Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Lucky Garden, unpretentious Sri Lankan restaurant at Mt. Ikoma

This is local information about Lucky Garden, a unique restaurant which features dishes from Sri Lanka near the top of Mt. Ikoma.

(Photos taken with a compact digital camera)

The restaurant welcomes visitors with small children and pets.  My 1-year-and-six-month granddaughter looked free and comfortable sitting on the floor or exploring the space.  Pets are kept at animal run beside the openair seats.

Stone basin with elephants.
Sri Lankan elephants are the most loved animals by Sri Lankans.
As you feel from the photos, Lucky Garden is unpretentious.  I like it because it is simple in appearance rather than sophisticated or luxurious.  It might look shabby, but it's very clean, neat, and comfortbale.

And because, the dishes are so delicious.  This is A-course lunch (1600 yen) which includes fresh salad, three kinds of assorted foods, two kinds of curry, yellow rice, naan, and tea after the meal.

I forgot to include salad and naan.

To get to there by car is a bit of adventure.  One way is via old highway Kuragaritoge which is so narrow and winding that two cars can't pass by.  Another is a recommended road by the restaurant, a wider road you can drive overlooking Ikoma City on your way back, but it is too steep for the low body cars to climb.  Or, you can walk about an hour from Higashi Ikoma station.  Everyone who has been there likes to talk about that experience and conclude anyway it’s worth going there. 

Reservation is required to secure seats.  They prepare both outside and inside seats and you can choose one you prefer on your arriving.  Some people find this restaurant by chance during their hiking to Mt. Ikoma, but without reservation it’s almost impossible to have seats or even when possible, not at the main building but at the open space in the backyard which is called "sheep area", and menu is different.

Two sheep, Coockie and Cream, are grazing.

I had a good time with my family in the overcast afternoon at the end of June.

Yamaoka Pizza (my post here) is on a little higher ground in its vicinity.

(click on the photo to enlarge)
wind chime made of glass
I'll be offline for a week. 
Have happy summer days, Friends.


  1. What a marvelous restaurant in the middle of such a fantastic landscape. I wish I can sit there eating and dreaming for a while...
    ...lucky garden, happy people! ;-)

    Have a great and enjoyable summertime, Yoko!


  2. Hello Yoko:
    We very much like the look of this restaurant for all the reasons you outline here. Unpretentious but serving delicious food, this would surely be somewhere which we should love to go to. The adventure of getting there would definitely be worth the effort given the marvellous views to be enjoyed on arrival.

    Wishing you happy holidays and we look forward to your return!

  3. Dear Yoko - lovely spot for a restaurant and very tasty looking dishes. What a magical spot to sit and relax with your family.
    Enjoy your break.

  4. Do takiej cudownej restauracji, pięknie położonej, mogłabym iść nawet godzinę,zamiast jechać samochodem. Widać ze zdjęć, że ma niepowtarzalną atmosferę. Pozdrawiam.
    For such a wonderful restaurant, beautifully situated, I could go up to an hour, instead of going by car. You can see the pictures, it has a unique atmosphere. Yours.

  5. Befoere my husband and I found this restaurant by chance, but as you wrote we had to wait about 30minutes and my husband was not so patient.I'd like to visit there with my son's family one day. You captured the atmosphere very well.
    Have a nice vacation!

  6. The inside dining area looks so peaceful and inviting, but I would also enjoy eating outside under the trees! The drive or walk to get there sounds very interesting!

  7. What a wonderful spot to plan to hike to for a meal.

  8. It's a very cozy space and healthy dish.
    I wish that I had spend such nice time every day. :)

  9. This is such an unexpected yet such a charming restaurant! Definitely worth a hike or a difficult trip by car, just to sit at that table under that tree.

    Enjoy your break!

    PS: Cookie and Cream? Cute! ^^

  10. Hi Yoko,
    I can imagine you there enjoying the simplicity of this wonderful spot with your little granddaughter. I'm wondering if she will eat any of the foods you mentioned (some of my own grands are "picky" eaters, though my youngest will eat anything just to see if he likes it). Have some adventures on your vacation!

  11. Looks like many pet owners pick dogs that are somewhat similar in breed. I like the idea of walking an hour through nature to conclude with a nice meal. This makes for a healthy adventure! I would definitely make a reservation, though, so I could sit at a table. The food you pictured looks far more delicious than what the sheep are eating. :) What fun going to this restaurant must be for a toddler!

  12. What a wonderful setting, the food and peaceful atmosphere make it look very inviting. Have a good break.

  13. Oh, it looks amazing. It is just the kind of place that I like. I wonder if it operates during the winter months..

    If I come to Japan I would really like to go to this place, and I hope that I remember it. Of course, I don't know yet if I'm coming to Japan !

    I hope you enjoy your week off from blogging. Jenny

  14. This sounds like my kind of place. And your meal looks absolutely delicious. Here in Tucson, we have a place known as the Blue Willow....some nice home cooking set in a lovely courtyard. Nothing fancy, but very comfy.

  15. I would love to take a hike and dine outside at this lovely restaurant nestled amidst the beauty of nature. What a charming place to dine! Having a delicious meal and enjoying the scenery sounds perfect to me. A most delightful post!

