Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy new year!

(click on the image for reference)

2010, it's a brand new year full of joy and hope.

May all your wishes come true!


  1. Lovely photo. I wonder why such an image is used at New Year in Japan, though? What is the connection between the mountain and New Year?

  2. A Happy New Year! What a fantastic picture it is!
    Mt. Fuji looks like an island floating in the clouds. But the most important part of the picture is not shown leaving us feel it. I wish I could take such a great picture.

  3. Hi, Marc! Since ancient times, mountains have been the objects of worship as the sacred places where spirits dwell or to which they descend from heaven. And besides, the shape of mountain is, in most cases, spreading toward the bottom, which is considered auspicious and is associated with prosperity of offspring or of business. The sun is glorious and brilliant, and sunrise symbolizes a new life with full of hope. Especially at a New Year, people have more aspiration for higher and more beautiful things.
    I chose sunrise on Mt. Fuji which is Japan's highest, 3776m high, and most beautiful mountain of symmetrical cone shape.

  4. Snowwhite, the picture has inspired you? Sea of clouds are colored in the rising sun. I remember the song lyrics of Fuji no Yama "頭を雲の上にだし・・♪" So, what do you think is the "most important part of the picture?"


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