Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Awaji Yumebutai: Past quarry, now Dream Stage

Awaji Yumebutai (Dream Stage) complex stands on hillside of Awaji-shima island which once was a quarry.  The stones and minerals were used to the landfill for the Osaka Bay area.  The empty quarry, the destroyed nature,  which was caused for human use,  got reborn and  revitalized by planting young trees again and by making the place into a large organized complex for multiple use. A hotel, terraced flower gardens, water gardens, a green house, a chapel, an outdoor theater, a convention house, etc. are in it.   The architect and space creator is Tadao Ando.    

a framing view of the sky and the sea

100 stairs for water

As is usual with the design of an architect Tadao Ando,  materials are silk-like-smooth concrete, transparent and translucent glass, tempered ceramics, rough rocks...etc.   Do you think the compound is mechanical and cool?  Actually they are organic and animated:  spaces both interior and exterior are wonderfully connected by skies, light and shadow, wind and water, trees and flowers, and temporal mouth-watering smell from restaurants.  In a month, this place will be brightened up with flowers and greens.

some flowers in February


Does anyone know the name of this flower?

I'll return here to guide you how it is in spring.

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  1. Hello Yoko, I like the setting for the architecture and see how all the glass and terraces would allow one to enjoy Nature. It's wonderful that plants are blooming in February. The scarlet one almost reminds me of an anemone. The 100 stairs for water is my favorite feature.

  2. I can see the dream to incorporate a once devastated natural world with manmade structures and artifacts succeeded in this part of your world. Your flower photographs make me think of coming spring and I enjoyed seeing the water dance down the stairway. You also show how stone can frame a soft and moving landscape. Thanks for sharing the creativity in your world.

  3. So many flowers blooming now! It's wonderful that this area has been reborn as as such a useful and pretty place.

  4. The architect did a wonderful job designing the complex, Yoko. I like the clean lines, covered walkway and the hundred stairs for water.

  5. it's wonderful that the architect designed this complex with nature in mind. i like the contemporary design and the flowers make it warm.

  6. Congratulations to Japan !!!!
    Is a beautiful place !!!
    Your photos are amazing and this red flower,family of papaveri;
    Greetings from Greece

  7. This reminds me of a traffic violation that we did on freeway near. Beautiful sea and sky, so we unconsciously drove very fast. So a Police motorcycle suddenly appeared " 30km over."he said. We were disappointed among beautiful view.
    That red flowers are cute. They bloom in winter vividly.

  8. Good evening Stardust.
    It looks like spring comes earlier in Awaji than ours.
    Tadao Ando is a creative great architecture, who is deserved to be well known over the world. It is impressive to know that!
    I do not know the name of that flower???

  9. This panoramic space used to be a quarry?

    As for quarry, it reminds me of the place where Howard Roark, the great architect, met Dominique for the first time in "The Fountainhead."

  10. Another superb post! I love the stairs for water - lovely idea, and of course I do love flowers - no clue what's their name, but they are beautiful!
    have a nice day:)


  11. By simply looking at the flowers here, I thought that the Spring is already there! I am sure the weather there is much milder than where we live.
    Last summer we just passed Awaji island and all I knew was the name. I will definitely visit there if I have a chance.
    Thanks for sharing.

  12. The look water flowing down through 100 stairs must be something! The name of red flowers is leptospermum(ギョリュウバイ), if I am correct.

  13. Dream Stage ... a study in artistic architectural geometry and points of living color. I really like the flowers.

  14. So glad the architect turned that space into a beautiful, useful place. Beautiful flower pics--so colorful. Soon the world (at least my part of the world) will be abloom with all kinds of gorgeous flowers. Patience, patience. Mickie

  15. seems like it become a really great place after all. :)Thanks for sharing.

  16. Hello.Very nice photo.I want to go to Awaji Yumebutai.I know Tadao Ando well because I have studied an architecture in the university.

  17. The Landscape is sublime.
    It lets me feel a creative design.

    Thank you for your visit.

    Good weekend

  18. I’m very grateful to each and every one for your special, nice comment.

    Anyone, anything can be a protagonist on this Dream Stage. 100-stairs is a stage for water to “dance down the stairway” as aka Penelope wrote.

    I made sure the name of the red flower was leptospermum (ギョリュウバイ)as “cosmos” wrote. The silver stem of it was very "impressive. Thank you, cosmos.

  19. Those water stairs are gorgeous! And all those flowers - you're in heaven!

  20. The place is very beautiful, simple and very beautiful.
    I ran out of words to express it. geographical form simple but splashy. taking photos you take are very dynamic. make me as if going to be there. thanks for giving info about this place.


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