Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Boating snapshots at Sagi-ike Pond

Last Sunday, I strolled aroud Sagi-ike Pond to view the blooms of my favorite 辛夷 Kobushi, or Kobus Magnolia trees. 

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Kobus magnolia

Look at these overflowing florescence!

People stopped to admire the blooming trees one after another, looking up at from the boat or from the path along the pond.

It was such a sunny, warm weekend with a little breeze that some families, friends, or lovers were enjoying boating on the pond.

 Row, row row your boat
Gently down the stream
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily
Life is but a dream

On the pond, you actually have to move water backward to move your boat forward.  Remember?   You're not looking where you are going when you have oars, so you turn around to see and feel relaxed to find immersed by the splendor of nature.   I think that is all about boating on Sagi-ike Pond.

from the path by the pond

from the upper ground

Cherry blossoms looked coming soon. 
The blooms of them indicate the full arrival of spring.

Please view Kobushi flowers catch the spring wind, too.


  1. I loved the pictures. And soon it is going to be cherry blossom time in japan ! I wish I was there !

  2. So very beautiful. thank you for sharing. xx

  3. Perfect!

    Dear Yoko, thanks for these wonderful impressions from the Sagi-ike pond surrounded by magnolia blossoms! They shine like white little diamonds with a touch of purple. Perfect shots - I love them all!


  4. Hi Yoko san, Shalom!
    What a magnificent blossom those magnolia trees have! They look like glorious graceful brides on their wedding day!
    You again showed us so much beauty, and you always do it with a warm heart and tender soul, so that each time we feel we have received a lovely present! Thank you for those wonderful photos and your kind words! :-)

  5. Oh yes, I almost forgot - about your last post, I was late and comments were closed already - the images of the blooming cherry trees are just breathtakingly beautiful! Thank you for those too!
    And there was even a namesake - a Yoko cherry tree! :-)

  6. vad vackert Tack för att du visar mig(oss) dessa vackra bilder av din hemtrakt.
    Ha en fin vecka här firar vi snart Påsk.
    Kram meta

  7. The words of the song “merrily, merrily … life is but a dream” flow well with the lovely scenes of water, blossoms and boats. It struck me as an interesting fact of life that the rower must go forward sitting backwards without having the perfect vision or knowledge of what is ahead.

  8. ボートに乗って桜を楽しむなんていいですね。 日本以外にも桜はあるようですが、やはり桜は和の風景という感じがします。 What a nice photo collection!

  9. So lovely to see blossoms in full swing, when our March still peppers us with snow. Thank you, dear Yoko for a breath of SPRING! Have a great week!

  10. Absolutely gorgeous pictures...
    Thanks for sharing this beauty...

  11. Podziwiałabym piękne kwiaty magnolii, zarówno pływając łódka po wodzie, jak i spacerując alejkami. Nie miałabym i tak dość. Widoki są cudowne. Pozdrawiam.
    I admire the beautiful flowers of magnolia, both the boat in the water swimming and walking paths. I would not, and so pretty. The views are wonderful. Yours.

  12. こんにちは。今回はコブシ咲く風景ですか、とても綺麗です。Row Row Row Your Boat は小節を効かせて歌われましたか。

  13. How dreamy and utterly magical.

  14. truly beautiful blossoms! your photos make them poetry.

  15. Love the blossoms, the trees are really laden too. Great series and like the row, row row your boat segue.

  16. Hi, loved the pictures!
    Indeed, when you're spending time at a beautiful place such as this, "life is but a dream"... :)

  17. Hej Yoko, those photos are so beautiful. I have enjoyed them more than once now. We've only got the earliest little spring flowers like eranthis and snowdrops here in DK - and they look like they are freezing down there in the cold soil. It was such an encouragement to see your beautiful photos. I'm optimistic now. Spring will come here too!

    Grethe ´)

  18. WOW! コブシ、きれいですね。こちらではコブシは終わってしまい、桜が満開です。関西のほうが桜が遅いのが不思議ですね。緯度は関西のほうが南なのにね。

  19. This is an idyllic and serene place on earth. How nice to be able to sit in a boat and immerse oneself in the sound of water softly lapping at its side, while drenched in the beauty of these white blossoms that are the sign and essence of Spring. As usual, your photos are gorgeous and proclaim boldly for the world to see this array of nature's bounty!

