poor sence of direction of Nara park. I like the third photo the best!
    Have a nice weekend!

  15. Stunning captures!! I loved them all but the best of the lov was the autumn one, just so serene and peaceful and colorful!
    Have a wonderful weekend:-)

  16. Oooooo,wonterful place !!!! Paradise !!!!
    Your photos amazing !!!
    Greetings from Greece

  17. The reflections are beautiful all year long!

  18. Thank you for your nice comment on my reflections shot. I love your seasonal pictures of the pond--there is beauty in every season. I have a park close by that has a small lake--the turtles love to sit in the sun on the logs there too--such fun to watch them. Mickie

  19. I used to spend time there when I lived in Nara. Just to see turtles there, you know:)
    My favorite is the one in winter. It's a great idea to show it in monochrome. Awesome.
    Thanks for sharing.

  20. Thank you, each and every one, for your nice comment.

    Barb, I'll try summer scene.

    Sarah, I suppose turtles are enjoying the view and colored leaves as Wanda wrote.

    Y.Ikeda, the winter version is straight out of camera. That time it was snowing rather heavily and I was so lucky to photograph the real monochromatic scenery.


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