Thursday, January 28, 2010

A farewell note to the members of EWII

Hi, Classmates!

While I have been engaged in the assignment one after another struggling with this aging laptop, the semester is going to be over at last. Time flies! I've enjoyed interaction with you all and I really appreciate your reading my blog and leaving comments. I'd like to continue updating from time to time when I have time and feel inclined to, so keep in touch if possible.

By the way, did you notice the moon over the New Year was a full-moon, to be exact, a blue moon? On New Year's Eve (or maybe one day before), I looked up at the sky to find a beautiful full moon but didn't know the following details. "Once in a blue moon, as the saying goes, there are two full moons in a single calendar month, which NASA says happens every 2.5 years. A blue moon on New Year's Eve is much rarer, last happening in 1990. Even rarer, though, is the partial lunar eclipse that will accompany the blue moon." (Read here.) Partial eclipse of the blue moon happened around at 4 a.m. on New Year's Day. (Here.)

Eclipses seem to be seen traditionally bad luck in some countries (here) and how to see it would differ from person to person. For me, it is one of the interesting cosmic phenomena, but since "eclipse of a blue moon on New Year's Day" is very rare, it makes me in the mood that this year is going to be especially wonderful. I wish you all carry on good works and your efforts will be fruitful throughout the year.

Last but not least, thank you, Mr. Sheffner, for your encouragement and guidance. You've helped me get through difficult tasks.

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  1. Very nice, and informative, as usual. I did see the beautiful moon on New Year's Eve. I did not realize that "blue moon" was an actual occurrence.

    I was going to write a farewell message myself, but you beat me to it!


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