Monday, April 18, 2016

Tulip time at Umami Hills Park

When Sakura was almost going to be over, Tulips were in full bloom.

♬"Flowers in bloom, in bloom
Tulips are out
Lined up, lined up
Red, White and Yellow.
Every one of the tulips is really beautiful."♬

Tulips have come out!  
Why don't you come out to enjoy the springtime?

About three hundred thousand tulips bloom on the rolling hills 
of the Umami Hills Park (馬見丘陵公園). 
The Tulip Fair was held from April 9th to 17th.

Orange, red, pink, white, yellow, ....
row after row、
far and near,
numerous tulips!

Dogwood flowers started blooming while cherry blossoms were ending.

Curving streams of soft colors

A maelstrom created by a flood of colors!

Only this photo is from the Tulip Fair, 2014

It was a lovely tulip time. (I went on the 9th of April.)
If you missed it, why don't you come next year?

Large scale earthquakes(the biggest is magnitude 7.3) occurred directly underneath the land in Kumamoto prefecture on the 14th of April. I’m in a somber mood to see frightened or panicked people in the many big aftershocks continually happening. Kansai region, where all my families live, is not affected. I reexamined the backpack filled with emergency provisions. In Kansai region, a great earthquake of plate boundary type is overdue which will cause massive tsunami. My home is far from the coast line but it's uncertain where I will encounter the earthquake. I also think of Ecuadorian people hit by another massive earthquake. Prayers for all the victims and the trapped in any disasters both natural and man-made.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Sakura and its message from Nara Park

Early-blooming Higan-sakura (彼岸桜)prior to the Sakura season

In Japan, Sakura, or cherry blossom, is more than just a beautiful tree blossom. 
It is the epitome of transient beauty in this world. 
Though Sakura season lasts about two weeks, each blossom blooms less than a week.  
As we know, nothing in this world remains forever in the same way. 
So, let’s enjoy the beauty while it lasts, any moment of NOW.

- Early stage of Sakura -
Along the Ara-ike Pond

The former museum of special products of Nara, 旧奈良物産陳列所(1902)

The Sansha-ike Pond in the Kasugano Park

- Sakura in full bloom -
The roof of the Todai-ji Buddha Hall, the world's largest wooden structure

Kasugano Park

Near the Mt. Wakakusa

Weeping Sakura tree near the Nigatsu-do Hall

The path down to the Sagi-ike Pond from Marumado

Somei-yoshino, (染井吉野) the most widely planted and cultivated flowering cherry in Japan

Multiple-petaled weeping Sakura, Beni-yutaka (紅豊)

Personally I prefer Sakura's final stage for the "Sakura fubuki" (cherry blossoms blizzard),
numerous dancing and drifting Sakura petals in the breeze,
and sakura-colored carpet on the ground.

- Final stage of Sakura -

Across the spring sky, on the ground or pond, or in the fields, there is the hazy shades of pink, 
as far as you can see. 

As I walk through, Sakura blossoms conjured up various memories associated with them 
including my father, who passed away on the 9th of April long years ago.

In the Sakura blizzard, I hear Sakura whishpering;
“Live your life graceful to the fullest, treasure any moment of your life to the very end.
When you live according to the will of Nature, everything will be all right."

Only this photo is from Umami Hills Park

My second granddaughter Y arrived this world escorted by the Sakura spirit on the first of April.
Today I accompanied Y to the entrance ceremony of the kindergarten ten days later her 3rd birthday. 
She is in the Dandelion class (three-year-old class) as the youngest of her classmates. 
Individual difference is so large at this stage of growth, but I think she'll be just all right being as she is.

As long as possible, I’ll watch over her grow and develop her personality
 in each stage of her bloom.

The Sakura Front is going north.
My part of the world is entering The Season of "新緑 Shinryoku".

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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Glorious Kobus Magnolia by the Sagi-ike Pond

Kobus magnolias (Kobushi in Japanese) stand gloriously by the Sagi-ike Pond in Nara Park.

They are native to the mountainous part of Japan and are also called Mountain Magnolia.
Kobus magnolia flowers are said to resemble cherry blossoms when viewed at a distance.

Get closer to see more clearly.

Here are some wildlife around the trees in bloom.



Wedding photos are often taken under the exuberant florescence.

Boating is a popular pastime at the pond.

The overflowing cascade of the flowers


Brown-eared Bulbul and early-blooming 緋寒桜 (literally meaning scarlet-cold-Sakura)
 at the Umami Hills Park 

Sakura (cherry blossoms) season is just around the corner.
It is reported officially that the Somei-yoshino sakura started blooming in Nara the other day.
The current progression of the blooms and the ongoing cold weather till the beginning of the next week 
will prolong the best Sakura season. 
Keep tuned to my next post.