Monday, October 27, 2014

Leaf watching at Nara Park

The news of sweeping views of autumn colors at higher elevations seems to be coming soon. Though Nara is at lower elevations, it's not early to go leaf-watching as leaves constantly change colors.  Here's a report about how the changing colors has progressed in Nara Park so far.

Yellow leaves are deepening their colors.

October sky is high and clear blue in general.

  Japanese maple leaves, which change colors last, are still greenish.


Whenever I come under the wooden trellis covered with green leaves,
I like to look up and see through the higher plants and the sky.

By the way, what do you think these water is for?

This shop is providing water for deer to drink.


Nara Park is a meeting place of deer and tourists, and the locals as well.

The deer follows tourists expecting some foods.

This is so true; “Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”

The most eye-catching to me is Chinese Tallow Trees for these various-colored heart-shaped leaves
with a long pointed tip.

Leaves are already crimson on the branches in the full-sunlight, green on the lower branches,
and various different colors in between.

Fruits are green before black in mature and then opening to reveal the white wax covered seed in winter.

The translucent red leaves with gold tint take my breath away.
You'll understand why I like to photograph the leaves of Chinese Tallow Tree.

In Nara Park,  the prime of the season will be the last two weeks of  November.

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  1. Amazingly beautiful colors of the fall season. Nara Park is stunning.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  2. Hello Yoko!!! Hello Yoko!!! Stunning photos as usually! All is so amazing around there! Nothing is more wonderful than Autumn colours! The Nara Park and their deers are a fabulous place! I love the great idea of the water to deer's! Thank you so much for sharing this wonder and for the kind comments on my blog. I'm not fast on answer but I really appreciate them :)
    Hope you have a wonderful Autumn!
    Hugs and love from Portugal,
    Ana Love Craft

  3. 紅葉にはまだ時間がかかりそうですが、沢山の奈良公園の秋を撮りましたね。NHKのテキストで先月”秋はすべての葉が花となる第二の春である”Albert Camusの言葉を習ったのを思い出しました。青空に映える赤、黄、茶色の葉っぱは秋の花びらですね。鹿さんのお水入れ可愛い。

  4. The Tallow Tree is marvelous in the way it sprouts Valentine leaves. I can see transitions everywhere in the park … each bit of foliage, perennial and tree altering at a slightly different tempo. I, too, live in a land of changing seasons and autumn is my favorite partly because it promises renewal is just around the corner.

  5. Hello Yoko! Thank you so much for your kind comment and visit on my blog. Your blog is full of such beautiful photographs! Autumn is a such a colourful season in Japan... You make me want to visit Nara!

  6. just a marvelous place filled with such beauty in so many seasons...

  7. A beautiful place ! Beautiful colors and pictures !
    Thanks for sharing all those beauties !
    Have a nice week !

  8. Exquisitely beautiful! I love the Chinese Tallow leaves and the lovely reflections. Our maples,which are Canadian I think,are the first to shed their leaves. Thank you for sharing your beautiful Japanese Autumn leaves Yoko.

    Have a wonderful week,

  9. När man ser sig omkring i skog och mark så finns de massor med fina löv på träden. Vare sig de är gula röda gröna eller prickiga Du har fångat så fina bilder på löven. och vad kul att ha rådjur så nära inpå Hos oss är de så rädda för människor.
    Ha en fin dag
    Kram Meta

  10. Dear Yoko - the combination of colours along with the heart shaped leaves of the Chinese Tallow are delightful. Nara Park is a little bit of paradise along with it delightful deer and its loveliness through all of the seasons.

  11. Wonderful autumnal colours you posted, Yoko! Here in Germany we had again a month with temperature records. October was one of the warmest October months ever. No frost at all, generally mild and pleasant temperatures. The sun is shining more or less all day long, sometimes we have some fog or dust in the morning. So most of the foliage still is green here in Germany as well. But step for step the leaves change their colour from green to yellow or golden. Some of the bushes even get red coloration. But currently I'm not yet willing to post autumnal photos from Germany - I feel, it's not yet the right time for doing that - the weather here doesn't really feel and smell like (wet and cold) autumn! ;-)
    Your deers in the Nara park are like the tame cows we met three weeks ago in the very south of Germany. Can you touch and pet them like we did with our cows??? ;-)
    All the best from Germany, Uwe.

  12. Lovely photographs as always. Your Autumn seems to be progressing similarly to ours in the UK; it's been promising to happen for some weeks but mild weather has delayed the changes.

