Tuesday, January 26, 2016

"Winter is an etching"

"Winter is an etching."

Reflection on the pond

"Spring is a watercolor

(click on the photo to enlarge)

summer an oil painting

and autumn a mosaic of them all."

Do you miss spring, summer, or autumn
or get inspired to go out to admire the simple beauties of winter?

It’s amazing how even the simplest things can produce the most beautiful scenes.

An intense cold wave enveloped the Japanese archipelago, bringing heavy snow to a wide range of western and central Japan on the last weekend.  Even subtropical Amami Island observed snowfall for the first time in 115 years, but no snow here in Nara, although we felt chilled to the bone and gusty winds felt like a razor cutting through streets. It is forecast that it will be warmed up with rising temperatures higher than ten degrees C toward the weekend.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Fairytales from Nara Park

I hope you welcomed in a wonderful New Year.
Wish you a healthy and peaceful year filled with smiles.

In Nara Park, time passes slowly or briskly in accordance with the visitor’s heart.
Strolling around, you’ll find sights that look straight out from a fairytale all the year round.

When warm wind blows to wake up the buds of cherry blossoms, …..

memorial photographing of a happy wedding is taking place here and there.

At dusk, familiar places look different.
I felt like that I strayed into a parallel world to Sagi-ike Pond.

Inari Fox of the gods with supernatural power is always on the side of good people.

A water spirit comes to the surface to play with the colored leaves.

 Winter  (January 7th, 2016)
Along the Path of the Whisper in the grove of Kasuga on a cloudy winter day,
you might feel like Hansel or Gretel wandering in a grove.

Winter, two years ago
I long for the dusting of snow which transforms places into winter wonderland. 

 From my living room

As a starter of my eventful 2016,
I was happy to share the Nara Park with my Russian friend Irina and her husband.
The experience made me come up with the composition of this post.

My life has already restored its livelier beat.
I'll try not to get lost in a daily rush but to keep smiles, compassion, and love
to make the people around me feel happy and comfortable.  

Thursday, December 17, 2015

A sweet little patissiere

From the show-window
There are four festive occasions in my family in December including one anniversary, two birthdays and Christmas. Looking back, I mostly treated my loved ones to gifts from the kitchen trying various sweets recipes each year before my children grew into adult.  Even when the appearance was not so good made by this clumsy mom, they looked happy with the taste.  In the course of the time, such a spirit has worn out gradually, and these years, I've tried some sweets from various popular confectionery brands.  I have weakness for sweets.

A fun and delicious birthday cake is something kids look forward to on their birthday. Parents feel joy to see the sparkles in their eyes on the prepared birthday cake, but this year the parents of my eldest granddaughter F let her make a birthday cake for herself.

The previous day of her birthday, F challenged making (to be exact decorating) her own birthday cake guided and supported by a pâtissier of the confectionery nearby.

Look at her smile of accomplishment!
(I-phone photos by my son so far)

At 4-year-old in January, F was proud of picking up beans one by one with chop-sticks.

In the mood of her role, a cat of Town Musicians of Bremen in Feb.

Pleased with making some sweets in the shape of "sushi"

Can be imaginative, inventive, and resourceful, when it comes to having fun.
She keeps us entertained.

A nice elder sister, friend, and rival to the younger one.
She got able to cycle without training wheels.

Prefers playing to eating in general,
but enjoy eating with family.

She turned 5 in early December.
Wish her keep sprinkling special flavors in our life.

I'm grateful to her parents for their unconditional love, patience, 
and searching for opportunities to satisfy her curiosity and interest.

This is the priceless only one cake in the world made by F!
I-phone photo by my son

Thank you for all the encouraging, inspiring, stimulating, or pleasant comments 
throughout the year, my dear Friends.
I'll have a break for a while over the years.