Monday, October 29, 2018

Indian Summer October

October has been sunny and warm different from the gloomy 
or series of disastrous weather of September.
Peaceful days have passed with the unseasonably warm daytime
hovering around 25 degrees C .

After the misty rain, pearls of morning dew was glinting serene and blissful.

A butterfly in the cosmos field.

Chrysanthemums, one of autumn’s beauties.

Autumn roses flower into maturity till the chill of the north wind.

Y likes to help around garden as he likes mud, dirt, insects, and water.
At the green shop, he chose Amethyst sage, of Salvia leucantha, without hesitating. 
Purple is one of his favorite colors.

In the mountain, hearts, which look losing their freshness,
 were hanging in there on vine strings.

In the northern part of Japan and on the higher elevation,
autumn leaves have already passed their peak like Liriodendron tulipifera in the photo below.

But here in Nara, the best time will come in a month.
Chinese Tallow trees are changing colors.

"sudachi" is a seasonal sour citrus used as food flavoring.
It contains more Vitamin C than “yuzu” and lemon.

Autumn is for eating as well as for art and sports.
There is an adage “shokuyoku no aki” meaning “autumn is the season for eating”.

Kebab & Curry set

With November just around the corner, weather has started turning  to the chill at last.
As temperatures drop, autumn color changes.
The next post will be about the landscape with autumn tint.

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  1. Beautiful post. The autumn dinner looks very tasty. I look forward to some beautiful autumn posts from you as your season progresses.

  2. Gorgeous seasonal images, the colours are intoxicating. Lovely mosaic of the boys.
    Happy Mosaic Monday.

  3. Beautiful colors and pictures !!!!
    Our indian summer is gone. The temperatures drop 10ºc in two days.
    Have a lovely and yummy week !

  4. Purple is such luxurious color … dirt and bugs are lush too. Your grandchildren are learning the love of nature from having such a wonderful grandmother as you. I still remember to smell particular flowers that my mother loved because she would point them out and together we would soak in the aroma.

  5. Hello Dear Yoko!
    Kebab & Curry looks very appetizing.
    I love rice and green lettuce.

    Delicious autumn colors. I love sunny and colorful autumn.
    Lemons look great. Do they grow in your garden?
    I am waiting for next autumn photos.
    Kisses and greetings.

  6. Everything is beautiful in Japan ... including the food! Beautiful images. The butterfly on the cosmos is lovely. I love Cosmos -- they seem to dance on their stems. Have a lovely week!

  7. Hello Yoko - love the dew effect on the yellow rose, it is sublime. Do "sudachi" fruits taste anything like limes? I notice that Y also likes to wear a touch of purple too. Glad you have been enjoying an Indian Summer - the whole of October has been an Indian Summer here, but as November arrives there is suddenly a noticeable chill to the air.

    1. Yes, sudachi tastes like lime. Sudachi looks similar to a lime, small, round, and green. It seasons dishes and can be used as a garnish like lemon or lime.

  8. How beautiful there is! Have a nice new day

  9. Wow - looks glorious where you are! Those first pictures of the dewdrops are outstanding.

  10. Oh, your photos are so delightful, especially with the dew on them in such delicate shapes. I remember the Chinese Tallow trees from one of your posts last year - I can't wait to see more of their glorious colors in a future post!

  11. Lovely snap of the water drops. Love it

  12. Fresh autumn colors.
    A cute smile.


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  14. Beautiful autumn post. I love the colours too, all those reds and golds. I have two Japanese Maples in my garden and they have the best coloured leaves at this time of year. It has been a very warm summer here as well and some flowers are still in bloom. It is Halloween today. I wondered if you celebrate something similar to Halloween? Happy autumn to you, Yoko

  15. Hello Yoko, your photos are wonderful - as always - so enjoyable! Thank you!
    I wish to tell you that my granddaughter has a marvelous time in Japan. She is there already one month. She visited many cities and places, and when beautiful photos with deer arrived I knew she was in Nara! She spent her 23. birthday in your home town.
    She walks many kilometers every day and sends lots and lots of marvelous photos. She took some workshops, in one of them she made a sarubobo doll. She is very much drawn to the beauty and aesthetic of your country, be it nature and be it art. Before she came to Japan she was one month in Korea. I think this trip will add in her maturity and how she views the world and different cultures. Before she traveled she served three years in the army, then worked for almost a year very hard as a waitress to earn the money for the trip. Upon her return she will start university. Can you see that I am proud of her?
    Hugs to you! :-)

  16. Dear Yoko, when I opened your post I thought how much I would love to visit Japan in autumn. Your fascinating pictures are incomparable! They reveal the beauty of Nara and nature.
    Y looks so cute in purple! Oh, could you clarify, please, is sudachi a kind of lime?
    Have a wonderful November!
    Warmest wishes from Russia,

    1. Yes, sudachi is a kind of lime. It looks similar to a lime; small, round, and green. It seasons dishes and is used as a garnish like lemon or lime.

  17. Wow! such a amazing and beautiful pictures. Thanks for providing this fascinating pictures. Such a very beautiful post.

  18. こんばんは。秋も深まってきました。秋薔薇やナンキンハゼ、美しいですね。葉っぱに着いた水滴が爽やかな朝の気配を漂はせてますね。

  19. In the autumn the nature is dressed in yellow, brown and gold tones, a pleasure for our look. Wonderful selection of photos, they are all beautiful. The photo with the children is so lovely.
    Have a Great weekend
    Warm regards
    Divagar Sobre Tudo um Pouco

  20. Y君優しいお顔してますね。ご両親そしておじいちゃんおばあちゃんに大切に育てられている幸せそうなお顔です。


  21. As usual, you have shown me the beauty of the Autumn in Nara. Not only the leaves and the trees, but the beautifully displayed food too! Y is a typical boy loving bugs and mud and dirt, my grand-boys are just the same, and my grand-girl too!
    We have had some snow here, but it has all melted now, but the temperatures are cold so I am sure winter will arrive soon.

  22. As you know, I've been out of touch due to health issues, but am back now and hopefully most of those issues have been resolved. And, once again I have the privilege and the joy of reading your delightful posts and drinking in the beauty of your photos. The fall presents itself with many warm and welcome colors. Loved the photos of your grandson also. I hope that all is well with you and your family.

  23. Hello Yoko, lovely to see your autumnal images! The food looks very appetising, as winter approaches we are now being drawn to hot foods. Here we eat more root vegetables and greens. Interesting how we pick our favourite colours from an early age.

    Happy November!

  24. The leaves and flowers look so fresh with rain and dew. Y looks very pleased with the purple sage. I'm looking forward to your fall colors. Here in S California, there is a constancy to the weather that is so different from the daily changes in the mountains of Colorado where it is already winter.

  25. I see that in Japan you have a very guessed right autumn perception. The winter comes closer and everything in the free nature gets rid of certain weight but, at the same time it assembles provisions and accumulates calories to overcome the hard times that approach. So to say that it is an epoch to eat, it is not by no means a nonsense.
    This post helps itself recreate with all the senses in it, since across your images it is not difficult to drag after the eyes surprised to the taste, the tact and the smell invited by the sheens, the colors and the textures that here you leave us.
    With gardeners like these you garden must grow healthily, funny and entertaining. The purple one is a good option before motivations like that. The small gardener, no doubt, knows how to choose.


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