  13. So the colors in Nara are changing and how! I love the transition of colors that happens with the changing seasons but what I love more is how this transition is gradual... like a painter panting on a canvas and the result unfolding layer by layer with every progressing day and moment of the season. Such a miracle of nature, isn't it? I love the deers, very cute!

    Thanks for taking me along as always, Yoko, I do miss Nara very much. We had a week long off for Diwali - one of the the biggest festivals in India and I took this time to travel and spend time with friends and family. Seasons are changing in India as well, winter will soon set in. Hope you all are doing well, take care and keep writing.

  14. Wonderful pictures and colours - we are in spring here, with very different colours.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  15. 緑のモミジからのぞく朱色(何色というのでしょう)の建物のコントラストにはっとします。南京ハゼの葉の秋色にこれほどの違いがあるのも新鮮な驚きです。見ているはずなのに見ていないんですね。精一杯秋化粧をして、はるばる来られるJennyさんを歓迎してほしいですね。

  16. このあたり散歩したいです。 なんて、すてきな場所でしょう。将来ここに引っ越したいかも。5番目の写真が大好き! もちろんどれも素晴らく撮れてますけど。

  17. Fantastic shots of the leaves and deer.

  18. Przecudne fotografie , piękne miejsca , i sarenka urocza:)

  19. Hello Yoko, I'm pleased your fall is later than mine - I can enjoy fall again through your photos. I do like when leaves change slowly, some still showing green, and others in various stages of transition. I even love them on the ground. The deer in Nara Park are so docile. They have such sweet, gentle faces. I see people are wearing sweaters on their walk through the park, so it must be getting cooler there.

  20. 奈良公園には、多くの南京ハゼがありますが、この時期濃紅になるのが、美しいですし、その葉の形もかわいいですね。空の淡い青がとてもきれいです。リフレクションがとてもきれいです。鹿のための水、優しいですね。
    Have a nice day!

  21. What magical shots and such a lovely time of year.

  22. What can I say? These photos are so beautiful! I think autumn is my favourite month as I adore the reds and yellows and golds.... and your pictures are full of these vibrant colours. Totally magic.

  23. Yoko, I come to your blog when I feel in need of peace. Your images are so beautiful and tranquil. Truly lovely!

  24. Those are really beautiful trees. I bet Japanes would give a great fall atmosphere on those paths as they turn yellow. So deers are trick or treating too :)

  25. こんばんは。季節の微妙な変化が感じられて、素敵です。とても繊細な心をお持ちですね。 こちらでは、桜、花水木が紅葉し始めて、ハゼの木の紅葉から、本格的なシーズンが始まります。ナンキンハゼがお好きですね。 トウカエデは奈良には少ないのでしょうか。

  26. 。°°✿⊱。
    Fotos maravilhosas.
    Nara Park é super agradável!

    Bom fim de semana!


  27. Beautiful colors of autumn.

    Greetings from Poland:-)

  28. Wonderfull colorfull fotos, greeting from Belgium

  29. Just so lovely to see your autumn photos. Those leaf colours are very beautiful, greens reds and gold. Seeing the deer made me smile and I like the imaginative water bowls. Just noticed a plastic pumpkin bowl and wondered do you celebrate Halloween in a big way in Japan? It is such a Pagan English tradition, but it seems a lot of countries celebrate our Halloween.
    One day I will visit Nara Park... As always, love your photos and post.
    Autumn Blessings,

  30. Wonderful photos!! The colours and the combination with the still existing green create a tapestry that keeps one outdoors and watching! The Chinese Tallow trees at Nara park are in an advanced stage of, around Yokohama...the show is yet to come. It has started, but only where the sun shines directly on the leaves.In exchange, the Tulip Trees are beautifully yellow and shining against the clouded sky! We have a lot of such trees in our neighbourhood. Hope you're fine!

  31. Hello, stardust-san.

    This time I chose a poem worthy of your " ALL Nara-blogger".
    " あをによし 奈良人見むと 我が背子が  標けむ黄葉 地に落ちめやも "

    I pay tribute to the photo-shoot of everyone Nara-blogger.

    Have a good weekend. ruma ❃

  32. ✿彡

    Bom fim de semana!
    Beijinhos do Brasil.
    ✿♫° ·.

  33. I missed this gorgeous post and enjoyed it now! Thank you for always sharing the marvelous beauty of your homeland with us Yoko, it is very much appreciated! :-)


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