Monday, August 17, 2015

At Shin-Nishinomiya Yacht Harbor

"Sail away from safe harbor. Catch the winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover."

Numerous yachts are docked at the Shin-Nishinomiya Yacht Harbor 
located between Kobe and Osaka along the Osaka Bay. 

I’ve never being sailing on a yacht. 
I imagine what it would be like in the interaction of fair wind and water under the blue sky. 
Sailing would be healing, exhilarating, and frightening, too.

I feel nostalgia for the sea. 
There would be more to it than the fact that I was born and raised in a harbor city Kobe.  
Whether it is to sail, to swim, or to watch the sea,  we are going back to the place from where we came.

In a sense, we are all salty boy or girl.  
The percentage of salt in human body fluids is said to provide evidence that life first started in the sea.  
(In human body fluids, salt percentage is 0.9 percent, while in the present sea 3.1-3.9 percent
which became thicker in the course of the history.)

When the setting sun started painting the sky rose, I thought about this summer.
My days had been revolving around my three little grandchildren
who kept me not only entertained with their innocent behaviors but also busy.
During the Obon holiday, I could catch my breath and got a second wind to sail onward.

your life sailing consists of further exploring, dreaming, and discovering.

"Shin Nishinomiya Yacht Harbor is one of the largest yacht harbors in western Japan. For visitors with yachts, the harbor holds some visitor shipping spaces. There are rental yachts for visitors missing their yacht lifestyle, and yachting classes for beginners." I like to stop by for walking the boardwalk and/or resting at a cafe with a relaxing view of the harbor when I visit my son living in Nishinomiya City. 

Thank you, Mersad, for hosting.


  1. Beautiful harbour, yachts and pictures !!!!! Never be on a yacht eider...
    Have a lovely day !

  2. The yachts and their reflections are beautiful, but most of all I love the setting sun painting the sky rose, and your lovely thoughts surrounding the pleasures of a summer spent with your three grandchildren - precious moments to cherish and remember.

  3. I, too, suspect we are drawn to the sea because that is from where we originated. These peaceful photos of sailboats in the harbour, as you said, also represent a relaxed a state of mind. Although some might sail this world literally, many more sail through their days figuratively as voyagers going with the flow of their own lives.

  4. so interesting to consider salt, in us and in the sea
    your photos are not only beautiful but inviting
    a lovely mix of nature and humanity
    lovely week to you

  5. Hej hopp vilka båtar, det skulle vara så kul att få stiga ombord och göra en tur. Havet är så härligt. När vi bodde i Göteborg vid havet var vi ofta ute och åkte båt till små öar och holmar under helgerna det var en underbar tid med mycket upplevelser.
    Nu bor jag också vid vatten men har ingen båt att åka med Jag njuter av att titta på vattnet och vandra efter Vätterns strand
    Önskar dig en fin och skön vecka
    Kram Meta

  6. A gorgeous series of photos! Full of atmosphere!

  7. Awesome photos! What a beautiful harbor, skies and water reflections, as well as the beautiful yachts!

  8. Lovely shots! The shot of the lamps is quite magical.

  9. Konnichi-wa Yoko!

    Back on the stage! It's definitely a longer story to tell, but now I'm well again and full of unconsumed energy! ;-)

    A yacht harbour in Japan looks obviously the same like a yacht harbour in Germany or Spain. There are some exceptions of that rule. If you have a look to Monaco ( ) the yachts are significantly bigger... ;-)
    The colours of your evening shots I like most.

    All the best from Germany to hot Japan in August!


  10. こんばんは。 美しいお写真ですね。 背景に山並みが写る、街灯の写真もとても素敵です。私は、大学時代、ヨットの同好会に居ました。

  11. Lovely reflections! It's too hard to choose a favourite!

  12. Loved all the yacht shots especially when the sun was setting. Also loved the lamps in that light.

  13. A lot of expensive yachts at Shin-Nishinomiya Yacht Harbour! (I spell it the English / Canadian way!) I was born and spent my childhood by the ocean and I love to see the sea. The boats where I was born were fishing boats, or boats to take tourists out to see the cliffs. Nothing like the yachts in the marina. You are right, sailing can be frightening. Nice on a warm sunny day with light breezes blowing in the harbour, but a different story in gale force winds on the ocean.

  14. Like you I have never been on a yacht. I have been on many large ships and ferries and loved them. Lately I took the ferry from Alameda Island in California to San Francisco and the views were magnificent. Your photos are also very beautiful and would make us all long for the sea.

  15. We are going back to the place from where we came. You are right, Yoko, we always come to ourselves.
    My summer was totally different; for the first time in my life I travelled solo, explored my favourite Italy and and dicovered as you say lots of new about it. Frankly, I envy you, it is a blessing to nurse your little ones!
    With warmest wishes from Russia,

  16. Khalil Gibran decía....Debe haber algo extrañamente sagrado en la sal, está en nuestras lágrimas y en el mar.
    Debe ser cierto porque nos gusta y nos llama poderosamente la atención .Preciosas fotos.
    Buen fin de semana.
    Un beso.

  17. I love water, yachts, sailboats, marinas, etc. And I thoroughly enjoyed this photos. Of course, the sea can also be a place of great danger. One must always treat it with respect! I doubt that I will ever be able to purchase a yacht, even if I wanted to, due to lack of the large amount of money necessary! Some years ago, I was talking with a man who worked on one of the bigger yachts in Ft. Lauderdale. It ran on diesel fuel. I asked how much it would cost to fill the tanks with gasoline. He said about $40,000.00. That was probably around 1986! I would guess it would cost more now!

    So nice to hear from you. From your comments here it seems like you are having fun with family! Lots of joy there!

  18. I love seeing your watery images, Yoko. I miss the ocean since we are land-locked in CO. I have sailed, and it is quite exhilarating (if the wind is blowing). Once upon a time, I even helped crew in a sailboat race. It sounds like you're catching your breath here at the end of the summer. My last two grandchildren had their summer visit with us this past week. Now, all will be back to school.

  19. 神戸の港町大好きです。 ある年、神戸ハーバーランドにあるホテルに泊まりました。新神戸駅が出来てからは、あのあたりちょっと寂しくなったような気がしますが、今でも好きな場所の一つです。 Nishinomiya Harbour って、まるで外国みたいですね。 私はCity lights の連なってる写真が大変気に入りました。プロみたいに、素晴らしいです。 
    ほんと、孫は可愛いけど、疲れます。 今回のハワイでBaby sitter して、もっと体を鍛えなくてはと思いました、、、と言いながら、この港のcafeで、ヨットを見ながらお茶してぼーとしてる方が好きな私です。 

  20. Hello! We're finally going to Osaka this Saturday! I wonder if you can tell me how the weather is there right now? I have been checking online and weather forecasts say it's raining! I'm a bit worried as all the clothes I have packed are summer clothes :D

  21. こんばんわ。ご無沙汰しています。西宮のハーバーにこんなにたくさんのヨットが並んでいるのですね。風が吹く海をすいすい泳いだらこの暑さも吹き飛んでしまいますね。さわやかなポストです。また近いうちに!

  22. What a lot of boats. And how calm the water looks! I like the way you talk about life in terms of sailing. We are all on our journeys...


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