Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pizza restaurant close to the top of Mt. Ikoma

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This is a brief information about a local pizza restaurant, Yamaoka Pizza.

It was opened four years ago and has been getting more and more popular mainly by word of mouth. Since it is almost at the top of Mt. Ikoma, you have to drive up steep slopes to get there.  Especially the last  slope after passing over "Lucky Garden",  Sri Lankan restaurant,  is so steep that  driving could be very thrilling. Don't take a route via "kuragari-toge", or you could be stuck in a very narrow winding mountain path.

Image via this site
Pizzas, salads, and pastas are so fresh and delicious, made of the finest quality of organic wheat and other ingredients of local seasonal products.  Pizzas are baked in  the stone oven.  A pizza of peach, cheese and ham was  interesting and  tasted nice.  I look forward to fig pizza and blueberry one in other seasons. One pizza costs about 2000 yen: whether you feel the price is reasonable or not depends on what you value on a pizza and the eating experience. For me, the pizza served there is the most delicious one I've ever had.   I enjoyed great views of Ikoma City as well as delicious lunch, feeling comfortable breeze with lower temperature by 5 to 7 degrees Celsius.

To secure seats, it's advisable to make a reservation a few days in advance even on weekdays.

Photos are from the website or taken with my "keitai" (cellular phone) camera.


  1. This sounds like an enchanting pizza parlor! First of all, it's high into the mountains and secondly, I've never had a fruit pizza, which would be refreshing in the summer. I'm booking my flight - you make us a reservation!

  2. Yes, fruit pizzas are refreshing with sweetness and sourness of the fruits. Under the recent scorching heat, I only had the idea of traveling by car, but in other seasons when weather is fine, hiking up to Mt. Ikoma for holidaymaking and stopping by the restaurant would be a good idea.

  3. Looks interesting. We'll pay a visit. Thanks for the information.

  4. Hi, Marc, it's worth trying. One more thing I'd like to tell is that if your company can't brave insects, you'd better avoid summer evening. You could imagine how it's like when windows are wide open. Even in the daytime, the place is cool enough without air-conditioning in spite of the existence of a stone oven in the corner.

  5. I have heard about this shop but I am afraid of driving technique so I haven't gone. I learned the difficulty of driving on the steep slope at Mt.Yoshino. But I want to go there.

  6. I love this renewed blog design. It's simple and beautiful and easy on my eyes.
    Well many years ago, my husband drove through 暗がり峠 to avoid the congestion of the older Hanna Road, it was a life-threatening experience with four tires barely on the steep stony slope.
    I'm interested in this restaurant but this place happened to be a residence of Daisuke and Hanako?
    Once I walked through "Lucky garden" and reached the house at the top of the hill which says 鬼の診療所. Is it the restaurant? Since I have a miserable sense of direction as you know well, I may be wrong.

  7. Thank you for this good information.
    I have not heard about the pizza restaurant.
    I am going to try this restaurant some day,if it is cooler in summer as you say.
    I came back to Nara after staying for a week at my brother's house in Tokyo. It is very hot in Tokyo! I almost gave up!

  8. Sarari, leave driving to your husband. At some parts you'll feel like that you're going up on the roller coaster feeling gravity on your back.

    Hi, cosmos! Below the Lucky Garden, there is a residence with green colored roof. It's owner is a comic duo, Daisuke & Hanako. "Oni no Shinryosho" is at the back of Yamaoka Pizza. Probably you passed by Yamaoka Pizza unconsciously.

    Welcome back to Nara, redrose. Due to heat island phenomenon, Tokyo would be hotter than here. Eating delicious pizzas on the green hilltop with a great view after a thrilling drive would be one of the ways to beat the summer.


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