    And thank you for your comments on the Tuscany poem. You always are able to divine the meaning of the words I string together!

    Right now I'm at the Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Florida. Lois went into surgery about two hours ago. Only five more hours. The nurse called when the surgery began to tell me she's doing well. She'll be in the hospital for seven days. We're hoping that the cancer is gone. She'll lose her bladder but at least she'll live!

    Best wishes to you my friend!

    1. You must be spending one of the longest day in your life. Medicines is advanced. Seven days in hospital after the operation is miraculously short. She’ll surely recover by saying goodbye to cancer. I’m confident in her will power and your supportive power. Keeping my fingers crossed... best wishes to two of you.

  20. Lovely! I am skiing in white mountains under the blue sky and warm sun :-)

  21. Ooo Yoko, fantastic photos!!!
    Your country is so beautiful!!!!
    Many greetings to all family!
    Many kisses

  22. ¸.•°♡
    ♡ Fotos muito, muito lindas!

    ♡ Feliz Páscoa!!!

  23. There's something magical about the combination of cherry blossoms and water. I really enjoyed your photos, because this year my own sakura sanpos have been limited due to a busy work schedule. I tell myself I shouldn't be disappointed, because soon it will be time for irises, hydrangea and lotus flowers. ;)

  24. Beautiful photos of Spring's coming. The cherry blossoms are so delicate and lovely. Hope all is well with you and your family. How is your daughter and her "fairly new" husband getting along? Thanks for sharing your lovely post, my friend. Mickie :)

  25. まだ冷たそうな風と池の水ですけど、コブシはもう春ですよ~~って呼びかけてくれてるようですね。日本の桜は外国にも咲いていますが、日本から送られた桜でも日本と違う気候、風土で育って行くと少しずつ花ビラの厚さ、大きさも変わってくると聞きましたが・・・コブシの写真を見てそんなことを思い出しました。いよいよ奈良の桜も満開だそうですね。足がまだ完ぺきに治ってませんので、歩かないで桜を愛でる良い方法はないかなあと考え中!です。良い週末を!

    1. まだ足が完治していないなんて可哀想! たとえば、ご主人と車で佐保川沿いにドライブして、図書情報館で桜を眺めながらランチ休憩してはどう? お大事に。

  26. Dear Yoko,

    Thank you for your caring kindness! I thought you'd like to know that Lois came through the surgery fine. The surgeon removed the bladder and lymph nodes and have sent them to be checked by the Pathology Lab. But he told us he found no evidence of other cancer for which we are so grateful.

    She's doing well. Part of the reason for that is they gave her an epidural (which she's never had before) for pain management. I stayed at the hospital last night and then went to the motel this morning to clean up and change clothes. When I came back she was sitting up. A little later a physical therapist came to take her for a walk around the nurses area.

    So we are pleased with everything thus far. We'll maybe find out more when the doctor comes in later today.

    Thank you again for your words of comfort. Obviously, you are kind and have a good heart!

    Best wishes to you and yours!


  27. Maravillosas fotografías y hermosa primavera.
    Un abrazo.

  28. 鷺池にこんなにりっぱな花をつける辛夷の木があるのですね。一番に春を知らせてくれてますね。さびしかった奈良公園に又花々が戻ってきますね。楽しみです。

  29. ご無沙汰しています。相変わらずなんとも優しさと清々しさと美しさにあふれた写真に惹きつけられます。row row row your boat♪♪・・なじんだ歌ですが、年月を経た今では、とても意味深いように思われます。面白いですね。いよいよ春満開になってきましたね。


  30. 「鷺池」という名前が優雅です。


  31. Dear Yoko, I love the hanami images, so peacefull+cheerfull! thanks foryour nice words on my blog, this time(back to your question) I brought some elephants-earrings back:-)) happy new week+let the spring begins!

  32. Your photos consistently demonstrate the beauty of Japan. I've been to Japan during the cherry blossoms season and I know how beautiful the country is.

  33. Hl Yoko, I'm late visiting, but I sure have enjoyed the magnolia blooms. I like the different focuses you used to show them and the boaters. Hope you're enjoying the cherry blossoms now!

  34. Ah yes, it is that time of year again for the beautiful cherry blossom and magnolias to bloom. I love springtime in Japan. You are in the best place right now and I will have to vist one day your wonderful gardens. The photo you have taken are truly lovely. Thank you for sharing!

  35. I am intensely envious of this beauty.


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