Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Amber glow in early January

Right after the New Year holidays, the scenery is still like an extension of late autumn despite the winter chills in my part of the world.  Among many seasonal beauties, what I am most impressed is the amber glow in different shades of orange to yellow special to this season. 

(The pictures of the foliage were taken a week ago.)

“Shimotuke-so”, Japanese spirea, or Japanese meadowsweet, please me long time from June to January.   Soft pink or deep pink flowers bloom from June to October.  The flowers fade away gradually, while green foliage changes to copper and yellow.   After the flowers completely wither, the foliage remains amber till the middle of January. 

From June to October, bunched clusters of pink blooms with dark green foliage is really something!

How about these amber glow of shimotuske-so in the light?  The withered flowers glow silver without falling apart among the amber foliage. 

In my garden, the foliage of ミヤマキリシマ (雲仙つつじ, Kyushu azalea) is shining amber orange or yellow in the sun.

The top foliage is vermilion.

The foliage at the bottom is yellow due to the lack of the sunlight or due to its life span.

Kyushu azerea flowers in spring

The foliage of ドウダンツツジ (Enkianthus perulatus) is brilliant scarlet color in autumn.  It shows incredible color in my garden especially when the weather is grey. 

Now the shrub holds both young shoots and some of reddish brown leaves before falling.  Through my telephoto lens, the fiery collaboration of coming and going is so dramatic. From this photo, can you imagine dainty white blooms in spring?

bloom of white pendulous bells in May

I wouldn't call the last stage decay but natural progression. Some progress fast, some slow, and finally pass on the life to the next. The final glow of plants is like the final blast of the candle flame before dying or just like the last light of the sun making the sky ablaze most vividly when the day is going to fade away.

There are leaves still clinging to the branches, while almost all the leaves on the ground had faded.

Finally withered plants give life to the soil to sustain the young trees.  Nature holds the balance of coming and going.  All life is connected and are well balanced.... until humans destroy it.  I feel it the most in the amber glow in early January in my corner of the world.

the last few leaves of Japanese maple in my garden

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  1. Hello, stardustさん.

     In spite of winter, the trees and plants seem to shine.
     The sunlight may let a plant be full of life.

     It is the really profound power.

  2. Nature seems to have magical powers as it changes colours, evolves, transforms itself throughout the days, weeks and months...always the same but in a variety of shades, it seems to constantly re-inventing itself! Lovely shots Yoko!
    Hope the year started smoothly for you! Best wishes, DeeBee

  3. Like faded lantern light, the subtle colors of a garden hold as much charm as bold colors do for those who can see it. You have wished me joyful surprises in the past, stardust, and I find many of them here on your blog. Your observation of a “final blast of the candle flame before dying” is something I noticed, too, in life’s comings and goings. And like you, I have seen beauty in the softer shades when life is leaving to begin anew.

  4. Hi,Srardust.


  5. Beautiful photos, love them!

    We have the same weather here in Norway (except we have a lot of rain). One year ago we had real winter with -25 Celcius and snow.

    Yes, it is a Bluebottle. I growed them in my garden last year and I'll grow them again this year. I love those blue flowers.

    Thanks for your visit and comment.

    Greetings from Mette in Norway

  6. every phase is beautiful. i think the dried weeds are as perfect as the petals. :)

  7. Beautiful photos, Yoko!
    Each season has its own beauty :) Your garden looks lovely in winter. I love the reds and yellows of the leaves.

  8. Your photos are so beautiful and elegant, Yoko! It's always a great pleasure to visit your blog.

  9. Hey Yoko,
    Beautiful to see this amber colored photograph's. The winter is not here. I have the idea that my plants are almost 8 weeks earlier comming up as normal. Never mind we can't do anything about the weather and have to take what it brings.
    Have a lovely day

  10. Despite your cooler weather, these plants have a warm glow. Lovely photographs.

  11. The bush with bright red buds and scarlet leaves in fall doesn't seem like it will produce dainty white blooms! It likes to show off in the fall and become pure and chaste for spring! My fall is long over here in CO, so I'm enjoying yours. I think seed pods are so interesting in color, shape and texture. All the photos are spectacular, Yoko.

  12. The colours are muted this time of year but still have their beauty. I really love that last picture of maple leaves, such a lovely composition.

  13. A gentle and delightful post with so many beautiful plants. I too love the late autumn/winter colours of deciduous plants in my garden and only prune them when the leaves have fallen. There is so much beauty in the little simple things in the garden, a touch of colour or a tiny bud bursting with life.

  14. What tender and lovely amber tones you've captured.

    You're such a poetic photographer.

  15. 見過ごしてしまいそうな野草の四季の変化を見逃さずとらえ、そこに自然の楚々とした、しかも力強い営みを優しく美しく詩情豊かにとらえた写真と表現に引き込まれます。心が癒され、優しくなれる気がします。心の目をもっと育てたいなと思います。

  16. So beautiful in every season. But the amber glow is something else. and so wonderfully depicted in your photos! Such a pleasure to read your posts, Yoko!

