Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lilies at Mt. Hakodate

Skiing slopes of Mt. Hakodate turn to the fields of lilies in summer.  It is called Mt. Hakodate Lily Garden.  There's a great deal of lilies in various different varieties and colors, but they are all the same for their elegance and sweet fragrance.

This image is from the Website.

In the picture above, lilies are flowering in the summer sun.  I had looked forward to this scenery, flowering lilies with the panoramic view of  Lake Biwa

When I was there, however, the area was enveloped in a dense fog.   We wandered  through lilies wondering how far the flower fields stretching.

I could take a little clearer pictures while fog thinned for a while.

At the beginning of August when I went there, Oriental lilies were at their best.  They are popular for their large flower size and sweet fragrance.  Pure white "Casa Blanca" (Oriental hybrid) is one of them. 

The Lily by William Blake

The modest Rose puts forth a thorn,
The humble sheep a threat'ning horn:
While the Lily white shall in love delight,
Nor a thorn nor a threat stain her beauty bright.


  1. You had a nice summer vacation with a trip!
    The view of lilies spreading in the dense fog is an illusional one. The picture makes me imagine how beatiful the lilies are in the sunlight.

  2. Now I understand! Hakodate? Biwako? I was puzzled. Come to think of it, I remembered my husband mentioning Hakodateyama the other day.
    I didn't know what he was talking about. That was this garden.I'd like to visit it.Thank you for the information.

  3. Yes, redrose, you can see the lily fields stretching as far as the eye can see, the whole surrounding, but barely a few meters in a dense fog.

    Cosmos, I know how you were puzzled. There are two Mt. Hakodate: one is in the Hokkaido, the other is in Shiga prefecture.

    I think the lily season is going to be over now. The variety of late bloomers would be still blooming, but you'd also see many blown color of withered early ones. Till the end of July would be better to go.

  4. I didn't know there are so many beautiful lilies on Mt.Hakodate. Though I have been to there to ski. It's a good idea to plant colourful lilies on the slope and change a hiking course, isn't it? It seems cool there to walk, so I want to go there next year.

  5. Sure, give it a try. I like Lake Biwa for both its coast and its surrounding mountains and highlands.

  6. Your photos draw me into the Lily fields. I am captivated by the foggy shots - like a dream world. The Blake poem goes so well with your white Lily photos.

  7. Yes, it was like a dream world. I felt like spinning a top to make sure if it's real by the influence of SF film "Inception."


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