  16. what a cozy place, the food looks so yummy+healthy! I am happy you enjoyed yur day da ythere.. wish u great summer*lovely break dear Yoko:-)

  17. 私も何回かその近くに行ったり、食事の目的で行ったりしましたが、結局タイミングがあわずまだ一度もカレーを味わったことがありません。ハリコットさんのご主人と同じく、うちの主人も待つのは嫌な人なので。予約可とは知りませんでした。
    「天空の庭園レストラン グリーンテラス」というのが生駒広報に載っているので、それも是非行ってみたいなと思っているところです。
    ガラスの風鈴、きれいですねぇ~ チリンチリンという音が聞こえてきます。

  18. Wonderful tour. The menu looks quite interesting. Quite similar to the food we have in India. Its such a beautiful garden styled restaurant in the lap of nature and peace. I would love to have a seat there and enjoy the complete ambiance, along with you and your cute little grand daughter, some day.

    Have a wonderful vacation, come back soon.

  19. Belo lugar...Espectacular....

  20. 前に洋子さんに教えてもらったこのレストランの近くのレストランにもまだ行けてません。私の運転じゃ無理そう。

  21. What a wonderful place. Thank you for sharing.

    Have some happy holidays, Yoko! Enjoy!

    Grethe ´)

  22. Hi,Stardust.

  23. Hello Yoko, this is Emilio (ISE Teacher).
    I like you blog, you are gooit is very interesting.
    The Lucky Garden is a great place to eat and enjoy the day.
    When I went , I walked from Houzanji to The Lucky Garden, It tok me about 45 minutes. Coming back I called a Taxi.

  24. Interesting place! Looks cosy. I've never tried the meal from Sri Lanka, by the way.

  25. Yoko, you made me feel like wanting to be there! And you made me feel hungry! What a lovely special place! :-)

  26. I would never expect to find a Sri Lankan restaurant at the top of Mt. Ikoma, what a surprise. But it looks marvellous. I love spicy food, and I would love to eat there. And I would walk there, not take my car, just so I could enjoy the beautiful scenery (as long as it wasn't raining!).
    I see that I could sit on a seat outside, but sit on the floor inside.
    I laughed at the picture of all the dogs!

  27. A cozy restaurant in a verdant setting. The ambience itself will help to whet the apetite.

  28. Yokoさん こんばんは。
    こんな静かな環境の中、美味しい野菜の料理を頂きながら、可愛い花に囲まれる 心和む素敵な憩いの場所に わんこ連れの家族にも嬉しい設備まであるなんて!
    できれば 訪れてみたいです。こんな場が横浜にあれば、もう週末は大騒ぎになります。(そうなったら、憩いの場所ではなくなってしまうのでした。)ああ、残念。

  29. Dear Yoko,
    What an inspired and balanced combination of wood and glass in the middle of a green oasis! I like the large windows which give space and luminosity, and also allow visitors to have a restful meal for both body and soul.

    Your post reminded me the joy I had for spending a New Year's Eve (two years ago) with friends from different countries, some coming from Sri Lanka. And though I don't like curry very much, the food was really tasty and the company extraordinary tonic and optimistic! We laughed a lot, we shared recipes from our countries, or local stories and traditions and we each sang our national anthem at midnight. :) Not quite the usual party for such an occasion, but definitely a night to remember and cherish! And in spite of their troubled history, the Sri Lankans I met were cheerful people, very opened to new encounters and experiences, in short a pleasure to meet and spend time with.

    I wish you a great vacation, my dear friend, and happy summer days!

  30. What a fun place. I love the little garden with the petals floating in the pond. I hope it was cool weather on top of the mountain.
    I love places like this.

  31. Przykro mi, ale nie widzę Twojego nowego postu. Pisze, że nie istnieje. Pozdrawiam.
    I'm sorry but I do not see your new post. He writes that he does not exist. Yours.

  32. What a wonderful totally different world! kind regard from mieke from the netherlands.

  33. I love the way the wind chime reflects it's surroundings.Looks like a wonderfully relaxing place to visit......once you get there.Food looks delicious too!
    Enjoy your break Yoko,

  34. What a beautiful spot! It looks inviting.

  35. What a beautiful and inviting place, I would love to be there. The meal looks delicious.

    Happy summerdays Yoko!
    Grethe ´)

  36. Hello Yoko, what a delight to discover your beautiful blog! I am here by way of sweet Ruby, and I see friends Jane and Lance here too...
    This restaurant looks very beautiful and peaceful...the food sounds (and looks)delicious.
    Love the sheep and pups!
    Have a lovely day,
    - Irina

  37. You captured the essence of the place, Yoko.
    I would also feel pleased to enjoy a mean in a simple and loving place such as this Sri Lankan restaurant.
    Could I just know why there were so many dogs (that looked pretty much the same) tied on the wodden stick? Do they belong to visitors?
    That must have been a wonderful and loud mess...
    Ohhh these dogs reminded me of such a sad event that I went through in Germany... I will share it one day on my blog in both English and Portuguese so can you can understand.
    Pictures have this power... they touch memories.
    Cheers my dear!

  38. Marcia - Yes, the dogs are visitors'. The owners of the dogs of the same breed seem to have gotten together to deepen friendship at that restaurant. I suppose they shared their joys and experiences with each other. They came to know each other via Facebook. Usually dogs are kept in a dog run, but they are too many, so they were tied together. Yes, they were loud, but charmingly so, and their voices were not heard at the main building of the restaurant. It was a pleasant surprise for us to see them.

  39. Dear Yoko, it is common in my culture for baby girls to have their ears pierced right after they are born! I had someone asking me that in Germany, and until then, I hadn't realized this tradition belonged only to my country! I gave my niece her first earrings, once I am also her Godmother :)
    Thanks for explaining to me about all the cute and loud dogs, what a funny encounter, both for the pets and for their owners :)
    Have beautiful days ahead too!


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