  17. Thank you for this fine set of gorgeous photos. It's interesting that you have many of the same plants we do here in central Florida although the names are slightly different.

    You asked about our weather: Right now we are in the 70s to 80s during the day and in the 40s and 50s at night (that's Fahrenheit)...but we will get cold spells - usually from Canadian cold fronts. Toward the end of the week, we'll be about 10 degrees cooler for a couple of days.

    It is 6:30 AM here as I write this. The temperature is 51 and should go to 75 which will be very nice as I'm heading to the golf course very soon!

    Hope you are having a wonderful day!

  18. Bella naturaleza muy bien captada por ti. Bss

  19. My dear friend Yoko
    Your orange - golden garden is very beautiful!!!
    And the pictures you exceptional!!!
    The Azalea your are very beautiful. I have a neighbor who has many azaleas, very beautiful.
    Each year, goes to the mountains and brings SOIL from the chestnut trees.
    I'm not skiing, I am old enough for this.
    I swim a lot, since June to October, every day. I love so much the sea!
    Many greetings, a hug and kisses

  20. Ślicznie pokazałaś zmiany w przyrodzie. Jak było, a jak jest teraz. Kolory obecne , to kolory ślicznej jesieni. Piękne zdjęcia. Pozdrawiam.

    Nicely showed us the changes in nature. As it was, and how it is now. Colors present, this beautiful autumn colors. Beautiful pictures. Yours.

  21. Nature is indeed beautiful and once again you have created a lovely post that does have a magical autumn feel about it.
    In Japan you seem to have the best varieties of plants and trees.
    Our winter in England has not really arrived yet. I am still waiting for the snow to appear!

    Have a lovely day, my friend.
    Jo May.

  22. Hi there
    You have many great pictures here! Nice flower shots!
    Many Greetings
    Yvonne & Raphael

  23. 周囲を見渡すと、沢山の木や繁みが新たな命を育んでいるのがわかります。つつじの芽、美しいですね。次の命のために葉は栄養を最後まで蓄えているのですね。

  24. Hi Yoko, Lovely photos and I am imagining your lovely garden.

  25. Yokoさん 野山に自生する素朴で可愛い植物がお好きなんですね。優しい眼差しを感じます。子供の頃、須磨の山までこのような植物がある道をワシワシ登った、あの日の木漏れ日と草木の匂いまで感じられる素敵な写真です。

  26. Thank you for this beautiful set of photographs, the red and yellow tones of your garden is one of the wonders of this season.
    I enjoyed watching your blog! thanks again


  27. Wow, it's been months since we've seen leaves on the trees and it will be months before we see them again. Wonderful shots!

  28. Beautiful shots of the foliage and flowers. For a non-native speaker, you write beautiful English! Thanks for commenting on my blog.

  29. Wow beautiful flowers and photo!

  30. How nice that it's still so beautiful there. The Japanese spirea is especially pleasing to my eyes.

  31. Wonderful colours in your garden! And you have no snow?

  32. We have three stumps of ドウダンツツジin our garden.Those autumn color is really scarlet. When a neighborhood saw them in my garden from far she asked me what's that before. I heard they look like so red balls.
    The eighth photo is very dramatic. Those vital energies are mysterious.

  33. wonderful colors in bright ocher
    !to much sensitivity!


  34. Thank you, everyone, for taking time and a nice comment. I’m sorry I don’t respond individually. Recent cold wave has brought sort of wintry landscape, still people in my region have been blessed with sunny days for a month so far. I know some of you have been through cold and grey days and some have been enduring the sizzling sun. Hope you have the joys of the season regardless of the weather.

    Shammickite - Even in the coldest period, we have little snow here in Nara. It has been so cold that we were chilled to the bone, but no snow, so far.

  35. Though the brilliant colors are gone throughout winter, there is still great beauty in the amber tones. Perhaps the less colorful season of winter allows us to appreciate springs fresh bursting blossoms and leaves so much more. Your photographs are exquisite ... as is your lovely expression of words. Joy to you!

  36. Dear Yoko,
    Both your posts and your comments give such pleasure.

  37. Oh...thank you for your comment...and your kind words.
    My poem is a prayer, just like Ana did when she was begging for a child….But I’m not asking for a baby: I’m praying for my husband’s health.
    I am thankful, and I won’t forget your support! God bless you!

  38. You write of seasons and change with a clear heart. Such insight and beautiful images all in one place. You have brightened a grey day half a world away. hugs

  39. How colorful! The pics are so nice, the beauty of nature coming through perfectly.
    Thanks for sharing Yoko:)

  40. thank you so much. fosbobetr good Archive


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